Looking For Frilly/Ruffle Tights for an AB

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Like the ones on the left (link:NWS- sorry if I'm not allowed to post images!)

I've tried googling, thinking of other words to call them, looking on EBay.... I'm not a sissy, so I haven't had a huge background in tights/leggings, but I'd pay for handmade ones. It's really easy to find rufflebutt tights for babies- just not for adults!
For alternate words you can often find these under the title of rumba (pants/tights) and I can think of three ways to get them.

1) Shops, yes they can be hard to find for adults but they are out there its just a matter of digging through search results, I used yahoo with the search term "adult frilly tights" and then clicked the image results, when you click a pair you like in an image it enlarges it and gives a link at the bottom, some links are random sites others will be shops/ebay etc. Pages you can buy from (I found three items on a quick search 2 on ebay 1 on etsy, not sure if I'm allowed to link em here and don't know if I've got the rank to PM yet).

2) Make them yourself, its really not hard just buy plain tights the color you want and some lace ribbon the width you want and stitch it on where you want it, With a little practice you'll get it looking good. there are plenty of videos and sites that can help you like this one here, this is meant for baby tights but its all the same with adult size.

3) If your no good with a needle and still having trouble finding shops you could just buy straight tights and a pair of frilly knickers (which are easy to find) and wear them over the tights for a similar effect.

this partly comes from my most recent attempt to find children's style tights (think knit, opaque and maybe ribbed) with bootie/shoe printing on the bottom, not seen them anywhere :( I'm thinking I'll have to buy plain tights and experiment with fabric paints, though this method does seem more fun and I get to indulge in a little messy play :D
You want to search ebay by typing adult baby rumba tights
That will bring it up for you.
Like foxkits said, Google "Rhumba tights adult" and it will give you options. there are some sellers of these on etsy. I'd like some myself.
I know where your comming from, I'm looking for difficult to find tights too.

Rhumba tights should find some also yahoo/google image search (I don't use google but assume it will work there too) can be helpfull, if you see a pic of some clicking it should bring up a link which may be a store, I found two pairs of frilly tights on ebay this way.

If your really struggling you could buy plain tights and some lace and sew them on, its not too hard and tights aren't going to last forever anyway so it doesnt have to be perfect, if your not good with a needle buy frilly rhumba pants and wear them on top for similar effect.

Though if on your search you happen to find adult tights with a shoe printed on the bottom like you can get for babies I'd love to know, beginging to think I'll have to experiment with fabric paint.
Observe the sizing issue - do not get them too small - allow for oversize diapering !
All so cute when sized correctly !
Did a bit of further of research on the tights with ruffles (ebay).
While some buyers were satisfied with what they bought others
were not so - claimed the tights were cheap Wal*Mart stock
with not so good sewn strips of ruffles.

If you are serious about buying ABDL gear off of ebay check-out
the seller by clicking on the number of sales (feedbacks) he has
received. A window opens with statistical data about his record
of sales in the past year. Note the negatives - neutrals - and
positives. For a further detail check notice the bar with feedback
- feedback as a seller - buyer - and all feedback.
Click on all feedback and you will get a full history of the seller
going back to day one when he first opened an ebay account ***.
*** Only those buyers or sellers that have left feedback will be
shown. There will be no history of those leaving NO feedback !

If putting a lot of money out for your fantasy it is important for
you to check out this information least you be taken for a ride !

In regard to this seller it would be best for you to just go to
Wal*Mart or other retail seller of tights/pantyhose and get the
tights that fit and then add a ruffled frilly panty worn on top of
that. For the ruffled panty suggest you ebay "Square Dance Panty"
or for a direct source on the internet LINK:

The benefit of this is that if the tights rip tear whatever the panty
is still useable on top of replacement tights.

Been there - done that - offering a bit wisdom in this fantasy/venture !

Now carry on and go out there and knock-em #$@&*% !
Ebay Try square dance pettipants
I ordered some fancy panties and rhuma panties from. Babykins. Out of. Canada, very high quality great price

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