Little Gamers Read! Would you be interested in trying my first original video game?

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Hey all! Memorychick is officially back and plans to stay for a while now :) Having spent nearly all her life playing video games herself, let's move on to the main topic of this post, shall we?

I've been playing around with Pokemon GBA ROMs for a few years now. Now, even though I still lack any real programming skill, I downloaded Petit Computer on my DSi XL and transferred it to my regular (non-Little purposes) 3DS. Yes, I realize that program is not beginner-friendly. But doing an Internet search last night I found GameMaker 8, a tool that IS for novice programmers, and I am working on a PC prototype of my video game, to be titled "Molly's Preschool Playland" (Molly is the Mii I mainly use on my Little-purposes 3DS, although she's not the Personal Mii there because she was created on the normal 3DS). Molly's Preschool Playland is being written for PC ONLY as a prototype - when I'm finished with that I'll figure out some way to port it to the 3DS.

The game will involve two main areas in which the player can do whatever they want, without direction from a (real) adult - the playroom, and the backyard. To be honest I'm basing the game on what used to be available on This is Daniel Cook (or Emily Yeung)'s website for kids to do as I enjoyed that. But there will be certain different things available for kids and kids at heart to do that were not available on the other sites (and NO actual reference to the other game will be made in the program, it's just being used as the basis for my work). I am also personal friends with a children's entertainer and I'm planning on asking him to record song samples for use with one of the game's features.

Is anyone a Little Gamer interested in trying the PC prototype of Molly's Preschool Playland, and/or the final product for release on the 3DS, when I'm finished working on the game? If so I'll be glad to post updates during the development process!
I'd be willing to try it! I haven't played any little games so far, and have been wanting to for a while now with my roommate.

By the way, sorry the thread went so unnoticed... this game seems pretty important, I'd be pretty upset that nobody replied to it.
Definitely interested
Hell Yeah!
I will definitely try it out! I have been looking for a good little game for a while now. Good luck! :smile1:
Very interested, and good luck. Can it has ponies? *blushes*
Hey Memorychick! I'm super interested!! X3
Btw, haven't you tried Unity? It's a cross platform engine, so you could easily export your project for pc, 3ds, android, ios or any other device ;)
I'd try it!
Might have to get another SD card though; mines almost full.
Yeah I'd love to give it a try.
I'd try it, I will probably try to find bugs in the game.
I would try it too.
It sounds like fun, count me in.
I thought to make some short casual game myself.. A while ago I started an adventure game project with RPGMakerXP, a game I called "Monsters Carnival", but even relatively simple game can take unpredictably big amount of time when you make it alone.. Considering how many things you need to create besides programming - lots of graphic assets, music, animation.. I had to temporary abandon my project due to upcoming diploma :sad: I'm gonna graduate the college in 2 weeks and most likely I will have a plenty of time for myself after that :rolleyes:

So, I was thinking, maybe we could combine efforts and make some quick and nice looking casual game together?

Here's my unfinished game I was making with RMXP:

And my little experiments with unity (for PC):

And for Android:

I'd love to share my knowledge and experience :cool:
Depending on what the system requirements are :3 I run Windows 2000 so it might not work for me but I'd love to give it a try :)

I make quite a few games, not any 'little' games but just random tests. At the moment I'm working on a 2d minecraft sort of thing so I can have a go at programming 2d dynamic lighting in an object-based world without impacting performance :)
I'd be interested in testing it out too for PC and 3DS

My poor 3DS hasn't been turned on in quite sometime, about 3 months after Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out... I need to start on them again :sweatdrop:
OMG wow guys I honestly didn't expect such a crowd on this topic. Many thanks! Had to take a little break as my personal Internet was down and for obvious reasons did not want to reach this site in public, but I'm switching providers very soon, so I'll get back to work ASAP. So thankful there's so much interest in this...really!
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