Little Weekend for My Little! Plus the Baby Agreement.


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Hey everyone!

So a little while ago I made a post about asking for ideas for a little weekend, I got a bunch of good feedback and one of the big things I took away was rules and a schedule. So I wrote up some rules, and have named it the Baby Agreement.

Here it is below so you can take a look and tell me what you think. This is so far the agreed upon rules for her and what she and I will be consenting too. Everyone’s rules and consent is different so you may or may not have a different set of rules. But I’d love to see further suggestions!

Baby Agreement

Purpose of Rules

The purpose of the rules is to keep the little in the headspace of a little as much as possible, via creating structure that will be upheld by the CG. The CG will use rewards and punishments to help uphold the structure. It is the CG’s job to care and tend to all the little’s needs, to keep her safe, and happy, so she may remain careless and cute.

Da Rules

Rule 1: The Babygirl will only be referred to as cute names and the CG will only be referred to as Daddy

To keep the Babygirl (Baby-cakes, Pretty-baby, ya cutie, and adorable) in the correct headspace she will only be referred too as Babygirl (Babycakes, Prettybaby, ya cutie, and adorable). And I will only be referred too as Daddy when we are alone. This rule establishes who is in charge, and who is the dom and sub.

Rule 2: Daddy Knows Best.

The Babygirl will listen to Daddy’s instructions and follow them without protest, or will receive a punishment. Daddy has set a schedule and the babygirl will listen to it and attend to the Babygirl’s needs accordingly. The Babygirl has agreed to the rules and Daddy is in charge.

Rule 3: Daddy Will Keep Babygirl Healthy and Happy.

Daddy is in charge of keeping the Babygirl happy and healthy. Daddy will keep the Babygirl hydrated and well fed. The Babygirl will drink one 16oz glass of water every two hours to stay hydrated at elevation. She will be feed 3 square meals, and one snack time before lunch. Daddy will be in charge of preparing, or getting the meals, and bringing snacks to activities. Daddy will keep the Babygirl clean, by bath-time or changing diapers (Sposies) when needed. Daddy will keep The Babygirl energized and well rested. The Babygirl will be put down for a nap at Noon for 1 hour and a strict bedtime at 10pm, and rise and shine by 9:00am.

Rule 4: Only Diapers! (Sposies)

The baby girl will be allowed to remove her diaper for only 3 reasons. If Daddy is changing her, or helping with bath-time, or lastly if the Babygirl’s diaper is messy she is allowed to change herself. Toilets are off limits! Once she feels the need to go potty, the Babygirl must not hold it and go once she is comfortable. Daddy will regularly check the Babygirl’s diaper (sposie) and will have the final say on when she should be changed. If the Babygirl has gone more than 30 minutes without a diaper check she may ask Daddy for a change if her diaper (sposie) is wet. wet diapers (soggy sposies) will be changed when Daddy decides The Babygirl’s diaper is full. Babygirl’s diaper (sposie) may not be changed if she is being punished for being naughty or if her diaper is not yet full enough, however if her diaper is dirty she may change it when she needs.

Rule 5: No Phones or internet!

The Babygirl must give Daddy her phone at the beginning of the weekend and Daddy will watch over it and keep it safe. The Babygirl is too small to be online with all the other scary adults. She may have her phone back if she receives a text and needs to respond to it. If family or friends call The Babygirl may have her phone back to chat, but no Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. The internet is off limits!

Rule 6: Daddy is In Charge of Sexy Time

The Babygirl is not allowed to play with herself, her diaper (sposie) or Daddy without permission. If The Babygirl is caught being naught she will receive a punishment. If she is being a good girl, she may receive sexy time as a reward.

Rule 7: Only Sippy Cups

The Babygirl is only allowed to drink out of her sippy cup. Water can be drank out of a water bottle but any other drinks must be from the sippy cup so the babygirl doesn’t spill.

Rule 8: Daddy Picks the Outfits

All outfits and clothes will be chosen by Daddy. The Babygirl will wear whatever Daddy has chosen, and Daddy will chosen when it is time to switch to a new outfit. The babygirl can give suggestions but Daddy will get the final say.

Rule 9: No Sharp Objects

The Babygirl will not handle sharp objects, Daddy will cut all food for the Babygirl if it is not bite size. The Babygirl will not use any scissors, knifes, or blades. If found with any of these objects, she will be punished. They are too dangerous, and she is too small.

Rule 10: Have Fun Being Small

This is a time for the Babygirl to be as carefree and have as little responsibility as she would like, or can have. Daddy is here to take care of her and make sure she is happy. She can be whatever kind of baby girl that she wants to be naughty or sweet. The Babygirl agrees to follow all rules until the end of the weekend and will follow Daddy’s instructions or will receive a punishment from Daddy. If she is a good girl the Babygirl will receive a reward from Daddy. Daddy has the final say.

Rewards & Punishments

If the Babygirl behaves she will receive different rewards. If she is being naughty and has not followed the rules or listened to Daddy she will receive punishments.


  • Snacks and treats
  • Head pats and Diaper pats (sposie pats)
  • Edibles
  • Daddy will make her an Amaretto Sour
  • Will be allowed to cum


  • 5 minute time out
  • If being mouthy, must have paci in for 10 minutes.
  • Spankings
  • Tickled for 1 minute
  • Must drink 1 extra glass of water
  • Will have to wait 30 minutes for a diaper change (sposie change)
  • Will not be allowed to cum
  • Daddy will put a toy in her diaper (sposie) for 1 hour, and Daddy will use it to tease her with his phone.
So I guess there maybe a few things to explain.
1. She will be allowed to change her own messy diapers. She is still new to that aspect of diapers and is too embarrassed to have me involved. She wants the full experience but isn’t ready for that part with me in it just yet. So does anyone have any idea for how to help her be comfortable?
2. Sposies are a fun word for diapers that she likes. Lol that’s why it’s in there so much.
3. I’ll be in charge of activities and the schedule. I have a good number of ideas for the schedule already just need to put it together.

So what do you think? Anything you would add or change? Has anyone done this with their little before? If you were the little what else would you want to see?
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