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Little Princess Aurora

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Hi everyone I am Little Princess Aurora #604
Welcome Little Princess Aurora. 😊
Welcome, hope that you enjoy your time with us
Yes your Royal Highness. Whenever you are ready !! LOL.
Happy2BeInNappies2 said:
Yes your Royal Highness. Whenever you are ready !! LOL.
My Royal Highness that's a first
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So anyone doing anything interesting
Well to quote Arte Johnson from that very old comedy show Laugh In:
"Very interesting, - but confusing !?"
The result of being given some misinformation the other day, effecting a technical failure this morning, resulting in my exclusion from an on-line meeting, leaving me so confused !!
So, I am not doing anything interesting right now, (sorry), other than seeing what's happening on ADISC today and listening to the ABC (Australian) radio, of Sydney talk back transmissions.
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Hello and welcome!