Lolita - a beginner's budget?

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Hi all,

I'm sort of tentatively toying with the idea of maybe trying out Lolita fashion. I don't usually think of myself as Sissy/LG, but if I decide soon to just do it, I wanted your advice on what I should start with and how much I should be spending.

I'm looking for just one decent outfit that isn't expensive but doesn't have to be cheap. Quality matters to me more than price, I think.

I've checked out some other threads and links in the forum and I found a seller on eBay I especially like.

So (those of you with Lolita experience) what do you think of the price and quality?
I Have bought 6 items from that company, they do an excellent job and are sent in good time. Here is an example of their work.rsz_1img_0488.jpg
Defiantly fun, and a great idea for a beginner as the price is "somewhat" bearable. Just the usual disclaimer from about buying clothes online like being sure of your measurements and all that.
Do you remember how the item was packaged when it arrived? Discretion is a factor here. Thanks!
It was packed with no mention of what was inside, very discreet. It had a customs declaration label that just said "clothing".
That's very reassuring, thanks!

Is this a good sort of "starter kit" or should I look at some accessories, etc?
As i said i have bought several dresses. Each one came as described, for example, Dress and petticoat or dress, top and petticoat.(I have 5 petticoats now and sometimes wear 2 or even 3!) . To get the full look you will need other items. In my picture i have on tights, lace topped socks, frilled panties and my fave pink shoes. Its up to you how far you want to take it. Another excellent place is here the site is huge and you can get lots of the dresses tailor made for a small extra fee. The shoes in my pic came from here size euro 46!
sissybaby34 said:
I Have bought 6 items from that company, they do an excellent job and are sent in good time. Here is an example of their work.View attachment 23393

Adorable ❤ this dress is beautiful, seems handmade and that's also a good idea for its low cost compared to a new one.
If all possible...and this really goes if you shop at conventions...try the dress on. If you know your exact sizing, and the outfit happens to be the exact sizing, you probably will be okay. The link in question doesn't look bad.

I'm a gothic lolita. I'm in the process of of sewing my own stuff. Once your break everything down into components it's not so bad.
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I wear Lolita outside of ABDL (my lolita tastes are much to opulent for my little self), and I will tell you that none of the places recommended are any good. Ebay is notoriously bad for Lolita sale and Lolita4321 is a fraud, they steal *copyrighted* designs from lolita brands and try to pass it off for their own. Milanoo also has a terrible reputation in the Lolita community (, and for that matter a terrible reputation outside of it as well (

I would recommend looking at Bodyline ( Bodyline has good reviews, most products can be looked up if you want to see what it looks like IRL, and is cheaper than both options if you know the tricks (pro-tip, prices go down 10-30% just by changing the currency from $ to yen). I have personally used Bodyline and been very happy.
being an ebay seller and buyer I would shop around!! and when you find something on ebay I would check womens and mens sizes google for me mens 35 is womens xl or 22 I find great stuff searching sissy cloths used!! about 75%off, the best outfits if you have money run $120 plus
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Sweetsugardragon, The first link is to a comment that was made in 2009 so a little out of date now, all i can say is i have made 6 orders with milanoo and have had no problems at all. The title of this thread is "Lolita a beginners budget". At the price i have paid for the items i have had sent all i can say is i am very happy.
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