Little Space, some thoughts.

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There has been a full threads with questions on Little space
So I decided to post an extract from my book I am putting together
Please feel free to add to this as I am always open to other people’s thoughts on this.

Plus sorry for the length, but I felt it important to go into detail of how I use regression as a Little and a Caregiver.

I suggest you don’t try too hard. In fact the harder you try and getting to the mind-set of a child the harder it will be for you.

You will probably end up just age playing and not getting a lot out of it.

Just relax in to Little Space it really isn’t something you can get wrong, let yourself find the thing you enjoy doing than try to forget about the adult world around you, and enjoy being yourself. It could be that all you do is colour in. but that’s ok as long as it is something you enjoy doing, as you relax into little space you will find so much more clarity of thought.

That big grown up problem at work may seem essay peazy. Or you could soundly got a thought of a posable way forward.

It is about connecting with who you really are on the inside and letting that person play.

Don’t go further than you are comfortable with, there are a lot of Littles out there that little space in just kept in there bed rooms.
And behind locked doors.

But for other they have the freedom of their house. And for some of us have a relationship with a very special person our caregiver and we have the freedom to be able to Little out in public. Which is OK as long as you don’t try and force someone else in to a situation that they are comfortable with.

There are many reasons us Littles find spending time in little space ennoble, relaxing and necessary.

These are my thought why we regress in to little space (childlike mind-set.)

To get in touch with our inner self, with our true internal mind and nature, and to drop the adult mask we put on, so we are accepted by secretary norms.

May be to look at a past point in our lives and to relive or to rewrite them.

To forgive ourselves if that is what’s needed. And to like your selves in a deeper way, to know your self is to trust yourself and to trust yourself is to love yourself. Absolute trust in yourself or someone else and absolute love looks the same.

Most people live very buzzy lives and find that they don’t have time to stop, there is a lot of pressure on them to get thing done on time, this course stress in people lives, but it seems to be an accepted part life, Taking time out to be in Little space could mean you become more productive as you start to see what and who is important in your life. To be a human being not a human doing.

(Side note: - How many time have you heard a grown up ask “what is it that you “DO”?” And how many times have you heard someone ask how have you been?)

Emotional Health and internal and outwards maturity are linked.
(In other words, time spent in little space means that you can operate better in the adult world.)

Plutchiks wheel of emotions.jpg
Plutchik's wheel of emotions

sending time in Little space, mean coming out of the adult world for a time, so you can:-

Rest and reflect on yourself and what is going on around you. There may emotions that may come to the surface as you regress they may be negative ones like. Anger, sadness or fear. As well as positive emotions such as hope and joy.

Negative emotions do need to be dealt with, as in the Words of Yoda

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate. Leads to suffering"

Everyone as there dark side but instead of impressing and denying it Little space give you the freedom to examine this side to you and by acknowledging it, you will gain more emotional intelligence about yourself and of other around you.

Little space will look at the future and the hopes and dreams you may have. This may not have anything to do with where you are right now or what you do for a living it is your inner child telling you what they would like to do for a living, I would like to run an art shop/café that as a play room attached for my fellow Little ones to come and play with me.

So what your hopes and dreams if you could do anything in the world?

Dealing with past harts and offences will have a big impact on the present, as it will bring a new freedom to you. It is as if a big heavy wright has been lifted off of you.

Like you lost your happy thought because the grown up world took it away from you and locked it away. And now you found the key to the safe, and you can have it back.

Little Space give you permission to live life without limits. The only limits is really your imagination and your wellness to follow you dreams.

This is how I like to get into Little Space.
Or how I regress.

It is posable to go it to little space without the help of a caregiver and it became more and more easy the more you do it.

This may work for you to go into little space. I not saying this is going to work for everyone and if you have your way of regressing I would love to know what works for you.

Choose the place where you are going to be comfortable and safe while you are in a regress mind set.

If you have/need triggers have them around you, and if you want to dress in a seitan way or get Diaper up then do so.
I like to put on a diaper and shorts. And suck on a pacifier other tigers is Peter rabbit.

I turn off the adult world as much as posable, you do not need it pulling you back with a text message or a phone call.

If you are by yourself you may need to set an alarm that tell you that it is time to come back up from little space. I have made myself late for work before because I was in little space.

Set down in a comfortable position and brave through your noise and out through your mouth, try to fill your lungs with each berth and hold it before exhaling through the mouth. Repeat this several times.

Try to fill yourself in your body. I know that sounds strange but as you relax fill how you are with in yours self. I don’t know who else to put that.

There may be a list of thing that you need to do that start to come you’re your mind.

I suggest you just wright them down so you don’t have to carry them in your head and you can deal with them when you have come out of little space.

After you have written your list start again with the breathing exercise.

When you fell yourself start to relax start count from 18 back to you get to the age that seems right for you slowly taking time to fill yourself relax and your inner child come more in to focus

Tell yourself that you are a good boy or a good girl depending on the gender of your little side. This could be different to the gender that you are as an adult.

Don’t rush in to any activity but let yourself relax more into your little age and identity.

If you are with a caregiver let them take the lead with whatever you have planned together.

And most of all enjoy your time and don’t be feared of letting your self be an instant child.

While I am in Little space there are some interesting thing that may happen.

My voice changers, also I seem to talk in object, subject, verb for an example of OSV word order would be: “On the mat the cat sat.” Not “the cat sat on the mat.”

I am more playful and mischievous.

If you are taking on the role of a caregiver you can help your Little into and out of Little Space.
Or helping someone to regress

Regressing with a caregiver that you trust is so much more nicer as you can really let go of being a grown up, and get in touch with your inner child, knowing that they are going to care for you and keep you safe from harm.

If you are going to be with someone who is going to regress in to little space please read the next chapter that is on trust first.
(Or biy my book when I get purplish. hee, hee.)

These are things that you will have both agreed on before you have little space time.

How long the person is going to be in little space.

What activates you are both confrontable with also what activates eater of you are uncomfortable with.

What the safe word is.

What activates are planned.

With talking through what activates you both are planning on you need to also talk about the location where these actives are going to happen. For example you might be planning on doing some painting together. So a caregiver may say something like, “yes we can do some paint, we will do this at the kitchen table.” This way your little will know that they can do painting and where they are going to be doing this, however if your Little is uncomfortable doing painting in the kitchen, it give them an opportunity to bring up there concerns.

When you are both ready, for your Little to regress.

A caregiver can help by.

Getting any triggers out that will help your little regress. At this point also you will need to remember that they are going into a mind-set of a child and you will need to talk to them as a child. Using word like sweetheart and good boy or good girl are as much of a trigger for a little that a physical object.

If it has been agreed, help your little get into clothing that will help them go into little space. This may include putting your Little into a diaper.

Take charge of the adult world as much as posable, you are the one that is going to answer the phone and the door, keeping your Littler one safe is really important to you and you don’t need the adult world pulling him back from your time together.

Set down in a comfortable position with your Little and say to them. “It is time now for you to go into Little space.” start with braving excises. Talking your Little through the excises as you do it with them. “Take a big breath in through your noise and count to three,” brave in pushing out your chest. Then say. “Then count to three 123 and out through your mouth” let your breath go and relax your chest.

Repeat this two or three times.

Ask you’re little if they are feeling Little. You will know by the way they answer you.

There may be a list of thing that is stopping them regressing with you.
Let them talk them out listing to their concerns, then to gather make a plan on who you both can resolve their concerns.

If a Littles concerns is that they just not sour about going into little space with you, do not push, it let them come to the point where they trust you, to let you have control.

When they are ready start again with the breathing exercise.

If they answer you in a childlike way to the question “are you feeling little?” tell them that they are a good boy or a good girl. This will confirm in your Littles mind that you understand that they are no longer a grown up. And you there Caregiver is going to look after them.

Don’t rush in to any activity but let your Little relax more into your little age and identity although your Little will won’t you to lead with whatever you have planned to do together there no need to rush into anything.

As it might be that rolling on your back seem the right thing to do, your little will be living in the now, and what they are doing right now is the most important thing.

And most of all enjoy your time together.

Coming back up.

When it is time or when you are ready to come out of Little space know as coming back up.

If you are with a caregiver they will tell you that in half an hour it will be time to finish.

Put away any toys or active you were doing.

Start the breathing exercise again but this time fill yourself in your adult body.

You may need to wright down ideas or thoughts that may have come to you while in Little space.

Change out of little clothing in to adult clothing. Give yourself a wash may also help.

It is a good idea to plan your next time you can regress in to little space.

(Side note. you hopefully won’t feel the same come out of little space as you did going in. and you might feel younger that you did more fill more relaxed and happier. This is the general idea of regressing.)

Take time to talk things through with the caregiver, what was your likes and dislikes. This way you can make regressing more and more special for each other.

Will I hope this is helpful? And please fill free to ask anything or to add to what I have written.

Thank Q




What a lovely post, and as someone newly embracing's very helpful! I've been one of the people making those threads, and this is very detailed and thought out, thank you for sharing your experience. :> I think I have some questions, but I have to think a little more about what I want to say.. I'ma little foggy..


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This is very useful! I usually just sort of fall into little space without meaning to. And I have a hard time coming out of it. I'll have to try some of these tips. ^_^
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