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I realize I've probably been living under a rock, but I've seen the term "littles" for quite awhile now. Is "littles" the new "adult baby" or is it some kind of "PC" term, what's the deal?
i tihink its an unbrella term for age play can be abs but also for people who identify as younger then say a adult?
Yeah, "little" is more age fluid. Some AB/DLs identify as toddlers and some even as 4, 5, or 6 year olds and even older.
Yeah. I identify more as a little as my age generally isn't towards a baby stage. Toddler and up with most of my age being 4 and above. (But still using some baby stuff)
It's more PC and it means headspace or that's my thought.
Some did not like AB thought little more Accepted kind of like some are calling diaper's dipsters. Or dips.
Not exactly, it's simply all Little boys and girls, which like/love everything related to being a toddler or an adult child; identify or roleplay as such.
In contrast to anything AB related, so anything made for infants, and identifying as such anyway. LGs and LBs don't necessarily have a knack for that, hence the Little tag.

In general I'd say, although it's also a bit of a generalisation, that littles like to be a bit more "active", despite being "older" anyway, which goes hand in hand. In contrast to being much more passive as an infant.

Furthermore it has been split from the old Sissy/LG tag, since little boys have been left out so far. Besides that individuals who identify as both Little Boy / Little Girl at different times, or whose little is genderless, do not have to pick a gender with choosing this term. Secondly, since Littles and Sissys may have a vast majority of differences, hence they're two differentiable tags now.
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Wow, I never new this subject was that deep. It's all good though and I totally get it :) I'm a newborn/infant myself, but around like-minded friends, I'm more of a toddler that just likes to get into EVERYTHING! :D
I identify as a little. When I am little me, I'm being in the headspace of a 9-12 year old. I often felt uncomfortable with the term Adult Baby, as I don't enjoy babyish stuff at all, except for diapers. I don't enjoy plushies, don't want a pacifier or sippy cup or bottle, and don't want to crawl around or be helpless.

I do enjoy playing with toys like cars, soldiers or Legos, and like colouring in. It makes it a bit hard to incorporate diapers into this age set, but it can be done. When I do play as a little, there is always some element of wetting involved. This is where the diapers can come in. I may be distracted as I play, wet my pants, and be diapered as a punishment. Or I may be a bed wetter who wears a nappy to bed, but has either not gone to bed yet or has woken up dry but is still wearing.

I'm lucky to have a girlfriend who likes age play as well, but for her it's a younger more babyish age. She likes to be 3-4, and be diapered and cared for, and likes to suck her thumb. But we can be flexible to suit each other's playtime. When we play together, we take turns indulging in each other's fantasy. We can play as big kids who might be accident prone, then I can change her and she can be as little as she wants.
I like to identify myself as a little who is about 5-6 years old who like paci's, bottles, plushies, and needs diapers.
For me little means liking and doing things that are commonly associated with younger children. But everybody will have their won definition to what little means to them.
In reality I am big. I am 6 feet tall and weight about 230 lbs. I don't consider myself as little. AB is more suitable for me.
BabyToddler said:
In reality I am big. I am 6 feet tall and weight about 230 lbs. I don't consider myself as little. AB is more suitable for me.

Hehe. I understand that. I'm 6'4 210 pound so if I'm around other people it's hard to feel little. :)
I tend to Identify as little a bit more then AB since I am a bit agre fluid, ranging from infant to about 10 with more play between the ages of 5-10
I don't identify this as part of my persona, but when I want to relax and get into a good headspace, I'm about 4-6 years old :)
I play video games, eat candy, sneak myself a bottle and I'm not actually using diapers I um.. just wear them 'cus they were put on me, I don't really need the- oops! I quess I do need them.. but I am a big boy!!! I know how to tie my own shoelaces, even >:O!

haha x) yeah, that's where I like to be at. Not helpless, but not big either. Too small for school so I am free! But too big to be amused by baby toys. And full of pep!
I don't identify ab/dl in the little mindset as strongly but you can't really go wrong with a sippy cup, your favorite plush and some good cartoons.
DarkReaper said:
I don't identify ab/dl in the little mindset as strongly but you can't really go wrong with a sippy cup, your favorite plush and some good cartoons.

Exactly :)

Ps. I tried out baby bottle as a curiosity and noticed it's SUPER handy for gaming and such! It won't splash all over if you knock it around, any damage will be minimal.
I call myself a little because my age is 3 years old even though in reality I'm 6 foot 3 which is hardly little. Also I like the term little over ABDL tbh
Well, weighing in at 5'6" 131 pounds, I've been a little my entire life :laugh: In all seriousness though, I always preferred the idea of being aged about 4-8 wearing and using diapers, so maybe "little" would be more accurate for me. I've been a bit unclear about whether I classify as an AB or not because I love pacifiers and plushies and all that stuff, but they rarely ever show up in whatever fantasies I have.
Littles is kind of like ABDLs, although many regress to an older age (6-12) and then theres middles (regressing to teenage years), althought many littles that I know regress to babyish years as well.
I far prefer the term little, its cuter for a start. Little me is 3 years old or there abouts. :)
I guess, I identify best as a "little" but I don't know if it's strictly true.

I'm surrounded by at least 14 different plushies on my computer desk. Two are from World of Warcraft, plush gryphon and plush windrider. Two are from Super Mario Bros. a plush Magi Koopa (Kamek) and plush drybones. A stuffed Om-nom from Cut the rope. Blue from the Dreamworks animated movie "Rio". A mew, a charmander, a charizard, and dialga from Pokemon. Pinky Pie from MLP. A stuffed Dumbo the elephant. A green t-rex looking stuffie. And a red dragon like plush holding a heart (like a valentines gift) which was from my mom. Big Red (plush Groudon, pokemon) and Spike, from MLP again, are in the other room. I have lots more in the closet. A plush Kirby and minum pokemon out in the car.

They're not just for show either, I sleep with them. Play with them. Hug and kiss them. I take them with me to friends houses. I bring them on plane trips. Even took Mew and Big Red to the Pokemon and Zelda music symphonies. When I visit a psychiatrist or social worker, one of them is usually with me (probably Big Red). As I mentioned before, one particular work place allowed "personal effects" as long as they could be hidden in a desk drawer. So I a couple of stuffed animals there on my desk.

I don't regress per-se, but I tend to act like a 5-7 year old when not at work or school or social event. Although, you might see childish type behavior seep though; especially if it's an informal outing with friends. I might be stacking salt and pepper shakers or slurping my soda or something of that nature, in that case.

I haven't been to any AB or "little" event, but I'd probably go crazy with crayons in a coloring book at such an event.

These are things that make me feel I identify as a "little".
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