Making New story, need Characters.

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I would Like to Announce that I will be shortly writing a new story Based In my Universe of the United Virgo Federation. It will be a Story following the Crew of a ship in a standard patrol group, but the group runs into a new alien species, and there are mixed reactions from the aliens, from peaceful to violent, making this to be a diverse First contact story.

I plan on having most of the crew be Dagmarites (This universes version of furries). They can be normal or Have Rufybab syndrome (Can't figure out what that means? Spell it backwards). If you read my other story in progress, you could probably figure out that my biggest short comings is character development. So why go to all the trouble of doing something I'm bad at a lot, when there is already a nice supply of fursonas that could easily be adapted into Sci-Fi story characters?

That's where this Forum Comes in. I'm looking to include forum members into this story. Rather than Just using you all and haveing you be surprised when I post it, I decided it would be better to ask first. If you want to be included in this story, place a reply with your species and any details (Rufybab, incontinent, physical description, Etc.) that you want included in the story. Also include what place you might have on a starship (Engineer, scientist, navigator, pilot, etc.).

People who are in the story will have a copy of the story sent to them a few days before I post it. They can look over it and make Sure that I stuck to their characters well enough, and If I didn't, I can revise it before Posting it up here.

Note to Mods: If You think this better belongs in the stories in progress forum, go ahead and move it there.
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