Little Me and the Shopping Spree

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Since Christmas is coming up fast my husband and I decided to go out and have a little day of shopping. Mostly it was doing a little shopping for each other but there are a few things that I was aloud to have now and they area AWESOME!!!! First and foremost is my new pair of jammies.


Sorry for the stock photo but I'm wearing them and I thought that might be easier to see than trying to stage something myself.

The other things that I got that I'm aloud to use now are my new dishes. I got a minnie mouse divided dish (I love divided dishes, I've never been crazy about my food touching.) and I got a minnie mouse fork and spoon set.

I also got a finding dory (one of my favorite movies that has come from disney in a really long time) divided plate and a bowl and a new cup that I can take on trips. I don't feel right about taking my sippy cup out in public but I really like this straw cup and I don't forsee any problems with this one in public or at work for that matter.

Lastly I got a cute soup thermos to take with my lunches it has cute little pink, blue and purple hearts on it and will keep food hot for up to 6 hours, I only need it for 5 so hopefully this works.


We got tons more stuff but I don't know what any of the stuff for me is but we went to Target, Kmart and Barnes and Knoble so it's going to be a good christmas.

Hope everyone is having as good of a weekend as I am.
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