Little time can't come soon enough!!


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It's been a tough week, with these last couple of days being a real drag. Usually indulging in little time once a week works well but for some unknown reason, this week has felt difficult!

Thankfully little time is on the horizon tomorrow and it really can't come soon enough. I'm glad I've had teddy cuddles to help me through the last couple of nights.

Perhaps I should've listened to my little self but I get so much more benefit indulging him when I don't have work the following day. Once a week is also a balance that enables my wife to engage with me and not feel overwhelmed with the added frequency.

I guess it's just one of life's many balancing acts.

#rollontomorrow 🙃
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Hang in there little one!

Not too long to go until tomorrow and little time! Just a little bit longer being a big boy and then you can relax.

Teddy cuddles are underrated, no judgement ever, just happy little snuggles. It's like they know they have a job to look after and soothe little ones and they do it exceptionally well.

It's a difficult one when your little is feeling a bit disregulated and wants to come out to play. But you're doing good. You've set a good balance with your wife and the fact little you is making himself known is because you've had a bit of a tough week. And that's normal and expected as I certainly know when I have a lot going on, I struggle to keep little me at bay.

You've got tomorrow to look forward to it and the benefit of not having to then get up for work the next morning.

Maybe in the meantime, it might help to visualise little you and try explaining to him that it's not long to go and to try and trick him into geting occupied with something? Maybe some colouring in tonight might help just to help little you have the attention he needs before tommorrow. And, as we've seen, little you is very good at colouring in ;)
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Awwww you're such a good friend and that is such a well thought out message 😍😍 Thank you for being so supportive and for the words of encouragement, it really does help!

I can be a big boy a little bit longer, you're right.... almost there 😬😬😬 I'll occupy him tonight with some diamond art, I've just got a new one to start that's Lilo and Stitch. It's very cool 😁
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