making custom tape panels

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My daddy took me over to my uncles house a few days back and he had made a special diaper for me to wear for that day that he had made with pony tape for a tape drop and stickers all over it :) it was super cyute~ anyway just wanted to know if anyone else here has used these cutesy tapes to make theirs cuter too
Actually in point of fact I have never done that before. That's more because I have no idea how to go about doing that usually. I sometimes use duck tape because I really want the diaper to not fall apart on me and most don't have tapes that will hold up to a typical day for me. I did want to ask you if you know of any sites that sell the tapes your talking about though? I want to try that sometime just for fun. :smile1:
I have 3 or 4 custom duct tape rolls. I have hello kitty, hearts, black and pink skulls, and a few others. Before I knew of these, I would print out the pamperchu ones on paper, cut them and use clear packing tape on the diaper. I eventually would buy full sheet stickers and do similar things but you would just have to peel and stick. Markers and diapers can be fun for doodling too. There is always nursery print plastic pants too.
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