Lower Cut Diapers?


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I’ve become aware that I wear my diapers lower and in smaller sizes than a lot of people. Any diaper that could come up to my belly is deemed too large. As a result, I tape over the lower tape on all my four-tape diapers and have a preference for the fit of two-tape diapers. I guess I have a belly, but now I’m starting to think of it like having a baby belly in a shape that fits two-tape diapers better.

To look at it another way… namely from the back while I’m bending over… my diapers never rise above my pants waistband. The traditional solution would be to wear large instead of medium and fold over the top, which is indeed the intended function of most diapers to enhance their containment, but I don’t have any desire to do that.

I like wearing my diapers to fit like that. I’m 6 ft 215 lb, but I somehow wear a Megamax in Small and most everything else in Medium, with Tykables Overnight Medium the only one I’m at risk of growing out of if I gained about 20 more lbs, which isn’t happening. I also fit the Goodnites XL just fine, but that’s no longer the feat of structural engineering it once was.
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Sounds like you just want a diaper that's size small.
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Yes I have deal with that before also !!!
That one reason I like the MagaMax diapers so much, because of the smaller sizes they
have ....
Same here, MegaMax size medium is the "correct" size for me according to the chart, but the smalls fit and have a few inches lower rise - tons of absorbency but no one can tell if my shirt rides up! Obviously not suitable for when you lay down but excellent for standing and sitting, then I change into a size medium for overnight use. The Supreme diaper is also pretty low rise and a bit cheaper, too.
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