Looking for decent diapers at a good price.

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In the Diaper business there are two main groups of diapers. The economy diapers that aren't any good and the premium diapers that are great but more expensive.

For a while I've been trying to put together a list of ones in between, something that costs less than a dollar per diaper but is decent in terms of absorbency (better than depends, essentially) so I can consider switching.

I looked into the fitright diapers but I got some feedback that they aren't really any good. Does anyone have any suggestions for a medium absorbancy midrange price diaper?


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There some diapers close past the dollar mark: Absorbency plus is a good start and fairly cheap. Here's an article about them: http://www.incontinencesupport.info/Absorbency_Plus_Briefs.html#.VEVpgPnF8kU

Absorbency plus is decent on removing, High SAP, comfy while both wet and dry, and the best thing has leak guards when you plan on wetting more than once.

The plastic backed diaper is more than ready to handle what you throw at it. It's plastic is well known for holding it's tapes without popping off, easy put on without any worries of breaking on ya, and if going 24/7 then the most you would need in one day is an average of "3" diapers.

This is the size chart: (Borrowed from XP Medical/Not my results)

•Medium 28” to 40” waist or hip
•Large 38” to 50” waist or hip
•X-Large 48” to 60” waist or hip

I think the mediums would fit you or you could go for a larger size if you prefer the bulge or something. They are $1.17 a diaper per piece and are cheap. You can pick up any cases of 8's for $9.95, Half case of 32's for $45.95, and a full case of 64's for $75.95. The price is affordable for your standards. That's the cheapest, most reliable diaper there is on the market and should fit to your standards.
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