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Hi everyone Im looking for insanely specific information on a product
Im an australian and yesterday when I saw a supplier for continence aids she gave me 2 diapers from a pack of ten as a sample.
The package says caremmunity which is a carer services provider that works mainly with incontinence.
I wasnt aware they actually made any products before this and the website doesnt seem to show anything about this particular product.
I havent actually used one yet Im really just wondering if anyone knows literally anything. about this I can find literally nothing online probably due to it being a rather generic product in a specific area but on the rare chance that anyone knows anything at all please reply
thanks in advance for any responses feel free to as questions


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that is the website for the group that I mentioned however it still doesnt list the product itself
Effectively there's no mention about it. It's weird since they are the manufacturer and distributor, so they should have info somewhere. Unless they haven't formally released it yet, and are figuring out what the response will be. Maybe ask the person who gave them to you?
here is the fruits of my labor
It looks like a youth diaper to me the adult section does not list it I am sure if you contact them with that package UPC number you will get them I am sure no worries
the product I have is definitely an adult product
weird that there is no actual listing on the website for it
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