Looks like someone is having a major purge..........

What a very nice collection of very cute Diapers ! !
That's a lot to sell in one go, wonder if they would be willingly to do small deals? Not that it matters to me sadly since that is a bit far to go for some very cute (and kind of costly) stuff.

Dont know if it's a purge so much as the seller might be a career that is not caring for anyone anymore. (Though I am still pretty new to how far some people will collect stuff to only purge later down the line)
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Oh wow. I feel really sorry for them if it is a purge. That's a nice high chair tho..
Doesn't seem like purging, thats too much. By the time you get to furniture and an entire nursery like that you are long past acceptance and have embraced it.

Likely something more unfortunate. 😔
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I seem to recall there was a nursery that was open for visitors for a fee, maybe it's closing down