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I tried lille nappies years ago, now they seem to have changed. Dear anyone have any experience of lille nappies, there seems to be two types listed but certain info is missing from the spec I've looked at.
Some seem to have stars on, some plain white, cloth like or plastic, breathable wings etc..
I was also a regular Kendall / Lille wearer, back when all their products were plastic-backed, and the top absorbency (grey stripe, was it called Maxi?) was a decent high-performance nappy that I found a very good fit. Since that range changed to fabric-like, AFAIK their only plastic-backed products are the Classic range, which are fairly low absorbency (medium regular/blue = 2000ml, extra/green=2400). I like these for a couple of reasons though - the backing has a nice full cut, there's acres of plastic, which makes them good as the outer of a double, and I find them comfortable at night with stuffers / boosters to bring the absorbency up. And they are cheap - 20p each in quantity. Worth a try if you like plastic-ness.
They used to make amazing plastic backed diapers that were cheap and readily available at medical supply stores. After they switched to breathable I gave up on the brand.
I can Buy Lille Plastic backed Nappies here in the UK, in fact i am wearing one as i type with a lille classic pad booster inside. I find them very good.
Lille does still make plastic backed nappies, they are called the 'classic' range, however they aren't fantastic in my opinion. The rest of their range is cloth backed. ID is made by the same company who make Lille (Ontex) and ID does plastic and cloth backed versions that are very similar to the old versions of the Lille Fit's in plastic.
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