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Little K

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You can call me K.

I'm a long time peruser of ABDL websites and forums, but I have never taken the step of signing up for one let alone interacting on one. I'm intensely curious in ABDL, but I have yet to be active in the lifestyle. I don't think I ever will, but who knows?

Some of my hobbies are music and human rights. I'm also into YouTube.
Hello ABDLK10 and welcome to the group.
Hello and welcome to adisc..... Huggles
tewks7979 said:
Hello and welcome to adisc..... Huggles

Hi and welcome also. I'm glad you took the plunge to join this site. I did and I've never looked back. I'm a professional musician so music is my thing. What kind do you like to listen to, and do you play an instrument?
Yes guitar but baby mode only xylaphone
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