Leftover diaper collection.


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So for me the want to wear diapers comes and goes. Most of the time I'll buy a pack from Amazon and wear off and on for a week or two before I feel like tack a brack. I say I do that like twice a month or so. A lot of time there still be like 2 or 3 diapers left in the bag so I have a drawer full of different brands. Mostly m4 for that's my go to I still have 2 comfy dry 24/7 I been saving some North shore mega Max andI just got me some rebels that wearing right now. I'll dip into the collection when to wear for a short time or planning do something extra with it.😅 So anyone do this and if so what you have in your collection.
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Been a few time that Abbie will take a couple prints that she likes and hide them !
When she decides to assist me changing me she will get one out for me to wear along a diaper cover she likes to see me in !
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For years I have taken one disposable out of a pack of new brand/type of nappy that I have purchased and put it into a case which resides in the loft.
This pic was taken some time ago and the stash is now outgrowing the case


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Just remember that disposable diapers do have a shelve life, mainly it's the adhesive for the tabs. It will be interesting to see how long the adhesive for the diaper themselves hold-up. The extremes of temperature seems have the greatest effect on the tabs.

So unless you are a collector, you are better off, using the older diapers prior to opening a new package.
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I don´t understand the concept "leftover diapers" 😂

... however if I try a new brand I do save one sample strictly for collection purposes. Still trying to figure out why I´d want a diaper collection anyway...
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