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I've been more and more bold out of the house lately and had good luck with Goodnites XL lately. They are able to handle ~400mL without problem within less than a minute, while sitting down (I love the risk aspect of this, so must be on the edge of safety). Four key things contribute to this:

1) Nearly clear urine. I find that when I get up if I just have a big bowl of wet oatmeal, and drink a lot of water, it'll be reliably clear, and I'll have to go badly 1.5-2 hours later. Using the bathroom beforehand also helps in my experience.

You'd think that drinking more is a bad idea, but it ensures your body works extra to get water out of the blood, so more water content and less salt that stops the super-absorbent polymer (SAP) from working well. This has the bonus of sometimes making it hard to hold it, increasing urgency greatly.

This urgency also reduces inhibition in public, since you've just gotta go now. For times where there is inhibition, I find scrolling through emails on the phone focuses my mind away from the people around.

2) I sit forward on the edge of the chair with my feet slightly under the chair, so that my weight is forward on my legs. This avoids weight on the underside which would block flow towards the back. It's kind of cheating but you can shift weight back where you're almost sitting down, but leaving a little space. I've had the back panel get wet pretty high up, within an inch or two of the top.

3) Air vent filters. I've mentioned these before. One of them laid in acts as a thicker surge management pad, soaking up a flood and distributing it towards the back. It's an annoying extra insert but I'm pretty sure it helps significantly to avoid leaks out the side. After use I just rinse them in the sink for reuse (soap might coat the fibers and reduce effectiveness).

4) Aim down if yours has the aiming option. More specifically, aim down then pull the baggy part up underneath, so it won't block the opening and cause things to go sideways. Might not be easy you have a jumbo model.

I've been wanting to post this for a while since I've had them working so well as of late. Goodnites has gotten the quality of their XL good, without lots of micro holes that leak as I've encountered years ago in the L/XL.
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