Made to Be Broken


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Micheal cringed at the combined feelings of the mess piling into him and his sore bottom being bounced. "So, this means they won't ask if I can move up in toilet training soon?"

"Yes, it should. We need to be careful though baby boy. A few more arguments over this and you'll be put to the bottom level. You know, like that girl we saw in the nursery we passed, Jessica or something?"


"That would remove some of your other rights as well. Congrats stinky butt, you'll now be near permanently at the lowest level of diapers possible without without actually being declared a baby. You can say you're the biggest potty pants around."

"Well I don't think I'd ever say that out loud!"

He gave Michael a spank. "Say it now."

Micheal rolled his eyes. "Fine. I'm a stinky butt and the biggest potty pants around."

"Good boy," Bill kissed him then placed him on the ground.

They both stood, Micheal in his arms and clinging to his shoulders, kissing for a moment. Bill lead him by the hand down their stair well and into their kitchen. The kitchen looked like any other, with plain white walls, cabinets and a black stove, with one difference: A large, adult sized high chair beside their table. This is where Bill lead Micheal. He lifted him up and sat him down with a loud squish.

"Now you sit there stinky boy so I can finally breath while I make breakfast." He handed him a stuffed bear,

"Har harm" Micheal said. "Say, Do you ever wonder if what we are doing is wrong?" He leanded back casually and played with the stuffed bear.

"What do you mean? The law is pretty clear, and this is all within it."

"I mean like..." he tried to search his mind for the words, but couldn't come up with them. "The law is there, but this isn't what its meant for. Like, is it possible to be wrong, even if its legal?"

Bill paused. "No, I see what you mean. I really don't know, its a weird idea." He took eggs out of the fridge and cracked them into a pan.

"I mean, there is something beyond the law, right?" Michael asked. "Like, if we know the law is right, then we must know there is something outside the law that is right or wrong that we can use to test it, right?"

"I'm not sure. I've thought of that but I'm not sure."

"Now," Bill said. As the eggs cooked he took a back back up from beside the fridge and rifled through it. "Today you'll need your diapers, along with your pacifier, collar, harness and leash. You can wear your suit over your diapers to work, but if you complain about the comfort of them again, you might have to wear your onsiies everywhere."

He thought a moment, then made a scrunching face. "No, I like them being for home and fun trips. Showing up to work like that would be weird."

"They still need to change you there."

"Yes, but its kind of fun to pretend I can hid my diapers under my suit as you make them thicker and thicker."

"Oh, so you noticed." He took a diaper stuffer out of the bag. "Today I think you might need a third layer, just to be sure."

"Oh darn," Micheal said.

"Oh yeah. If you keep pulling on the leash deliberately, I can get you a stroller with straps on it. If you keep stumbling even as I hold you up, I can require you to crawl. Does that sound fun baby boy?"

His 'baby boy' shook his head. "Stroller yes. I'd rather not crawl though. Seems too inconvenient really."

Bill nodded. "Yeah, I thought so too." He went back to cooking the eggs. And put on bacon. He walked to the front and grabbed a newspaper that had been left.

"Here, read this while I finish."

Micheal began reading the front page.

"Hey potty pants, remember we have the inspector coming."

Micheal looked at him, then at the paper. He threw most of it to the ground, and kept the comics.

"Good baby."

Micheal read for a moment. "You know," he said, "I wish there was more variety with the comics. Like, I get that the eternal dominant empire is infinity just and right, they don't need to emphasize it with every comic. I sometimes wish there were other points of view being show."

Bill's eyes opened wide. "You know, that is just the sort of talk that can get someone ball gagged, or punished for speaking."

They both considered this for a moment. "Nahh," they said in unison."

"Still," Bill said, and walked over to Micheal. He took a pacifier and shoved it in Micheal's mouth. "Honestly, you clearly need lessons in what to say and what not to say. That was a silly comment, obviously the most important topic is how infinitly just and right the eternal dominant empire is, and questioning it is ridiculous. All fun aside, this is probably why you're in diapers and I'm not.'

Micheal pointed to his pacifier, and Bill nodded. "Yes, you're probably right Daddy, I clearly just can't figure these things out on my own. You should probably take note of that." He paused, suckled the pacifier, then spoke again. "You know, i remember in college when we discussed alternate ideas. One guy was so far off he declared "I don't know anything except that I know I don't know anything."

BIll laughed. "That must have been embarrassing."

Micheal made a crooked smile. "Yes, but... I mean.. Do you ever thing there is something odd with our laws? Like they are strangely fit for... for..."

"The laws seem perfectly made for fetishists?"

Micheal smiled and pointed at him. "Yes! That is it!"

"It does seem odd, doesn't it? Its like they were written by some online creep for a bunch of other online creeps."

"Well, I remember reading, and one of those 'alternate ideas' was that the entire world was created by a creepy genie trying to teach a rich girl a lesson. Honestly, it explains a lot of what we do."

"I don't know Micheal, that still sounds like bad talk to me. Questioning the empire? Just wrong. I know we have fun, but don't let other's hear it."

"Yes sorry. As you said, there is a reason why you're the daddy and I'm the baby."


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Bill came to his high chair with a plate of scrambled eggs. "By the way, if this happens to spill on the ground on this particular day, it will require straps to be added to your high chair to ensure you don't knock them again. It will also give me permission to force feed you."

The both paused and thought about that. Finally, Michael grabbed the plate and threw it on the floor. "Oh no! Look what happened!" he said.

"Bad baby! You'll need a spanking for that later too."

A loud ringing noise silenced their conversation. BIll put the pacifier back in Micheal's mouth. "Remember, you've been trained not to speak when that is there."

"No I haven't!" Micheal pouted.

"The training I listed involved 15 mouth soapings. Want to actually go through with that?"

They both thought for a moment, picturing the punishment playing over and over.

"Eww no," Micheal said.

"Yeah that is what I thought. So, no talking without pointing to your paci, and don't call me Daddy when he can hear."

"Awww ok."

Bill walked to the door and opened it, letting in a tall, balding man in a suit. "Ah! Inspector Morris! Thank you for coming!"


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"Yes, always glad to help," inspector Morris said. Bill lead him toward the kitchen. "I've noticed the spilled eggs. I'm guessing he had another temper tantrum over healthy food. He'll need straps added to his high chair.

"Yes, that is what I thought to. He was very bratty this morning."

"Mnph," Micheal grunted from behind his pacifier, and tried to look upset.

"Also, he seems to be reading the comics and has thrown the rest of the paper on the floor. Any comments on that, Bill?"

"Yes, he can read and understand the rest of it when I tell him too, but he is only interested in reading the comics.


"Mhmm," the inspector said. "Lack of interest in mature topics. Still, he can understand them, so he is capable of working."

He walked up to the high chair, then stopped and put a hand to his nose. "Oh! Did he do that just now?"

"No. He messed while he slept last night. He outright denied he had and didn't seem to know until I pressed it into him. He then argued and complained about getting changed, so I figured sitting in his mess through breakfast would be a good lesson."

"Mnph mnph!" Micheal grunted and glared at Bill.

The inspector raised his eyebrows. "Well its a good thing we have him in the extra thick printed diapers. That will set him back six months at least. Is he fine with his suits or is he complaining about them?"

"Oh, he is fine," Bill said, and Micheal nodded.

"Great, then we will keep them for his work days for now. Anything else?"

They both looked at each other.

Micheal pointed to his pacifier and raised his hand. "Ummm" he said.

The inspector noted on his pad. "He raised his hand, which is good, but he said "ummm" before I said he could speak. We might need straps added to that pacifier. Yes?"

"I have a question, sir."


"Say someone were to be caught deliberately breaking the rules because they enjoy the restrictions put on them. Is that wrong?"

The inspector reviewed his notes. "Yes, it seems you are still allowed to ask hypothetical questions, due to your high reasoning intelligence and professional ability, despite your.... other traits. Yes, this has been discussed, and it has been reasoned that normal requirements still fit. If someone is immature enough to make themselves cry because they want a pacifier and a teddy bear, they probably need them. If they lack the self control to say "though I want to wear diapers, I won't make myself have accidents just so I can wear them," then they lack the self control to not be in diapers. If they act up because they want spankings, they are still acting up in their own way, and earned those spankings, and so on. "


"The eternal empire is truly wise in this matter," he raised his hands in the air and looked up.

""Right. Good! Wise empire and all that," he raised his hands in imitation of the inspector. "That is all I asked for. Also Bill? Something smells funny, and I can't tell what it is."

The inspector noted the final comment. "Right, well, it is clear he needs help, but is in good hands. Than you both for your time. This is for you," he handed Bill a booklet. "This will describe his restrictions and what to look for. Make sure he doesn't read it or he could try manipulating the system to move up."

He walked out. Bill gave the proper goodbye, Micheal waved wildly and shouted "bye bye!", and he was gone.

Micheal dropped his pacifier and put it on the table of his high chair. "SO what do you think we will get?"

"With any luck, we might be close to the locking strollers and strapped gags. Next time try to take your onsie off and we can get locks for your outfits."

"OOO good call. What does the booklet say?"

"Oh you aren't supposed to ask that. Might need to record that and punish you for it."


"It says you still have your professional levels but are sinking in the rest. Oh! If you keep arguing with me, I can require you to call me a "dominent name" of my choosing, and pick a "submissive name" to use for you when I act up."

"Oh I wonder what that name might be, Daddy. Hey, what color is the sky?"


"No its green."

"And that's an argument. Nice work, Diaper Boy."

They both high fived, and went back to breakfast.

(And thus ends this part of the saga. Up next I might do another side story with Becky getting punished. Or might. We'll see.)