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So I contacted abena again, asking them when will the next shipment of plastic M4's will arrive in Israel. They told me that particular product is only available in North America.

Fuck you, abena. Fuck you very very much.

Once again, the land of opportunities once again proven as a better place for an ABDL. And I'm still here, in the diaper-desert of Israel.

Fuck this. I managed to find one supplier that carries plastic M4's in Israel. They said they have a shipment of plastics because abena ran out of cloth ones. Should have bought waaay more than 3 packs.
I feel so stupid.

wasn't one of the better brands made in israel? I forget which one...
Dry 24/7 used to be produced in Israel, not anymore...
Dry 24/7 is right. I've got half a mind to call the now closed factory (the number is still active!) and try and get some.
Mind you I did have some fun today and padded up with cloth M3's.
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