lollipop andriod 5.0

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Did anyone get the update yet?
I've been running it for a month or two on my Nexus 4.
mattyd said:
I've been running it for a month or two on my Nexus 4.

Sweet!! Any big difference from the 4.4.4 that i run?
BordercollieTrigger said:
I have a new Samsung Note 4 it doesn't have it but still 4.4.4 is great too.

I have the same phone i love the camera! The battery life is good at times and sometimes it restarts or freezes on me my only 2 problems with the phone so far.
Ive had it for a few weeks on my Nexus 4 and since then its randomly frozen for no reason at compltetely random times and I have to restart it.
The apps are crashier on the 2012 Nexus 7 I had to reset after the 5.0 update. The reset process is much improved, but that's the main improvement I've noticed. 5.0.2 makes it pretty snappy again. If you haven't done a full restore after updating your device to 5.0+, you should go ahead and do so. It actually asks what apps you want to restore, and it turned a completely unusable tablet into a decent tablet. So perhaps if you're having problems at all, they'll disappear with a full restore!
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