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(Note on the authorship. This initial came as part of a request. The writer Peculiar Changeling had a contest to win a 500 word story, which I won. The parts in italics are what he wrote based on my request. The rest is my addition)

Alex woke up better rested than he’d felt in days. Since last week, he’d been waking up in the middle of the night, every night, chronically needing to pee. It had gotten bad, bad enough that he was waking up two or three times and not getting any good rest.

Not waking up to exhaustion was a pleasant surprise. It was going to be a good day, he could feel it. He was feeling good, his bed was squishy, and nothing could get in his-

Wait, what was that?

Blinking, he looked down in alarm. He’d wet the bed.

No, that wasn’t exactly the right way to put it.

He had flooded the bed. It was soaked through, yellow stains on his sheets and covers from his chest to his toes, just positively drenched in pee.

Almost falling out of bed in alarm, he got to his feet, looking up and down the room. He was the first one awake. Maybe, just maybe, if he got the sheets pulled off his bed and to the laundry room, nobody would find out, and he wouldn’t get punished.

He calmed down, a little. Yeah, I can do that. Nobody has to know.

“Alex! Are you almost ready? She’s coming!” the voice rang from the front of the room. At this point all other students were ready. They stood at the feet of neatly made beds, arms folded in front of pleated skirts and dress shirts. At first glance they would seem identical, but closer inspection revealed differences- they all had bright pink blankets were plain, others had floral or Disney inspired designs, they all had toys lain, centered on the blankets, but some were dolls, others were stuffed bears or rabbits, they all had variations of a school girl dress with slight variations towards western or Asian designs, and come different colors. They might not seem like much visually but the meaning in their school could huge. A small apron or a picture of teddy bear on the chest could be easily missed, but represented entirely different training plans.

This was the case with Alex. A few weeks earlier the dreaded teddy bear had began appearing on his dresses. At first he thought it was a mistake, but the instructors ignored his complaints and sent him off with a few good whacks on this thighs for complaining. Nothing else had changed, except perhaps a slightly more condescending tone, and the glances of his fellow students at the sissy school. He had counted himself lucky it wasn’t an apron- that normally meant extra chores- but the teddy bear had some implications he didn’t like. At first there was no reason for it, but if he was caught now, it would solidify its accuracy in everyone’s minds.

“Yeah! Just one minute!” Alex said. He had hoped the spot would wear away in the sunlight, but it was still there. He had hastily shoved his sheets in the laundry then searched for clean ones, but found only empty shelves. Next he tried flipping them all over to see if it was harder to see. Now, he grimaced at the still plainly soaked sheets, and lay the blanket over them. He hoped the inspector would glance over him and not notice. He hoped.

Something tapped his shoulder, and Alex jumped up. He remained facing forward, toward the wall.

Slowly, he went back to arranging his sheets as if he hadn’t felt anything.

“Alex!” a stern, female voice said. It was undoubtedly the inspector speaking to him.

“Ummm, must be some other Alex.” Alex stopped again, then continued to work.

“Alex you are the only person here, turn around.”

He continued folding sheets. “Well I don’t know who it is if I don’t see her. Him. Someone.”

“Turn around!”

“Not turning around!”

“Alex, this is Inspector Britta. Turn around now.”

“I still don’t know its you, you cant punish me if I don’t see you!”

A strong, firm hand smacked his bottom hard, and he yelped.

Alex rubbed his bottom. “Ok it seems you can.”

A hand grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

“Oh hi inspector Britta! Didn’t know you were there.”

“Mhmmm,” the inspector said. "And why weren’t you standing at the front of your bed, like all our other little sissies?

Alex looked down the line of beds. Everyone else was standing, arms still folded and heads bent modestly, like every morning. Like every morning, they all would have curtsied as the inspector passed and checked to ensure their beds every morning.

“Hmmm yes I suppose you could say that everyone else is. I guess I didn’t know we were supposed. Must have missed the memo.”

“I see. And why isn’t your bed ready?”

Alex faked an innocent look. “Oh, isn’t it?”

“Mhmmm,” the inspector smiled. She held out her switch and pulled his blankets back. Alex winced as the massive damp spot was revealed.

She folded her arms. “Say, Alex, where are your pajamas?”

“Oh? Just… around. Why?”

She pointed with her switch down the line of beds. “Every other sissy has their pajamas folded on the chest in front of their bed. Yours are missing.”

“Oh, I suppose you could say they are missing.”

“ANd where are they?”

“Mailed to outer Mongolia. Big accident. Should be back later.”

“Ah yes, a big accident was probably involved. Where are they actually?”

“Maybe I didn’t have any.”

“You did. Don’t you think your friends would want to see them?”

Alex waved his hand dismissively. "Nah, I couldn’t see why. Very plain. Ugly even.

“If I recall you had some very pretty pink ones with teddy bears. Don’t you think people would want to see them?” her voice was sickly sweat, teasing him with her knowledge. She was right about the design. Almost as a rule, everything Alex was given ended up being pink, and normally with teddy bears or something equally childish. It had become a joke among the students.

“Nah, I can’t imagine why.”

“I think they would.”


“I think you should get them and put them at the foot of your bed so everyone can see how pretty they are.”

“I think we should just move on. We might be late for classes!”

“Oh, is there a reason why?”

“No, just…”

“ALEX!” she said sternly. “NOW!”

Alex jumped at her tone. “Errr…” he lifted his mattress and pulled a pair of pink, frilly silk pajamas from under. “Oh look! There they are! That isn’t where they go?”

“No, put them where they belong. Now.”

Alex held the soaking wet clothes gingerly carried them to the chest.


He stopped and looked at her, pouting and eyes wide, pleading. The puppy dog eyes sometimes worked, it was something they were actively taught to do.

“Hold them up so everyone can see.”

Alex bowed his head, then held them up. A quiet giggle started in the room, slowly grew louder, and louder, until the entire room was laughing at him.

“Bend over the bed, Alex.”

“Wha, I…” he looked at the soaked spot.

She snapped her switch into her hand. “NOW!”

Alex scrambled to the bed. He bent at the waist slightly, a few feet over the soaked mattress.

She spanked him again. “Face down on the bed now. And you’re only making it worse buster!”

Alex sank down until he was lying right on the spot. “But my clothes will get wet!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll have something else for you to wear later.”

Alex felt her hand lift his skirt, then pull his panties down. Normally that was where it stopped, but now she pulled his panties all the way down to his feet, took them off, and he watched as she dropped it in a garbage bin.

“Wha…” Alex was stopped as her switch came down hard on his bottom.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The switch dag into his skin, quickly leaving Alex in tears. Still, he lay submissively down in his own disgusting, humiliating accident, not daring to protest or fight back. Spanking as a punishment was common at the sissy school, something every applicant knew, but most drastically underestimated. After the first few times instructors caught a sissy breaking one of their many, always changing rules, or simply made an excuse to bend a cute sissy over their laps or desks so they could get their hands on their pretty pantied bottoms, they learned that any sign of struggle or argument would only make it worse. The best way to end it quickly is to embrace it and let tears come, crying as they were taught any sissy should.

The whacks let up, leaving a sniffling Alex still pouting on his bed. He began to straighten.

“NO!” another whack. “Back down in your mess.”

He whined, but lay down submissively. This was far from the only reason sissies were expected to bend over for the dominents, but perhaps the worse he had experienced.

“Now, do you know why you are being punished?”

“Because I wet the bed?”

Another whack, another shout. “No.”


“Any one here who happens to be a bed wetter, raise your hand!” She commanded. “Now, Alex, look at your friends here.”

Alex looked around at a few, shame full hands raised over blushing faces.

“Now, were any of you ever punished for wetting the bed?”

They shook their heads.

“That is right. The school recognizes that many sissies have troubles at night. We are alright with this, it is part of being a sissy. That is why we ask everyone who comes in if they are, and those who say yes are given their special underwear, little pull ups to wear at night. As long as they keep them on, no punishment.”

“Alex, you were asked this. What did you say?” Another whack.

“Ow! I said no!”

“What did you say?” WHACK.

“Ow! I said no!”

“So you lied to us?”

“Well…” At the time it hadn’t been a lie. It hadn’t happened to him for years, and he was shocked that it had now. “I wouldn’t say a lie, more of a dramatic flair. It was true, from a certain point of view.”

Another whack. “Yes, you lied. And when you had your first accident, the one we hid from everyone else, we asked if you needed extra punishment. What did you say then?”

“I said no! OW!”

“Good boy. So it seems you lied about this three times. Once when you came in, then when you had your first accident, and now again when you thoroughly ruined your mattress. Is that right?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Good sissy,” she said, then patted his bottom, making him wince. “Too bad we had to put such ugly marks on your pretty little bottom before you told the truth.” She rubbed his aching backside, patted it again, and pulled his skirt down.

“So what happened now, do you think?” she asked.

“Ummm… All is forgotten and we move on?”

“Don’t make me get the strap.”

“I get pull ups at night too?” Alex said.

She chuckled and shook her head. She then patted his head condescendingly. “No, not quite, little one. You will get your own special underwear though.” She stood up and spoke to the rest of the students. “Now, Alex is very dirty after lying on that bed. He’ll need a bath. Who is going to help him with it?”

“Ummm… I can do that myself. I can shower,” Alex said, confused.

She shook her head. “No, no you can’t. Not anymore. And you’ll be taking a bath.” She pointed to some of the students. “You and you, come take our little Alex to the bathroom.”


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Soon, two of the 'maid' sissies had dragged him to the bathroom. In a series of humiliations under the close watch and instruction of the inspector, he was was blocked from holding anything, stripped, pushed into the tub, and scrubbed from head to toe.

It wasn't just the action itself that was humiliating. Sissies were used to dominants controlling them or treating them condescendingly. They were all certainty used to being forced to be naked or in various stages of undress around others. In those terms, this wasn't far off of some of the things he had experienced. If the inspector had done it, it would even be normal. What was different was the other sissies being given the duty. That set a clear hierarchy that Alex did not like. She even left part way through, leaving them effectively in the position of his dominant.

After, they dried him quickly with towels, then dragged him naked and dripping back into the bedroom.

All the other sissies stood in a circle around a table that had been placed in the middle of the room. The inspector stood behind it, smiling. Alex looked around at the faces of his classmates, but they all looked down and refused to meet his face.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Ah, good, the little sissy is back."

Alex tiled his head. The phrase wasn't unusual, but their was an emphasis on the word "little" that made his heart skip a beat.

"Come, lets get the little sissy in his new special underwear."

"Wha... Hey!" Alex shouted as hands grabbed him from each side. For sissies carried him toward the table.

"Michael! Joshua! Ryan! Whats going..."

"Shhh..." Ryan said, put his fingers on Alex's lips. It was a suprisingly commanding gesture coming from another classmate. Nonetheless, Alex instinctively obeyed.

They lay him down on the table, which he found was padded. Each one held one of his limbs. Another sissy came to the foot. He held up a jar of powder and a colorful plastic rectangle, pink and decorated with rabbits.

"What is...." the sissy let a side of it drop, revealing a thick, hourglass shape. Alex's eyes went wide. "THATS NOT A PULL UP! NO!"

Something was shoved in his mouth. He spat it out to see it was a large, pink pacifier. "No! Not this!" The pacifier was replaced in his mouth. "That's enough whining, little sissy," Michael said sternly. From the way they were acting, Alex was more and more sure he had been 'demoted'. Now, his former classmates were considered his dominants. He shook his head sadly as the diaper was laid on the table. He let out a muffled "Mmmm mmm" from behind his pacifier, but dared not argue even with them.

The sissies at his feet lifted them up, and the one at the head slid it underneath him. Under direction from the inspector, he powdered Alex. Alex shook his head vigorously again as the thick, padded plastic was lifted between his legs and taped on. He wiggled as much as he could with his limbs held down. The thick padding felt awkward between his legs, and the plastic crinkled as he moved.

"Very good sissies," the inspector said. "Now that our new little baby is secure in her diaper, lets go over some new rules." She spoke to the other's right over Alex's head, as if he wasn't there. Her words weren't meant for him, but for the others. "You did well in your first lessons- how give a bath and how to diaper a baby. Soon, you'll learn how to dress her, feed her, put her to bed, and yes, change her stinky diapers. These will be very useful for some of you, especially the future maids and nurses." She looked at some of the sissies, signalling them out. "You will also be required to ensure she follows her new rules. For example, no potty, no big girl words, and of course, no taking off her diapers. In order to do this, you will have certain rights to ensure she follows your instructions. So, yes, as some of you are wondering, you'll be allowed to punish her. Light spankings, corner time, early bed times are all allowed, and you will also be allowed to use the binds and hold her leash. Oh, and remember- any acting up can land one of you on diaper changing duty."

Alex wanted to cry again. At this point there was no debating it, he was now at the bottom of the official, and unofficial, hierarchy. It was something that few experienced, always after serious rule breaking, and normally associated with a new 'role.' With his new underwear firmly taped on, there was no questioning what that role would be. Worse, he wasn't just beneath them, but reliant on them. A burden, and one that could be used as punishment.

The inspector clapped her hands. "Now! Its almost time for class. Lets get our baby dressed for her first class, and we'll continue her punishment later."



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"Ummm, this isn't my classroom," Alex said.

Michael, himself dressed in an outfit with a teddy bear on his chest and who was currently leading Alex by the hand, responded. "This is where she said to bring you."

"But I..." Alex looked into the classroom. It was normal as far as the sissy school went, with the same floral pictures on the wall, the same paddles by the teacher's desk, the same rows with skirted boys sitting, and the same humiliating lessons on etiquette on the chalkboard, and over one board, a screen pulled down. However, most of Alex's classes were taken with the same students from his dorm, and though he recognized the ones here, they were different.

A hand patted his bottom, letting out a humiliating crinkle from under his skirt. "We thought you'd benefit from taking this class first. Its a more junior class, so they can learn from you. This is Miss Veronica, and she is very good to her little sissies. Don't worry, you'll be back with your friends after your lunch time punishment."

Lunch time punishment. An unspecified nightmare to hang over Alex's head all morning. What humiliating or painful ritual would that be? She had already gotten her spankings out, so it probably wasn't that. Then again, there were far more doms who might want a swing, and probably some of them who'd love the chance to spank a diapered bottom.

Why the class then? What was the difference? Alex looked around. The difference was they hadn't seen him in his diapers yet. He looked down at his outfit. The inspector had chosen a particularly short skirt, just barely coming down under his padding. Any false move and he'd be flashing his plastic humiliation to another group. It was a game, he realized.

The teacher at the front, a middle aged woman with a mischievous smile Alex didn't recognize, waved him in.

The class was already full, and he could feel all eyes on him as he waddled. The diapers they gave him weren't made to be discrete, and the padding between his legs made even walking normally a chore.

"Oh hello Alex, glad you're joining us. Class, this is Alex, a more senior student who will be joining us today. Almost like he's being moved down to, say, a younger level. Wouldn't you say, Alex?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Of course that isn't the case, is it? He's here so we can all learn from his experience, and I'm sure he's had some experiences lately we'll especially learn from. It will help us all. Why don't you come in, Alex?" Alex began to walk in. "Say, you're walking strange, are you hurt?" the teacher asked.

Alex gritted his teeth. "No ma'am, thank you."

"Are you sure? I can check you for bruises. I know you were spanked quite hard this morning."

"I'm fine, thank you ma'am."

"Alright, take a seat," she pointed to an empty seat right in the center of the room.

Alex took a step.

CRREEEAKK... his diaper crinkled as his leg moved. He winced.

Another step.

CREEAAAK. It seemed to be getting louder. Alex told himself it was only in his mind, and kept walking.

"What is that sound?" someone asked, looking up at the vents.

"QUIET IN MY CLASS! UNLESS YOU WANT A GAG MISS JAMIE!" Miss Veronica roared. Alex jumped and froze, and the teacher followed with. "Alex, please continue to your desk."

In the empty silence that followed, each crinkle from his moment seemed to echo in his ears. Alex tried to walk slower, but that only made the sound more drawn out, so he rushed toward his desk. He sat down gingerly, the sores on his rear still aching, even with the added padding of his diaper.

The teacher stood at the front. "Good, now that we are all ready, lets begin. Alex, why don't you come to the front and demonstrate a problem, so we can see what the other classes are learning?"

Alex tried not to sneer and forced a smile. "Yes ma'am, I'd love to."

Alex got up slowly.

"See, there is that noise again!" the student said again. Instead of responding, the teacher laughed.

He waddled as quickly as he could to the front. When he stopped he noticed his skirt swaying, and reached down quickly to stop it.

"Good. First, why don't you draw us some pretty flowers?"


"All sissies like pretty flowers, right? Why don't you draw one?"

Alex looked at her, puzzled. "Alright." He took the chalk and drew a flower on the board.

"Good sissy. Now draw one above it."

"Uhhh... alright." Alex reached up and drew a second.

"Alright. This time a bunny. Above it."

Alex stretched and reached up and drew the rabbit.

"Good. Now a teddy bear. The kind for littles. Higher."

He reached up again. He stretched as much as he could, and felt his skirt begin to rise. "Oh, that's it," he thought. He drew it as quickly as he could and settled back down, then looked at the teacher.

"Good, your art skills are very impressive. One more thing. Draw a baby. A cute, tiny little baby in diapers, just above the teddy bear. Now."

"Well, I wouldn't want to do too much and show off. Perhaps another student?"

"Oh I don't think so, I'd like to see you do it since you're so good at drawing. And perhaps you should get to it, I don't think you want me bending you over my dress and lifting your skirt to spank you in front of the class, would you? Paddle your bottom wearing whatever adorable underwear you happen to be wearing? You'd better behave like a perfect little angel if you don't want that, because I'd love to get my hands on that bum of yours."

Alex glared. "No ma'am, I'll do it ma'am." He began to reach up as high as he could without stretching, but was nowhere near high enough. He settled back down and thought. He then put a hand on the back of his skirt, went on his toes, and stretched high enough. He drew the baby as best he could, making sure to add the diaper as demanded.

"Very good, but is that what baby diapers look like? I'm pretty sure they have cute designs, like bunnies. Since you're so good at drawing bunnies, why don't you draw some little pink bunnies on the diaper, since its a baby diaper only a little baby would wear."

"Yes ma'am," Alex said, and reached up again. He held his skirt down as best he could with his other hand.

"Good sissy" she said and patted his diapered rear, letting out a dull thud. Alex noticed a few of the students taken aback by the sound.

The teacher moved as if to return to her desk, but knocked over an eraser as she did.

"Oh, Alex, would you pic that up for me?"

"Yes ma'am." He began to bend down at the knees.

The teacher waved a finger. "Tsk tsk Alex, is that how sissies bend over? I love the enthusiasm of you going to your knees, but that is an entirely different class. Show everyone here how a good sissy bends over to pick something up."

She was correct. In the school, sissies were always taught to bend at the waist whenever they were picking something up, especially if a dominent deliberately knocked it down. They were told the sight was too pretty to ignore, and they wouldn't be expected to lift anything heavy enough to hurt their backs anyway. He put a hand on the back of his skirt and began to bend.

"Ah ah ah, it might be too heavy for a sissy. Pick it up with both hands."

Alex glared at her. He considered his options. It was obvious what she wanted. Any bend would lift the back of his skirt far enough to expose his diaper. It too close to the wall to have his back to the board as he bent, so that was out. However, if he went from the side, it would at least be partially hidden. He turned to the side, and bent.

There was some mumbling from the class as he went down, and he quickly straightened back up.

"Good sissy! Such a nice performance. Everyone, why don't you give Alex a hand?"

The class started with some awkward but obedient applause.

"It is so nice to have a more experienced sissy like yourself showing my class some things. It would be shame of something happened that would suddenly put you beneath them, wouldn't it?"

Alex wished he could shout at her. "Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am, my pleasure ma'am. May I return to my desk please, ma'am?" He emphasized the word each time, not wanting to give her an excuse for a spanking.

"Aww, what a nice, polite, and well behaved sissy. Very docile, as all sissies should be. Strange, I had sometimes heard you were sassy, almost to the point of deserving a very special punishment. I suppose something fixed that right up, didn't it?"

"Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am."

"Wonder what it could have been. Definitely an example to any aspiring sissy. Docile like a sheep. I could almost get you a nice sheep outfit. Wouldn't that be cute? Perhaps a onesie... though I
suppose those are more for babies."

He hated the teasing. She was right, he had been known as 'sassy' beforehand, and he wished he could reply with some backhanded joke, but it wasn't worth the risk. Truthfully, with his humiliating underwear always an inch from being exposed, he didn't have the willpower to argue. She was clearly loving that fact and gloating, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Good. One more thing. Since that was such a good performance, why don't you give us a nice curtsy? A nice deep one?"

Alex's eyes went wide. "I... uhh..."

"Come on, unless you want me to lift that skirt and spank you?"

Alex stared at her. The curtsies they were taught to give were always deep and exaggerated, deliberately intended to show off underwear. However, the spanking was a far more certain way of having them exposed, and he was still sore from the switch...

He put a hand on each side of his skirt and took a deep breath. There was no point in trying to half do it, a shallow curtsy would only lead to demands for more. However, he could do it quickly.

He pointed his feet outward and sank down and back up as quickly as he could. It was a deep curtsy, perhaps even more deep then needed.

A few in the first row gasped and looked at him with wide eyes. Alex hung his head and blushed, then hurried back to his desk. A few students giggled and turned to examine his backside as he went by. He sat down. Thankfully, only a few noticed, and he did it fast enough that they seemed to question what they had seen.

The rest of the class went normally. The subjects students learned were never complicated, and even then they were dumbed down to condescend to them. Instead, most classes were an excuse to impose various punishments on the students to train them to be obedient for their next masters. Humiliating and boring 'lessons' provided a reason for sissies to misbehave, and their misbehavior provided a reason for punishment. When that failed, an unreasonably high standard was imposed, and many students found themselves told they couldn't add 1+1 if the spacing between the numbers was off. The result was that the class had a slew of submissives being called to the front for punishment, with most bent over for spankings, some forced to write humiliating messages on the board, and one unfortunate future sissy maid in the corner with a dunce cap on and a bar of soap in her mouth, sniffling as she held up her skirt to expose a bright red bottom, and fully aware that if soap, skirt or cap dropped she'd be bent over again for another spanking.

Alex did his best to behave. Sometimes he slacked off, or was even sassy and sarcastic, as the teacher pointed out. Other time's he tried harder, and sometimes he even put in what he thought was full effort. However, now with the risk of his pampers being exposed, he sat up straight, answered everything perfectly, and was as polite as possible. It almost sickened him how 'good' he was, the teacher had called him 'docile', and today it certainly was true.

He began to calm down as the clock ran forward. It was almost lunch. He winced again. Lunch meant punishment, whatever that was. However, it almost meant he got through his first class without being exposed. If he could do it once, he could do it again, and again, and again, until his 'studies' were over and he was moved to his new master.

"Alright class, that is all we have to learn today. Most of you have been good sissies, and you, Alex, have been an especially good, docile little sisssy," she smiled at him.

He forced a smile he hoped didn't look like a sneer. "Thank you ma'am."

"So, since we are done, you can all be dismissed early..."

Alex felt his heart beating. This was it, he had made it.

She paused. "Oh wait, I almost forgot."

Alex's heart sank.

She got up and walked to the screen, still hanging over the board. She pulled it, and it went up.

Alex's eyes went wide. There, the words he dreaded most came into view.

"Pantie check!" the Miss Veronica said, mimicking the words on the board.

"Buh..." Alex began, then stopped, mouth open. Of course they had planned this.

It was a common ritual. It happened randomly so that no one could expect it. The stated purpose was to ensure they were all wearing their issued feminine underwear. There were a few times students tried to rebel, always resulting in harsh, and very public, punishments.

The more honest reason for it was to humiliate the submissives, and so the dominants could giggle at their blushes and squirming and get an eyeful of their panties. This time, however, would be far more humiliating then ever before.

The first row of students, to Alex's far right, as lead up. Six blushing sissies stood in front of the class with all eyes on them, and on an order, lifted their skirts.

Miss Veronica smiled as she walked down the row, look at each of them, reaching down to feel the material and behind to squeeze their butt cheeks.

"Good sissies. All appropriately dressed. Return to your desks, and next row."

The first group went back, and the second followed.

Alex realized he was biting his nails. He looked at the clock, and then the door. Was there a way out? His mind raced, but nothing came up.

The third line was up, Alex was next. His stomach turned. This was clearly planned, he had been sent here for this very reason. He knew it, and that meant there was no excuse he could make.

His row was called. Alex took a deep breath, got up, and walked toward the front of the class.