Leotard and tutu


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I'd like to show you the following-

The leotard and tutu combination is by Katz Dancewear, the tights are part of the 'Silky Dance' range by Legwear International and the ballet shoes by Bezioner.

Putting it on is the fun part. The leotard and aren't separate, so when you put the leotard on, as it stretches it causes the tutu to flare out. (But you have to be careful - I've knocked over a few objects because I'd forgotten just how wide the tutu gets when it flares out!).

All good fun!🙂
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As jealous as I am (very) I can't unsee the nip slip...

I'm sure the knocking things over would drive me to distraction but since when has impracticality stopped covetousness?!?
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I have one of there too need to get some pics done
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Here is mine, it's a Danskin. Although I don't have a tutu...

Pink Leotard 002S.JPG
Pink Leotard 006S.JPG

Pink Leotard 008S.JPG
Pink Leotard 010S.JPG
Pink Leotard023Sa.jpg
Pink Leotard 021Sa.jpg
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Very cute - I love it!😍