Looking for a perticular type of pajama-jumpsuit

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Hi all, looking for a particular type of pajama jumpsuit. I'm looking to get it made for me and I'd like a picture reference.

It is footless, made of some kind of cotton, usually found in sweaters, with the vertical grooves, peachy-pink in color, and zipped to the crotch as I recall. It would be for an 11/12 year old girl, circa 2001-2002.

An old friend of mine wore it to pajama day wen I was about 12. It was one of the first time that both I knew I liked girls, and that I saw a pajama jumpsuit on anyone bigger than 6. I remember her looking amazing in it. Her walking around in it, barefoot most of the day, that secured both my abdl and hetero-sides, although I didn't know it at the time. I lost touch with her over the years, unfortunately. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks, and cheers.


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Making a custom pair of pajamas isn't a big deal...

Getting the exact design is...

I've made many pairs of custom pajamas just this winter...some very "custom"...

From what I'm getting from your post is you want a footless pair of pajamas with front zip made from ribbed pink sweatshirt material?

If you can verify the material on say Joanne fabrics or alike...I or many others can make them...

The biggest part is getting the design what you want...
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