Living with Parents and buying in bulk.

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I'm 18, so loving with my parents is my only option, but it kinda sucks being an ABDL. Anyways, I normally buy one pack of 20 or so diapers at a time. I told my mom about it years ago, and she's very dissaproving of it, but as far as I know she's never told my family. So, when she finds my stash of diapers, or other stuff, she throws them out, and I'm out money and diapers. Last time this happened, I was sick of it. I was done hiding in my own room and wasting money. So I went to NorthShoreCare and bought a case of their diapers. Theyve been in my closet for awhile now sitting in plain sight, in a relatively clean and orderly closet. The diapers were obvious. Since then, I know she's seen it. She's taken stuff out and put stuff in. She's the only one in my house that raids my closet. But she gave up. Maybe the sight of 60 diapers intimidated her. Maybe she realized she couldn't throw them out without he rest of my family seeing. I can be sure. But now I can proudly leave my diapers in plain sight, like a normal AB.
With all the sympathy in the world, I must say that its seems that you do not have the right situation to be able to fulfill your AB/DL desires at this point in your life. The fact that you are getting away with having a small stash is pretty impressive, being as you are constantly battling with your Mother and having no privacy.

My best advice is to study hard, work hard, and move out as soon as you can. Most of the contributors here weren't able to experiment with diapers and baby things until they were out on their own, supporting themselves. Taking care of yourself, living on your own, and being an adult will not only allow you to wear diapers nearly whenever you want, but it will be the best argument against your Mother's disapproval. You are still very young and have your whole life ahead of you to be able to get your way.

Good luck friend
if you just turned 18 she may have flipped a mental switch that says "I can't just go throwing his stuff out anymore"?

A lot of parents are really slow to adopt respect for their kids even after they are 18+ and even out of the house (or vice versa!), some of them gradually transition, and others just draw a line. Sounds like she drew a line.
I applaud your courage and standing up for being AB or DL (both?). Not many at age 18 would have done that. When my mom found my stuff the first thing she did was to throw them out. Then we had the horrible talk. I think you are in a much better place. After college I got my first job I moved out and then it was diapers from there on. Freedom has its own rewards!
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