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I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with the abena m4's? I have been having leaks through pin holes in the plastic shell from about half he case. I tried tocontace the manufacturer but haven't gotten a reply back yet. Almost sucked cause I started to leak while out to a movie with my wife. Luckily I always wear extra protection now days.
I've had that problem before, but not lately. I haven't ordered any Abenas in awhile. It happens sometimes with some of their runs in production. I'm not sure what happens to cause it.
Check the shell for lumps before putting a diaper on. If there are large grains of sap between the shell and the padding, they make high "wear points" that can easily wear through the plastic shell of the diaper when rubbing on your clothes (pants) while the diaper is still dry. They're not supposed to have these large sap grains there so it's a manufacturing defect. If you get a whole case like that you should be getting some sort of resolution from whoever you bought them from. Either a replacement case, or a discount on your next order etc.
I've never had any problems with Abenas.
This happened with ID slip, too.
One time I got a batch that felt really rigid and hard and the SAP - the polymer balls that suck the moisture in, were right against the plastic and if you sat up and down a lot or walked around and the diaper rubbed on the clothes, the granules would wear down on the cover and make pinholes.
I have had that to with the Abenas but now I wear plastic pants over my diaper as added protection.
Lozza1979 said:
Abena M4 plastic backed are good, but they're not that good, in my opinion. I find the absorbent core inside the nappy becomes lumpy and breaks up seometimes and they tend to have a constant damp feeling when they haven't been wet that much. I'm not saying their bad, but compared to say Betterdry, Dry 24 and Space Diaper they're not the best either. I think ID slip are better.

I agree x)
I tried Abenas the first time, like.. what the big hoot is about?? And I think I expected a bit too much since people seem to reeeeaallly love them :O
They really start to feel wet really soon. They are very soft, though, nice to have on you..!
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