Low-cost cloth diapers?

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I am in the lookout for some cloth diapers and figured I would start with one. I am [at I stand] a man of limited means and would like to see if anyone knows of a place online that I could buy some Cloth Diapers in my size (32") for less than $25 including shipping. I could save longer [I guess] but I am finally beginning to accept my AB side and don't like the limitations of use in disposables.

Thanks in advance.
Are you aware if their shipping is discrete or not? I cannot let my fancy be discovered as of yet.
Leakmaster night weight gauze pre-fold diapers will cost you $29.00 on Amazon, but they are excellent cloth diapers. If you intend to use your cloth diapers for wetting, you will also need plastic pants, and that will add to your expense.
If you buy from another country, the customs label will detail the contents. Not an issue for me, but could be problematic for you.
I have seen some on ebay for less than $30.
I'm here in Malaysia, i bought some cloth diapers that where shipped to. I bought 3 for roughly 38 Canadian dollers. Unfortunatly, they almost did not fit, had a very very tight fit and the soaker pad only covered part of the diaper.

In my experience, you get what you pay for. Save the extra $$$ and buy something of quality that will last.
To reinterate, At the moment I am looking for some that would quench the urge that is the need for a diaper. Any diaper without padding would be good for the occasional messing. Although stains are a think, it would work. Although one with some wouldn't be bad either.
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