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Hey everyone. I'm looking for another member familiar with Xcode to help me with a little app project. It's not to make money it's actually just to provide a resource for littles and families and those with special needs...what could such a resource be? Well if you have any Xcode skills let me know and you'll find out! Thanks everyone!!
Do you mean iOS Apps?
Sure do.
Ever look into the Qt framework? They do crossplatform iOS and android now, and also to all the different desktops too.
I'm somewhat familiar with Xcode and iOS development, still learning a lot myself though! What kind of help are you looking for?
I haven't really used QT at all. I'm not much of a programmer these days. My skills have gotten pretty rusty.

What I'm looking to do is create a mapping tool that would allow people to find family and companion bathrooms when out and about. As they become more popular I feel it could be very beneficial to an entire group of people. Anyone with special needs, parents with small children, diaper wearers etc. I just don't have the skills to do it on my own.
I need to log in more often to see my replies!

That doesn't sound too hard! A simple app with a map view, list of locations and way to add locations + a companion server to store said locations. Great thing is that CloudKit, introduced with iOS 8, gives you free server space online for every user you get...up to terabytes of data! I personally haven't used map views, location based apps and I'm barely getting into CloudKit, but it would be a fun project! A great way to learn those tools!

Just curious, have you done much research in the related market? I know of a few other bathroom buddy apps, but I don't know of any focused on family type bathrooms.
I need to do the same dlwearer! Yea I've actually looked for an app that will do it and I can't find anything. I haven't found a single one that points out family bathrooms or ones with certain amenities like built in changing tables, smaller facilities for children etc.
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