Looking for a good discreet pull-up

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Looking for a decent pull-on for a woman. When she's sick and coughs she tends to have small to moderate leaks. She wants something discreet. Would a pad be better or a pull-on?
I would say the Depend underwear if she's having only small leaks.
Always Discreet are an awesome option.
I use goodnites (I'm fairly petite, 5ft 100lbs ) for that reason as well. Especially during bad asthma fair ups that have me coughing severely with bad bronchial spasms. Anyways they are really discrete and I usually find coupons for them. Depending on their size (and if they aren't bothered by the print) I'd recommend them.

If you are willing to order online I would recommend the Tranquility Premium Overnight pull-ups for someone with moderate stress incontinence. They have internal standing leak guards and hold 34 ounces. The 34 ounce capacity means that the lady will not have to rush off to change as frequently. Don't worry about the "Overnight" in the name. I am incontinent and have worn them for daytime use. They also are thin and very discreet.

If purchased by the case, Magic Medical has them for a very competitive price.

Goodnites (as known as Drynites if you are living in Europe) and Always Discreet underpants are 2 good options.
Tena super plus absorbent underwear are very absorbent and discreet
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