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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi, I do event security for my job. I work at comic conventions as well as other events and shows, and I also do bodyguard work. I used to be a bouncer at several night clubs and bars, but not for several years now. When I was younger, I liked wearing diapers, but not as much now. The only thing I'm attracted to, however, is women wearing them.
DLBouncer said:
The only thing I'm attracted to, however, is women wearing them.

Sexy, aren't they? I love the diapergal vids on YouTube.

Anyway...Welcome DLBouncer! You don't need to wear diapers to be here. In your bodyguard and bouncing days, did you meet any cool celebs?
Well, when I was working at bars and nightclubs, I didn't meet any celebrities except George Takei, but this summer I got to hang out with Buck Rogers and Twixy for a while, I met Vernon Wells, who was the villain in The Road Warrior, I [met] with Peter Dante from Grandma's Boy when I was on his personal security detail, I met Don Pedro Colley from Dukes of Hazzard, I met Deep Roy, who was in Neverending Story and played the Oompa Loompas in the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka remake. I also got to spend some time with The Honky Tonk Man from WWE Wrestling. I met a lot of comic book artists and writers working at comic conventions too. The company I work for now doing festival and convention security is pretty cool.
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Welcome, DLBouncer! That is pretty cool you got to meet George Takei! My dad was a police officer and always encouraged (forced?) me to fall into that line of work or be in the military. When I turned 19-20. I kind of just said "F-it" and did what I wanted to.

I digress..

Welcome to ADISC! It is a great place for anyone on the spectrum, including (but not limited to..) the diaper picture Aficionado.
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