littles movies?

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i want to watch a little's movie tonight but not sure i want to watch somthing i have not tho what are a few good littles movies (i have seen big hero six)
Anything by pixar should work. Or maybe a pokemon or Marvel movie. These all to the trick for me.
Sword in the Stone. :paci:
Almost any of the Disney animated movies.
Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang is a good "littles" movie.
hmm you might want to try Maya the Bee
How to train your dragon :)
The Care Bears Movie
The Care Bears Movie II
This is a very easy question with a lot of different answers since our taste in movies are subjective. There are so many movies that would be interesting and appealing to people like you. I'm wondering if any of the following movies are familiar to you:

Any Don Bluth movie
Care Bars Movie
The Rugrats Movie
The Tigger Movie (one of my all-time favorites)
Any Disney movie
Any Thomas the Tank Engine specials (if you want to count direct-to-video releases and not just the theatrical movie from 2000)

If you know any of the above movies or anything related, then you can watch them with no problem.
I am absolutely in love with almost every Disney princess movie, but if you haven't seen Frozen or Tangled yet, you should do that ASAP!
Once Upon a Forest
Little monsters
The never ending story
The box trolls
The book of life
Hello All,

My current favorite little movie is Frozen. I am currently driving my Daddy nuts with it. He will call and hear it on in the backround and say "again!?". Hehehe. He knows I like it so he got me the digital edition I now have on my smart phone Daddy got me for Christmas and on the kindle. But I have a lot of Disney Jr cartoon movies. Handy Mannys Motorcycle adventure. Handy Manny and the great garage rescue. Handy Manny is my favorite Disney Jr show. :) I have all 116 episodes saved to my DVR. And I got the Disney Jr app so I can watch full episodes and even watch Disney Jr live anywhere I have internet access. The Watch Disney Jr app helped pass the time when I was in the hospital last week. Love that app. That's it for me though. :)

-Baby Stanley
Just watched the perfect movie for "littles" it is called "all creatures big and small" check it out it really is a must see movie like I said great movie for all the littles out there. :)
Care bears Movies.
Stephen Kings "It". I had the misfortune of watching it when I was five. Given the right setting and mood, that movie can still make me feel like a small frightened child.
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