Loose-fitting bottoms to wear over cloth


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Hi all.

For anyone here who has some experience with wearing cloth diapers out of the house (I'm thinking about the form-fitting ones like Ecoable), which brands and/or styles of pants, jeans, trousers, etc. work well for you as far as doing as decently a job as possible of concealing bulk while not being so tight as to risk compression leaks?

Thank you for reading. :)
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I like to wear elastic-back pants--or full-elastic waist pants. I simply use one size larger than normal. The elastic helps snug my waist while I have enough room for my diaper to fit comfortably and still reasonably hide the bulk of my diaper. Even if I am wearing pants without elastic in the waist, one size larger than normal works great for me. I can keep the waist fitting well by using my belt and still have the room I need. You might experiment with one-size or two-sizes larger to see which size works better for you. I think it could work with any style of pants.
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I wear the Gary Wear PUL pants over reusable underwear types when I'm not going to be out long or going very far. I've worn jeans & sweatpants over the top that are snug enough to keep everything where it needs to be while not being so tight that they show off what's underneath. I especially like and usually wear jeans with an somewhat elastic/stretchy waistband and a belt and these do a fantastic job of concealing just about anything.
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I generally just wear the smart "suit" trousers I would normally wear but I buy a size or so larger than needed to give extra room, this often means I need to adjust the legs but that's not hard to do.

Stiffer material can be good if it's loose fit as it hangs better an doesn't tuck under but softer material like joggers can work too.

Just don't use tight trousers like thin leggings or you will be showing it off.
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When I wear out I normally have normal trousers but a size bigger than I need over my diaper and plastics.
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Seems like folks are saying wear a size larger than one normally would without diapers. That makes sense.