Lovely baby smells

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I love the smell of Sudocrem & Johnson's baby talc. What other smells do you like?
I go "heavy" at night. I take a shower using baby shampoo, then after I'm dried off its a quick run down of j&j baby lotion 'pink bottle, then diaper up using baby powder,
It smells wonderful, I just hope I don't get use to the scent and loose it.
Sounds very comforting
I love the smell of baby powder
Gotta say, the only real baby smell I like is powder. I love that stuff. As for non-ab/dl stuff i really like the smell of cut grass and that heavy wet smell just before it rains
I like the smell of:
new children's books
new plastic toys
wooden blocks
certain gift wrap and ribbons
If there was a such thing as a combination ice cream shop, bakery, candy shop, and deli, I'd be in there daily, just for the smells.
For me, I love the smell of scented ABU diapers and baby powder, but my absolute favorite smells that get into headspace within .2 seconds are Playdoh and helium balloons :D
I also like the baby powder smell. Otherwise - a nice steak or hamburger cooking on an outdoor charcoal or gas grill - My mouth starts watering immediately!
My go to baby related smells are the J & J baby lotion, baby oil and Head to Toe baby wash. I use the baby wash along with my Aveeno soap when I take my morning shower. Once dry, I first use the baby lotion and then the baby oil. It's a wonderful way to start my day.
I also love J&J baby powder but I also use their toddler shampoo for curly hair. Oh, and I love the smell of my plushie doggie and my baby blankie.
Surprised no one has mentioned the unquie smell pampers have. I love their baby scent smell. :3
A good smell can just wisk your mind away to a happy place.
J&j baby shampoo baby powder.
Use baby lotion on feet and oil.
But what really sets me off is some plastic's like a new pair of baby plastic pants.
Dollar store baby powder.
Books from 1990's They used a special type of glue, it reminds me of good times spent reading.
Krew comb, I used to put it into my hair when i was a kid.
Grease, used on cars mmhmm
Fresh cut Grass.
Burning wood.
Dial soap
Green Soap (tattoo shop soap)
DprEffect said:
Surprised no one has mentioned the unquie smell pampers have. I love their baby scent smell. :3

Here in the UK they don't really have a scent or it's not as strong as it is in America, I've used both UK and US Pampers
They do still smell nice though, UK pampers, oh yeah I love the smell of clean baby wipes and johnsons baby lotion. The smell of new toys smell weird though but is pretty negolglistic. the smell of bacon does it for me too as my family always used to make bacon sandwiches every now and again as a treat. Baking smells and especially pancakes too.
Hard to find these days, but the sweet fragrance of long gone Playtex rubber baby pants takes me back.
I mix in baby shampoo along with bubble formula when drawing a bubble bath. I much prefer the scent of the shampoo. I also use baby oil, followed by baby powder, on my feet each day. It helps immensely in the attempt to stave of blisters, as I work on my feet.
I find the odor of baby powder very comforting.
Love the smell of baby powder and any scent that is similar. I still remember the smell of the scented Snugglers nappies from way back and wish I could bottle that scent.
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