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LiL DeAmOn Is BaCk LULZ. JOking

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  1. Babyfur
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:D Okey title aside I am back.

Ok now My into.

I am A 16 y.o. (CRUD I for got my age for a min.lol) Male. I live in Lafayette, Louisiana So if your in the area give me a shout. I like Music, ANIME, And friends And If you want to be my friend then message me. I believe In standing up in what I believe in and stuff.

I am Bi an a babyfur who likes girl clothes.I draw. I like to skateboard, paint ball, bmx, play guitar, drums, keyboard, I also like dirtbikeing and snowboarding, OH and three wheeling. I have a myspace page which if you want I can add you just tell me which you have so I know which to add you to my norm or furry one.

This is what I look like in case you're wondering.

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