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For those in Australia who are after new nappies or a supplier, I run both and also

We are about to receive our supply of Rearz Safari nappies in all sizes. These are available to (pre) order now, and currently (for a limited time only) you can save 10% by using the coupon code REARZ10 at the checkout for these, including the Rearz Inspire+ (white) products. Once ordered, these products will be dispatched around 10 January 2016 or slightly earlier.

These will be shortly followed by - Crinklz - which are due in just 3 weeks later, and their sister product BetterDry- previously known by another name is in the same consignment - prices have not yet be calculated at this time but will be added ASAP.

More good news is that Fabine Black and Teddy are also due in just another 3-4 weeks after that!

So many good things here! Together with our own range of Onesie and Pajama set at reasonable prices - and excellent quality!

For anyone that that is passing the premises in Brendale (north Brisbane) you can save on all published website pricing (Coupon codes cannot be used in store).

Friendly and discreet shopping available. Don't forget to sign up for newsletters on the sites for other coupon codes.
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Shipping is included in the price on the website, that's why we offer reduced rates for visitors to the store as we both save of shipping prices.
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I just wish that your cart saved :(
Actually am in Melbourne right now, heading up to Cairns in a few days, will need to find a place to get some decent diapers/nappies there as I don't have the room in my suitcase for all I will need. Best thing for me is to have a brick-and-mortar place I can walk into to purchase.
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If you are planning on passing by - just give a call or email and I will do my best to meet you at the warehouse where you can choose what you like.
Just as an add on to the above. Normal hours are Mon-Friday 9-4.30 excluding public holidays. Out of hours/weekends - by appointment
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itsacurlyone said:
If you are planning on passing by - just give a call or email and I will do my best to meet you at the warehouse where you can choose what you like.

Unless your warehouse is up in the Cairns area, it'll be too far of a drive. We're flying out of Melbourne on Tuesday to Cairns and then staying in Port Douglas. Thanks anyway!
Ahh. Have a safe flight!
Hi Note. During the development of the products I was shown several plastic snaps and the metal ones. I looked carefully at these and rather fancied the metal ones until I discovered they snapped undone without much force.

I then chose the best of the plastic (PVC - I think) ones and the rest is history. I have not had any feedback at this stage that they fail in any way.

I hope that helps - re your other comment about Australia. I'm very happy to have the oppotunity and some knowledge and wonderful connections in the community to do this now and am very happy to be here.

Any suggestions - let me know.
As an aside, I do recommend that you do contact Moo so as to not run afoul of Rule 15. Good luck on your business.
Thanks for the heads up. I'll be in touch
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