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Male, adult diaper lover. Halifax, NS

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hey everyone.
I'm 35, fit and athletic. I'm Kinda new to wearing diapers. However, I've dabbled in it for a little while. Now I'm starting to use way more frequently, out in public and outings.
I was wondering if there are others from halifax or around the area who also loves wearing?
Also, looking to learn more about mommy's as I'm starting to be interested in that area as well.
Much thanks.
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Hello and welcome from Alberta
What got you Intrested /started in diapers?
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Welcome, There are a few here from NS
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I was just intrigued by them, so I decided to buy some. Tried them on and it felt so right, comfortable. Almost like it was comforting.
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Welcome and be welcomed from the other side of the pond! ADISC is a wonderful place to learn as near everyone here is wearing a diaper!
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Also new to Halifax. I've been a dl from 18 and on. I'd love to have some diaper friends in the area or within n.s.
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same here but since age 12, It travel to Halifax often maybe we can meet sometime.
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I'm in Nova Scotia too, I only wear in private but i am starting to look for someone to share those moments with or even just to talk to openly about it. Maybe we can chat or meet up some time, I'm incredibly relieved to find people here from the area. I am 28m, fit, and love the outdoors and hoping to find new connections with people I can be open and comfortable with.
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