Little Big Land Christmas party.

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Little Big Land Christmas party.

Was fantastic. The only thing is that it was not long enough. Yes 6 Hours of playing and being in Little space with over 130 Littles is just not long enough.

Anty Fay and her team of trusted bigs. Did a wonderful job.

My day started at before the the main event as there was a pre meet at the McDonald's. Then we all walk to the venue wich was only a couple of minutes away.

A trusted big tock us around the difference rooms.

Kitchen with a chill out airer where you could make drinks and refill you bottle.

A Middles room with snooker table and a games station.

A big room for doing arts and crafts .

A room with a big bouncy castles in it. That got very active at times.

A shop with ABU selling there diapers and a stall sailing pasifers and other AB items.

A room that was used for activities

A room with a projector showing moves.

A play room with lots of toys in it.

A change room that was privet it had four cubicles with changing tables and equipment that you would need for changing or being changed.

A smoking room for thoughts little and bigs that like to pretend they are chimanly.

And in the hall way was a big ball pool.

The event start with everyone in the activity room as Anty Fay run through the events for the day. And the ground rules. One of which is no photos.

And then the kind cubs chant.
Kind cubs have genteel paws.
Kind cubs don't use there claws.
Kind cubs share when they play.
Kind cubs help in every way.
Small paws, big paws all say war.

You could go a play with what ever you liked.

But the first activities was play children games like grandmother foot steps. We play about 5 different games.

Then later there was a visit from farther Christmas.

We had a disco the kind you have if you where on holiday camp as a toddler.

And it all ended up with story time.

After meet there was a dinner cooked for us and people was give time to come back up from little space.

The next munch is in February.

And the summer event in September. As a talent contest.

So looking forward to spending time at Little Big Land again next year.


Not open for further replies.