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This is a story based off the Nickelodeon show the Naked Brothers Band, I had hoped to be able to continue a series of stories I had previously written, but due to content being against the rules have had to rewrite this piece so it fits in.

I will hopefully be able to lead a story that is at the very least somewhat conceivable/understandable, but you may disagree.

So here goes.

12 year old Nat Wolff was lounging on the sofa, his brown hair was a mess, his brown eyes filled with a lot of sadness, anger and frustration. His dad and his partner Abigail were working on dinner, but Nat wasn't paying them much attention

Nat was instead intently staring across the lounge, an egg chair his 9 year old brother was sleeping, his curly brown hair obscured but didn't hide his gaunt face, sunken hollow eyes. He watched as Alex shifted in his sleep, his shirt rode up a bit exposing some of the scars of on his back. Most people believed that Alex had gone through hell. Nat knew he was still there.

Nat remembered that day just over a year ago, the day everything changed. Alex's best friend Juanita had taken Alex out to see a movie, she had ducked out to use the bathroom. He heard it on the radio, a hostage situation at a movie theater, they didn't say where. Nat wasn't too worried, he recalled the equation he was stuck on when the reporter announced the a large number of gunshots were heard inside the theater. He vividly recalled the sound of an explosion, that tore him away from his homework. A little concerned he reached over and grabbed is phone and sent his brother a txt, knowing that once the movie was over he'd get a txt back.

After an hour, he still had no reply, leaving the room he shared with his brother, he found his dad watching the news report on TV, the building had collapsed, still Nat wasn't too concerned, he didn't even know what time Alex's movie was, let alone what movie he was going to see or where.

As time passed Nat started getting more and more concerned, his dad's girlfriend and arrived home, but still nothing. He called his brother a couple of times, but if his phone was off because he was watching a movie it would keep going straight to voicemail like it was.

The worry grew in all of them as the hours passed, the sun faded. Eventually Juanita's mother turned up. Juanita's father was a FDNY paramedic was on shift. No one really sad anything, there was a fear in everyone as time continued to drag on. Nat recalled not being able to feel happy, when Laura received a phone call saying that they had found Juanita, and she was being taken to the hospital.

It confirmed Alex was there, they suspected he was, but now it was so much worse. It wasn't until 7am the next morning, they finally got a phone call. Alex had been found and rushed to hospital barely alive.

All in all 78 people died, over 150 seriously injured, it was a big enough story for the media, but when they found out one of the survivors was world famous musician Alex Wolff it just got worse.
The news speculated what had happened to him, eventually though they lost interest, for them it was over. For Alex it was only the beginning.

Alex shifted again and Nat let out a massive sigh. It was hard on everyone, Alex was miserable, he needed a lot of help, some days he needed it more than others. Nothing anyone tried to seem to be able to help him, he suffered chronic nightmares, so very rarely slept, he was underweight, and except for the occasional explosion, was pretty withdrawn.

Nat tried to stop a tear falling from his eye, his brother used to be so full of life, now he was a shell whose entire life now seemed to consist of waking up, surviving through the day and going to sleep.


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Chapter 2

“Nat dinner is almost is ready, is your brother awake?” His dad asked, as a black haired, slender haired man with what looked like a bowl cut entered the lounge.

“No,” Nat choked out being disturbed from his stupor.

“You alright Nat?” His dad asked softly.

“I'm ok,” Nat lied.

“Nat,” His dad said tenderly as he came over, sat beside Nat and hugged him.

“I hate how Alex is so miserable.” Nat said bitterly before feeling his dad hug him tighter.

“I hate it too Nat, Abigail hates it too, I think everyone who loves him hates it too.” Mr Wolff said trying to reassure his son. “I'm his father, I would do anything to make him feel safe. To take away every bad thing in his head... to let him be happy again,”

“What do we do?” Nat mumbled numbly.

“I don't know Nat... I don't know,” Mr Wolff said with a heavy sigh.

“What you talking bout?” they heard a raspy voice ask from across the room.

“Shhhhhhhh buddy, try to get some sleep,” Mr Wolff said quietly.

“Hungry,” Alex mumbled, not surprising his dad at all.

“Dinners almost ready,” Mr Wolff said softly, watching Alex with quite a bit of difficulty climb into a sitting position.

“Doing ok Alex?” Nat probed.

Nat wasn't too surprised to see that Alex just shrugged, it was difficult to get anything out of him.

Alex with a bit of difficulty managed to climb out of the egg chair and walked over to his dad.

His dad was a bit surprised when Alex threw himself into a hug with his dad. He knew the hugs were very important to Alex, but it wasn't very often that Alex did it without anything really being said, and he knew Alex was really struggling.

“It'll be ok Alex,” Mr Wolff said as he embraced Alex, before he planted a tender kiss on Alex's forehead.

They made their way to the dining room, where the boys step mom was waiting with dinner served up, she was a little on the tall side, but unlike Mr Wolff was bit more plump.

Dinner was subdued affair, there were a couple of days a week where Alex was more involved with everyone, but this wasn't one of them.

After dinner Abigail had sat down on the sofa as Alex shuffled in, he looked at his egg chair before eventually climbing up next to Abigail on the couch, cuddling in as they watched TV, Abigail gently stroking his hair.

After Nat helped his dad clean up he walked out to the lounge, he had noticed that Alex would only ever sit in his egg chair, unless there was someone on the couch to hug.

He looked around before he sat down, seeing how drained everyone looked, he knew whilst Alex was miserable... everyone else was too. Nat eventually cuddled in with Alex on his otherside, at least he wasn't agitated at this point.

A couple of hours passed, and Alex didn't say a word, it wasn't too unusual, there were days Alex barely said a word, and they all wished the could take a load of Alex. Alex was strong he'd survived this long, survived what he'd been through when it should have killed him. Alex seemed to be drowning in a deep sea of depression, he seemed so small compared to the problems he faced.

“Alex honey,” Abigail said softly around half past 8, “I think it's time for bed,”

“Don't want to go bed,” Alex mumbled softly as his mom continued to stroke his hair.

“I know buddy, but you need to get some sleep,” She added.

“Hmmmmmm,” Alex grunted, he knew he wouldn't and couldn't get to sleep.

“Come on sweetheart,” Abigail said softly, as they both got to their feet and disappeared to the boys bedroom.

She managed to coax Alex to brush his teeth before he climbed in bed and she tucked him in.

“Did you want to take your sleep meds tonight?” Abigail asked though she already knew the answer. Early on they tried to force Alex to take his meds at night, but each time it was fight, even when he did manage to take them they didn't seem to help much, none the less Alex hated them and they had conceded to offering them to him instead of trying to force it.

“No,” Alex mumbled softly, he hated them, they made him feel i'll and didn't allow him to dream and Alex liked to dream for that one night out of hundred where it was a good dream.

“Try to get some sleep sweetheart, or we might need to keep you home from school to rest,” Abigail said softly.

“NO!” Alex said angrily, “Have to go to school!”

Abigail suppressed a sigh, school was about the only normal thing in Alex's life, and get angry if anyone tried to stop him going, they didn't think Alex was ready, but he seemed determined to cling to that last shred of normalcy.

“Try to get some sleep Alex, it will help you out,” Abigail said softly.

“Tell that to the nightmares,” Alex whispered moodily.

“Alex, you have the medication to help you sleep, but you refuse to take them,” Abigail said tenderly.

“That's cos they're dumb... why can't they just give me nice dreams instead of no dreams,” Alex mumbled softly, and Abigail just pulled him in close.

“We'd do anything to give you good dreams if we could Alex... we just want you to be able to sleep so you can get better,” She said gently.

“Never gonna get better,” Alex mumbled softly before he started crying and Abigail just sat and held him trying to comfort him.

When she calmed Alex down, she gently helped him lay down, she gently kissed him on his forehead.

“I hope you have good dreams tonight,” She said softly, eventually walking out and leaving him to try and drift off.

It was an hour later that Nat went to bed, he could tell Alex was still awake as he climbed up to the top bunk... he lay there for a while just listening to his brother breathe, and as usual feel asleep feeling guilty because Alex was still awake.


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Chapter 3

When Nat awoke the next morning and climbed down from his bunk. He saw Alex wasn't there, but he must gone to sleep long enough to have a nightmare and wet the bed. Nat checked the back of the closet, it was one of the places Alex hid when things got to much. Nat wasn't too surprised to see him there, his boxers and singlet still damp. Nat squeezed in beside his brother.

“It'll be ok,” Nat said softly, hoping Alex would say something. Instead he just heard a heavy sigh.

It was ten minutes later, Mr Wolff entered the room, seeing the beds empty he too checked the closet. He'd noticed that the places Alex spent time alone, were always enclosed.

Mr Wolff wasn't too sure which way to turn, it was difficult on both his sons, most people tended to overlook what Nat had been through, but he knew Nat was suffering, maybe not as much as Alex, but a lot more than anyone imagined.

“Come on Alex buddy,” Mr Wolff said very gently. “Lets get you cleaned up.”

Nat watched his dad gently help Alex to his feet before leading him to the bathroom. Nat eventually got up and stripped Alex's bed and threw the soiled bedding into the laundry.

When Mr Wolff left the bathroom, Alex showered and dressed he led him to the living room and sat on the couch. He hugged his youngest son.

“Alex, if there is anything I could do to help you, tell me, it's hard seeing you like this,” Mr Wolff said softly with an air of desperation in his voice. He did feel Alex reach around and hug him tightly, but not say a word.

He seemed to have gotten worse, when he first got out of hospital, while he was still depressed and volatile he did talk, quite a lot. Now days Alex was almost a mute. He either couldn't or wouldn't speak most of the time, most of the time he made a sound was when he exploded in anger. He gathered that Alex talked a bit with his counselor Simon, like with everything else, less and less.

He recalled the smell of disinfectant, the chaos, the dread, when they arrived at the hospital, other than the fact he was alive when the bought him in, the new nothing. They were directed up the staff lounge, where families of other casualties waited, there were tears and sobs. An orderly would come and collect one family and two more seemed to walk in.

He recalled seeing John, Juanita's father, dust soot and blood on his uniform as he strode over to them.

“How's Juanita?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Cuts, bruises a bit of a concussion... any news about Alex?” He asked softly.

“Nothing... all they said was he was alive,” Mr Wolff said softly.

He recalled John was a big help, with the huge weight of his own daughters safety lifted, he was there for Alex's family. As the morning stretched into afternoon, he made sure they ate, he offered support, the room thinned out, he knew quite a few of the people were given the news that there loved ones had passed away, the fact that they were still waiting to hear news about Alex, meant he was pretty sure Alex was still alive

“Wolff?” An Orderly called shortly after the clock hit 7pm.

They all got up, they tried to read the orderly, but it was impossible, he didn't know anything. They were taken up another 3 floors,

They were taken to a consultation room, the bin overflowing with tissues, it had been well used that day. He remembered the fear he felt, the fear he had lost his son.

“Sonny Wolff?” A surgeon asked softly.

“Y..Y...Yes,” Mr Wolff managed to stammer out.

“Alex is alive, and he's stable, but he's not out of the wood yet,” He said softly, pausing to allow them time to come to terms with this.

“He has some spinal damage, we won't know they extent for a while, but we have put him on steroids, to try and limit maybe heal a little the damage already done. He was hit by a bullet around the shoulder, and we have managed to stop the the internal bleeding he suffered when the building collapsed.” The Surgeon said softly, again pausing to allow them time to absorb the information.

“What we are most concerned about it, is the trauma to his head. He has suffered a very serious concussion, which has caused his brain to swell, we have had to remove a piece of Alex's skull to ease the pressure on the brain. But at this point we don't if there is any brain damage.” The surgeon said heavily and again waited for them to process this information, it took a quite a bit longer than the previous times.

“Right now he is in a medically induced coma, he will need to have a number of operations over the coming week before we will think about trying to pull him out of the coma.” The surgeon said softly. “But he's a fighter, I didn't think he would make it through surgery, but some how he did,”

Nat tried to smile, that was his brother, but in the end twitched his lip a little, there was so much to take in.

“Can we see him?” Mr Wolff choked out.

“He's in a sterile room in the ICU, you can visit him briefly, but until we reattach the piece of his skull, it's best to keep the room as free from contaminants as possible, but the nurse down there should be able to help you out.” The surgeon said softly.

“Thank you,” Mr Wolff said crying little as he shook the surgeons hand. He didn't know it at the time, but that surgeon was one of the top neurologists on the East Coast, and would become Alex's specialist.

It was with a storm of emotions that they followed the orderly to ICU. He lead them over to the end of the ward in a sealed room they could see Alex, barely recognizably and almost hidden under all of the monitors. He heard Nat crying, so “Oh God,” a few times before he pulled him into a hug.

“Did you want to go in and see him?” The nurse asked softly.

“Can we?” Nat asked softly.

“You'll need to go through the decontamination showers and wear scrubs after that, I'll take you in.” The nurse said softly.

“Which way,” Nat asked wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Through here,” She said leading the way.

“Please be very careful, I know you would like nothing more than to hold him tight, I'm afraid a gentle hold of the hand is all he's up for. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard they can hear you.” The Nurse said softly.

Mr Wolff was a little taken aback as Nat gently brushed past him and grabbed his brothers hand.

“I hope you'll be ok Alex,” Nat said softly as tears ran down his face.

Mr Wolff didn't remember a lot what he did recall was how difficult it was to get Nat to leave his brother.


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Chapter 4

Getting Alex to school was a hassle. It always was, but Alex was always determined to go. It was the one thing in his life that he could at least pretend was normal.

“Have a good day at school Alex,” Abigail said softly as she helped him out of the car.

“K Mommy,” Alex mumbled softly as he shuffled quietly into school before making into to his classroom and sitting at his desk.

“Good Morning Alex,” Juanita said softly.

“Morning,” Alex mumbled

She watched him through the morning, she knew why he wanted to come, but he never seemed to enjoy it, always on edge. One of the boys in the class Jeremy always tried to lend Alex a hand, more often than not Alex would explode. She knew he resented the fact he needed help

In fact almost everything seemed to set him off, he'd get frustrated about not being able to understand the work and his books would fly across the classroom. The lead in his pencil would break and he'd snap the pencil in two. It was worse before he got his tutor, Mr Johnston try as he might didn't have the time to give Alex the help he needed with his work and teach the class.

His tutor was a kindly African American woman named Sue, she helped him a bit so his outbursts were less disruptive, but he still struggled to understand his work. It wasn't uncommon for her to lead Alex away to give him time and space to unwind, but none the less Juanita could see Alex wasn't enjoying school, he was only there to desperately cling to his one last shred of normalcy.

As the day went on she couldn't help but stare at his sunken hollow almost dead looking eyes, eyes that a year ago were full of energy, laughter and enjoyment. She hid a massive sigh, it was her fault. She knew it was her fault. If she hadn't taken Alex to see that movie, if she'd just gone skateboarding with him instead, none of this would have happened. He was only at the movie theater because of her, and he was the one that got punished for it.

It was torture for her, the guilt drove her mad, but she repressed it, she promised herself that she would stick by Alex's side, help him in every way she could, not simply because she was his friend... but also she felt she owed him. She was jerked abit out of her thoughts when Mr Johnston sneezed suddenly and loudly, before he apologized seeing the fear in Alex's eyes. What everyone in the classroom wouldn't have given for Alex to be back to himself.

At lunch time, Alex disappeared, she knew especially on bad days, he searched for his brother, never saying much to him, but cuddling in. The band always tried to make Alex feel better, but it never seemed to work.

Nat recalled when they finally awoke Alex at the hospital. He looked better than when he first saw him, but was still not used to Alex's shaved head. Nat quietly watched as Alex slowly opened his heavy eyelids.

“It's ok Alex,” Nat said softly after his brother finally managed to pry his eyelids open.

“Nat?” Alex rasped weakly.

“Yeah man, it's me,” Nat said softly grabbing his brothers hand, while his dad grabbed Alex's other hand.

“Dad?” Alex rasped as he felt someone grabbing his other hand.

“Yeah, it's me Alex... We've been worried about you,” He said softly.

Nat recalled, it was almost the calmest Alex over the following year. Over the coming days the doctors ran a number of tests, the steroids were working, but it would take a while for him to be able to walk again.

“How's his brain,” Mr Wolff asked once they had finished the tests.

“There is some damage, it's in a different part of the brain to his motor skills his memories, his ability to talk.” Dr Hamilton said softly. “There is a bit of damage to the part of his brain that regulates his emotions. We still don't understand how exactly this going to effect him. It may change how he processes things, it may mean he has more mood swings, we will see what happens.”

“He just seems sad and angry,” Nat said softly.

“I know, he has a lot to deal with, his injuries to his brain and back would be bad enough. However the traumatic things he has seen and experienced,” Dr Hamilton said softly.

“What can we do to help?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“The biggest thing, he is going to need is your love support and patience.” Dr Hamilton said softly. “I will organize a counselor to come in, he may be able to help Alex deal with things.”


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Chapter 5

Nat was awoken at about 1am, he groggily wondered what woke him, before he heard his brother thrashing around on the bunk below. Nat was about to get up, and wake his brother from his nightmare, when Alex fell of the bad with a crash , landing awkwardly on his back.

Alex's screams of pain woke Nat right up, and as it turns out his parents too. Nat was barely out of the bed on the floor holding his brother, when Abigail and his dad came in.

“Where does it hurt?” He asked Alex softly.

“Back!” Alex screamed out in pain, Abigail soon returned with a syringe of pain killers and injected it into Alex's back, and just craddled him, as they waited for them to kick in.

“Hurts daddy,” Alex cried, as his dad began to stroke his hair. Anytime Alex called him “daddy” he knew he was having a really rough time.

“I know buddy, hopefully a couple more minutes and the pain killers will kick in,” Mr Wolff said tenderly

It was another couple of minutes before the pain started to fade, and about 5 before it was gone completely.

“What happened?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“He had a nightmare and fell of his bed,” Nat mumbled tiredly.

Abigail stifled a sigh as Mr Wolff comforted Alex.

“Alex, we're going to try get you in to see you specialist in the next few days, make sure you haven't done any more damage to your back.” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Hmmmmm” Alex moaned, they could all tell he wasn't happy about it.

“Now buddy I think we need to get you cleaned up, before you go back to bed,” Mr Wolff said delicately.

Alex had wet himself, they suspected it was the nightmare it happened often enough,

“Don't wanna go to bed,” Alex mumbled quietly.

“Alex if you promise to try and sleep, after I clean you up we can cuddle on the couch,” Mr Wolff said softly

“Promise daddy,” Alex mumbled softly.

Mr Wolff gently helped Alex to his feet and helped guide him into the boys ensuite, he could tell he would have to help as he turned on the shower, before helping Alex out of his boxers and singlet and into the shower.

He helped Alex shower, it wasn't the first time. Alex needed a lot of help with everything after he first got out of hospital, he couldn't walk, need help getting dressed and bathing. Although Alex never said it, Mr Wolff knew he appreciated it, but he knew mostly Alex resented the fact that he need help, to the point that he probably needed a lot more help than he would allow anyone to give.

When he was done, he turned of the shower before drying Alex off.

“Do I have to,” Alex mumbled a little upset as his dad picked up a diaper.

“You don't have to Alex, but I think it would be a good idea,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K daddy,” Alex mumbled.

“Thank you Alex,” Mr Wolff said warmly, it was good to see Alex being responsible.

“Hmmm,” Alex moaned, before his dad tightly tapped the diaper up and helped him into a new a pair of boxers and a singlet, before he he gently guide Alex to the lounge and they lay on the couch and cuddled.

“Dad,” Alex mumbled drowsily half an hour later.

“Yeah Alex,” Mr Wolff said quietly.

“Why does nothing make me better?” Alex mumbled.

“I don't know, I wish I did. I wish I knew how to make you feel safe, how to make you feel better, how to make you smile again,” Mr Wolff said softly as he began to stroke Alex's hair.

“I'm sorry daddy,” Alex mumbled holding onto his dad tighter.

“You don't need to be sorry Alex, none of this was your fault... if anything I'm sorry Alex, I'm your dad and I failed to protect you,” Mr Wolff said heavily.

“Not your fault... you always try to help me,” Alex mumbled.

“Do you hate being helped?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

Alex shrugged, he tried to speak a few times but didn't know how to put things into words, he tried a few more times before giving up, shrugging and grunting “i dunno”

“Try to get some sleep Alex,” Mr Wolff said quietly.

It took nearly 2 hours for Alex to finally drift off.

It was about 6am when Alex slowly awoke. He was a little confused as to where he was for a moment or two, before realizing he was in the lounge, his dad resting beside him, not in a deep sleep, but like he was ready to wake in an instant.

Alex lethargically looked around, before he heard someone come down the corridor. It was Nat, wearing a black t shirt, and a pair of basketball shorts, it looked like he'd just gotten out of the shower.

“Morning Alex,” He said softly.

“Hey Nat,” Alex mumbled quietly.

“Want to sit in your egg chair and hug?” Nat asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled softly as Nat helped him to his feet. Alex felt his singlet had ridden up a bit, and pulled it back down over his diaper, blushing as he did it, before he climbed into the egg chair. His brother climbed in next to him and just held him tightly.

“Nat, do you think I'm dumb because sometimes I have to wear... you know?” Alex mumbled softly 5 minutes later.

“Of course I don't Alex. You've been...” Nat begin softly.

“Through so much, I know,” Alex mumbled darkly.

“It's true Alex, if Rosalina, or Juanita or me went through what you did we'd be doing so much worse than you,” Nat said trying to make his brother feel better.

“Don't Lie!” Alex said firmly, but Nat did catch a waiver in his voice. “I can't sleep, I always have nightmares, I need lots of help with stuff, I'm always scared and and and and I'm dragging all you guys down with me,”

“You're not dragging us all down with you,” Nat said softly.

“DON'T LIE!” Alex screamed angrily waking his father up, as well as Abigail on the other side of the apartment. “Nobody laughs... nobody smiles, you all just mope around being miserable like me, and you don't have to.

“Alex,” Nat said softly.

“NO! Nothings gonna fix me, nothings going to get better... just forget me,” Alex yelled.

“Alex,” His dad said softly trying to get up.

“NO!” Alex shouted as he with a little trouble got up and stormed of down the corridor entering his and Nats room and slamming the door shut behind him.

“Alright Nat?” Mr Wolff asked softly, he could see Nat was hurt, no so much by what Alex said, but that it was true.

“Yeah,” Nat lied, one of the things that frustrated him most was Alex was always so on edge, he'd seem depressed and lethargic on second, the next he would explode.

“Nat?” Mr Wolff asked with doubt.

“I think Alex needs you more,” Nat mumbled softly.

Mr Wolff looked at him for a moment, he wanted to talk to Nat, but at the same time he was right. He soon followed Alex down the corridor and opened the door to the boys room. He walked in and found Alex in back of his closet crying.

It was a bit of a tight fit, but Mr Wolff sat down next to him and pulled him closer, stroking his hair as Alex continued to cry.

“It's going to be ok Alex,” Mr Wolff said softly as he tenderly stroked Alex's hair.

“No...No....No it's... Not,” Alex sobbed

“Yes it will,” He said softly, and spent the next half an hour calming Alex down.


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Sorry for the long delay had things come up... lots and lots of things, but hopefully I can get back into this.

Chapter 6

The morning passed without further incident, true Alex's diaper was wet when Mr Wolff helped him get ready for school, but he figured it was more the night he had. Once both boys were at school Mr Wolff made sure to book an appointment with the specialist for Thursday, seeing as it was Tuesday. He also called Alex's counselor to make sure they were still on for tomorrow.

Alex was pretty subdued at school, about the only ones he talked to were his teacher, Mr Johnston, his Tutor Susan, and his best friend Juanita. Not that it was in anyway unusual, His classmates tried to keep him involved, but there was a lot he couldn't do, and a lot he didn't have the energy to do.

It was 11am, when Alex and his tutor were going through some reading exercises, the rest of the class were in the gym. She could tell the he was getting a bit frustrated, he often did.

“This is too hard,” Alex complained.

“Just answer one more question and we can take break,” Susan said softly.

“Hmmmmm,” Alex whined.

“Just one more,” She said softly, and watched as Alex eventually wrote the answer to the question.

“Well done Alex,” She said warmly, “I know how hard it is for you to get your work done.”

“No you don't,” Alex mumbled wearily, “Everyone says they know... but they don't,”

“Sorry Alex, I meant I can see how hard it is for you,” Susan said quietly.

“It's Alright,” Alex mumbled heavily before he froze up.

“You ok Alex?” Susan asked gently to which Alex just shook his head.

“What's the matter?” She probed

“I didn't mean too,” Alex mumbled a bit upset and she realized he'd wet himself.

“It's ok Alex, how about we go and get you cleaned up before your class gets back.

“K,” Alex mumbled feeling pretty small as his tutor guided him to see the school nurse.

“What are we here for?” The nurse asked gently as Susan guided Alex in.

Alex just sobbed and the nurse looked over and saw his wet pants.

“We can fix that right up,” She said softly.

“I'm not a baby!” Alex shouted.

“No one is saying your a baby, accidents happen.” The nurse said softly.

“Come on Alex, lets get you cleaned up,” She said gently a moment later, guiding Alex into the sickbay.

In the end Alex wouldn't allow her to help, so 30 minutes later his dad arrived to find Alex very quietly sobbing under one of the beds.

“What's up Alex,” His dad said softly.

“D...D....Daddy?” Alex asked softly.

“Yeah, it's me,” Mr Wolff said softly before slowly coaxing Alex out from under the bed.

“It was an accident,” Alex sobbed.

“I know baby,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“I'M NOT A BABY!!!” Alex shouted angrily at his dad.

“Sorry Alex, I didn't mean it like that,” Mr Wolff said softly a bit surprised. Alex had this aura about him in which he seemed smaller than before. Sometimes out of an old habit he would call Alex baby, some days Alex wouldn't say a word, days like today he'd explode.

“Alex...” Mr Wolff said softly as he wrapped an arm around Alex.

“Sorry dad...” Alex sniffed softly.

“I know buddy... It's not your fault.” Mr Wolff said softly.

Alex sighed a little bit.

“Can we get you cleaned up?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex sniffed.

“So buddy, I know this was an accident, and just to be safe in case you had another one, did you want to be a responsible big boy and wear a diaper?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“K... but can I come home?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Ok Alex,” Mr Wolff said softly. As much as Alex didn't enjoy school, this was the first time that he'd asked to come home from school and he could tell that Alex really wasn't doing to good.


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Chapter 7

It was between recess and lunch the next day and Alex had just seen the nurse to get some painkillers, he was on his was back to class when his bowels cut lose, he didn't have any warning, one second he was walking, the next he was crapping his pants.

Alex immediately froze up, his lip trembled and he couldn't work out what to do. He wasn't going to go back to class, and he could feel poop running down his legs when he decided he was too scared and embarrassed to go back to the nurse. Instead he slowly shuffled into the boys toilets before locking himself in one of the stalls and started to cry.

Alex's tutor waited ten minutes for him, at which point she decided to check in with the nurse, they both got a little bit concerned when they realized he wasn't there. They returned to classroom, and got Jeremy one of Alex's classmates to check the bathrooms to see if he was in there.

Jeremy quietly entered the bathroom, and could hear Alex quietly sobbing, the smell hit him as well, and was pretty sure he knew what had happened.

“Alex?” Jeremy said softly.

“Go Away!” Alex screamed at him.

“Did you need help?” Jeremy asked softly.

“Leave me alone!” Alex screamed again.

“Did you want your dad to come and help you?” Jeremy asked softly, he liked Alex, he always tried to help him out and as much as Alex probably needed the help, Jeremy could tell he resented it.

Alex just cried for a bit before finally giving Jeremy an “Uh-huh”

“Ok Alex, I'll try and get him in... did you want me to come back?” Jeremy asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex sobbed before he heard Jeremy slowly walk out.

“Alex wants you to call his dad... I think he pooped himself,” Jeremy said quietly to the Nurse and Alex's Tutor.

“Ok, I'll give him a call right now, are you going back to class?” Nurse Shelly asked softly.

“No, I'll stay with Alex til his dad gets here.” Jeremy said softly before returning to the bathroom.

Jeremy tried to provide what ever comfort he could to Alex, Alex refused to open the door, but he did appreciate Jeremy trying, and that he didn't laugh at him.

It took about twenty minutes for his dad to arrive, he spent a couple of minutes talking with Shelly to find out what there plan was, before he finally entered the bathroom.

“Alex, your dad is here,” Jeremy said softly as Mr Wolff entered.

“Dad?” Alex sobbed softly.

“Yeah Alex, I'm here,” He said softly.

It was a couple of moments before he heard the stall door unlock. Before Alex very gingerly shuffled out. He could see that Alex's jeans, shoes, socks and most likely his boxers were ruined. Alex shuffled closer to his dad before tightly hugging him as he continued to cry while his dad tried to calm him down.

It took ten minutes, during which time Jeremy had quietly slipped out.

“Alex, we're gonna need to get you cleaned up.” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K dad,” Alex mumbled, he very carefully took off Alex's shoes and socks and threw them in the rubbish, before he very gently undid Alex's belt and pulling his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, and Alex very carefully stepped out of them. They too went in the trash.

“I'm gonna take you to the locker room and we're gonna get you showered ok?” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K dad,” Alex sniffed as his dad grabbed his hand and walked with him to the locker room, Alex wishing he had something to cover is naked lower half, but thankfully they didn't run into anyone.

Mr Wolff turned on the shower, before helping Alex take his shirt off, before guiding him under the stream of warm water. He mainly just let the stream of water wash the poop of Alex, he grabbed a cloth and used it to scrub the remainder of poop from Alex.

He left Alex in the shower for a couple minutes, while he went and grabbed the bag he had brought in with him.

He came back and pulled a towel out of the bag, before shutting off the water and letting Alex drip off for about ten seconds before he wrapped him up in the towel.

“I'm sorry dad,” Alex sniffed.

“You don't have to be sorry,” Mr Wolff said softly as he tightly wrapped Alex up in a hug. “I know you didn't do it on purpose buddy. I know things suck right now, but they will eventually get better.”

“No it won't,” Alex cried, “It makes me think it's gonna get better, then it always gets worser than before,”

“It'll get better, you've got you appointment with Simon this afternoon...” Mr Wolff began.

“Can you come with me,” Alex pleaded.

Mr Wolff didn't say anything for a few seconds. Except when Alex first meet with Simon, Alex never had anyone with him. So Mr Wolff was a little surprised at the request.

“You sure,” he said softly as he gently rubbed Alex's back.

“Uh-huh, please daddy,” Alex sobbed, and Mr Wolff just tenderly kissed Alex on the forehead. He knew things were bad when Alex called him daddy.

“Ok Alex.” Mr Wolff said softly. “But I think we should get you dressed and look at maybe grabbing some lunch.

“K daddy,” Alex mumbled as his dad dried him off.

Alex didn't say anything as the first thing his dad pulled at out of the bag was diaper, he didn't fuss in the slightest as his dad tapped the diaper firmly into place, before pulling out a clean pair of boxers and shorts and helping Alex step into them before pulling them up over his diaper. His dad finally pulled a a clean t-shirt over his head.

“Daddy, do you think I'm stupid cos I pooped,” Alex mumbled softly, as his dad put the towel and Alex's shirt back into the bag.

“You're not stupid Alex. You had a bad fall the other day, and that might have shaken things up, your specialist is going to check things out tomorrow ok buddy?” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Thanks daddy,” Alex said tightly clinging to his dad.

“Come on buddy, Lets check in with Shelly and maybe get a little bit of food and have lunch in the park.” Mr Wolff said as he put his arm around Alex and gently guided him to the nurse office.
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Chapter 8

Alex tightly clung to his dad, the whole time, he was extremely quiet as they had lunch, and wouldn't let his dad go as they waited for Simon.

Simon noticed how tightly Alex clung to his father when they finally entered the room and sat down on the couch.

“Not a good day Alex?” Simon said softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled and his dad gently stroked his hair.

“Want to talk about it?” He gently probed, he knew pushing too hard Alex would shut down.

“I don't wanna do this anymore,” Alex mumbled softly.

“What don't you want to do?” Simon asked softly.

“Everything... I just wannabe little again and not gotta worry about anything.” Alex mumbled.

“What do you mean?” Simon asked softly.

“Everybody gotta do everything for me... but I gotta be big, and I feel dumb, and and and and the world is big, and everythings big and I gotta be big, but I'm never big enough and nothing ever gets better... but I could be big, I gotta try so hard. But everything just gets worse.” Alex sobbed as his dad continued to tightly hug Alex.

“Alex...” Simon said softly.

“No, it's too much, I can't do it,” Alex screamed.

“Ok Alex,” His dad whispered as he squeezed Alex tightly.

“How little Alex?” Simon asked softly.

Alex just shrugged.

“Little like a baby?” Simon asked softly.

“Uh-huh...” Alex mumbled quietly.

“Well tell us about it?” Simon said softly, an idea coming into his mind.

“I gotta get help with everything... I gotta help getting dressed, and having a bath or a shower and I gotta get mom or daddy to make me diapered at night, and I just wanna get lotta cuddles and I don't wanna get expected to do things, it's too hard.” Alex mumbled.

Mr Wolff just tenderly kissed Alex on the forehead, he could sort of see Alex's thinking.

“Well Alex, there is a treatment we can try, I've only ever done it twice and it did help a lot, and I think it may help you.” Simon said softly.

“What treatment?” Alex mumbled.

“Help you be a baby. I understand that you have an appointment with Dr Hamilton tomorrow.” Simon began softly, “We have a special ward at the hospital so we can get a glimpse as to whether or not this works tonight and we maybe able to work out what we have to do.”

“What we do?” Alex mumbled relieved his dad was still tenderly stroking his hair.

“Well it's something we can't hide from your family, if your going to be a baby your going to be a baby. So we would have Nat and your mom there, I know of a shop we could go to on your way to the hospital, and we could get you a nice footed sleeper, for bedtime and we got get you something to wear until then. You would have to wear some special diapers, but you don't have to worry about anything. You can just cuddle with everyone, watch a bit of TV, maybe play a board game or something with your family. You can have dinner, and tonight, we can give you a nice hot bubble bath, massage you with a nice relaxing baby lotion, get you diapered and dressed for bed. You can then have a bottle of milk while dad reads you a story, and a nice warm bottle milk when you are tucked tightly in the crib.” Simon said softly.

Alex didn't say anything so Simon decided to elaborate a little.

“The whole idea for tonight, is to make your comfortable. We want you to feel every second of the night that you are loved and cared for, we want you to see it's not a chore for your mom and dad to help you with everything, they won't think less of you and they will love you and when it comes to bed time, you will feel loved, cared for and maybe the sides of the crib will help make you feel enclosed and safe and nothing is going to hurt you. You might get a good nights sleep... And if we can see it's helping you, we can tailor it to you, you might feel ok doing it at night, or we might be able to get you comfortable enough to do it full time. Tonight we can just try it out, and if you don't like it we can stop, but if you do and it helps we can go from there,”

“Daddy not gonna be mad?” Alex asked softly.

“No Alex, I'm proud of you and I love you.” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Why you proud?” Alex mumbled.

“Alex, it takes a lot of guts to talk about things and to share your feelings. I don't want to put any pressure on you or this, but I'd happily go along with anything that might have the chance to help you.” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Nat gonna laugh, and Juanita gonna laugh, and Rosie gonna laugh,” Alex mumbled.

“No they won't, none of them have ever laughed because you wet the bed, or need help in the bath or shower or need help getting dressed. They won't laugh at this, Nat will always be the first one in line to give you a hug.” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Can we try it?” Alex mumbled tightly squeezing his dad.

“Yes Alex we can, and why don't we have a talk about what we'd all like to see out of this.” Simon said softly.

They talked for the next hour and a half, in which he learned Alex would like be able to laugh and be happy and have fun and feel loved, and was a little interested that Alex never once mentioned wanting to be big again. Mr Wolff would like to see the same things and Alex who was happy and had energy felt innocent and carefree and become that happy child he'd raised.


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I love all the stories from younger people here about how when they wet their bed and pants, their parents were loving and supportive ready to have them see doctors and diapering them and if needed regressing them to babies with love and comfort.


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Chapter 9

Once they finished talking Simon rode with them to the shop he's mentioned earlier, and they went inside. There was everything a baby would ever need, only larger to fit older people.

“Lotta stuff” Alex mumbled shyly.

“Yeah, but we are only here to pick up a couple of things, and if it does good we can do a proper shop later on.” Mr Wolff said softly, giving Alex a squeeze of reassurance.

“What do we gotta get?” Alex mumbled.

“Well how about we start at the diapers, we can get you a playsuit and sleeper, a couple of bottles a pacifier and how about a teddy bear?” Simon said softly.

“K Simon,” Alex said softly. Before Simon lead them around the store. The eventually picked out a package of diapers, they were the thickest most absorbent diapers they had, and had scooby do patterns on them. They picked out a dark blue play suit with a polar bear on it and a sleeper that had scooby do in diapers as it's pattern, before they picked up a pacifier a couple of bottles and Alex picked out a polar bear teddy.

They soon arrived at the hospital and Simon opened the door. The floor was soft and carpets, a large crib stood at one end of the room, a changing table not to far away, and adjoining bathroom. There was also a large sofa TV, a book shelf with a lot of books like Harry Potter. Lastly one of the corners was turned into a playpen with lots of toys.

“What do you think Alex?” Simon asked softly.

Alex shrugged and Mr Wolff just squeezed his hand.

“How about we change your diaper, get you dressed in your playsuit and maybe cuddle on the couch and watch a couple of cartoons?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“K daddy,” He said softly.

Mr Wolff lifted Alex's shirt over his head, before he unbuttoned Alex's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles and had Alex step out of them, he then pulled done Alex's boxers and had Alex step out of them, exposing that Alex was in a pretty wet diaper.

“Sorry daddy,” Alex mumbled softly, noticing his diaper was wet.

“It's ok Alex,” Mr Wolff said warmly as he lifted Alex up and lay him the changing table.

He gently untapped Alex's diaper and Simon handed him some wipes that he began to wipe Alex down with. Soon he slid the wet diaper away, before Simon handed him the new one.

He unfolded and lifted Alex's butt up, before sliding the diaper under him, before gently lowering Alex onto it. He then began to oil and powder Alex, before he spread Alex's legs and pulled the diaper up between them and tightly tapped it to place.

“They thick,” Alex mumbled noticing how much more bulkier these diapers were.

“Yeah they are, they'll help you feel more like a baby, and waddle like a baby.” Simon said softly as Mr Wolff lifted Alex of the changing table.

Mr Wolff then dressed Alex in the playsuit before buttoning it up the bag and then pinning the pacifier to Alex's playsuit.

“I baby now?” Alex asked softly.

“I guess you are, a cute baby who can watch cartoons with daddy,” Simon said softly, before watching Alex unsteadily waddle to the sofa and with a lot of difficulty climb onto it and sit and wait for his dad.

Mr Wolff just sat down beside Alex, and Alex soon cuddled in tight.

“You two going to fine for now?” Simon asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Ok, I'm gonna go get Nat and your mom, and have a little talk to them before they visit,” Simon said softly.

It was about an hour and a half later when Simon, Abigail and Nat all arrived at the hospital, Simon had fulled them in as to what was going on, and both seemed very accepting of it.

Nat was the first through the door, and it didn't take long for him to spot Alex on the sofa, cuddled in with their dad nursing his pacifier as they watched some cartoons on the TV. He seemed pretty content, as he walked over to the couch.

“Hey Alex, look what I brought back for you,” Simon said softly as Alex appeared to be pretty engrossed in the cartoon.

Alex looked over and saw Nat and Abigail, both trying to just give him a reassuring smile.

“Hey Alex, how you doing?” Nat asked softly, before he watched Alex with quite a bit of difficulty climb of the couch before unsteadily waddling over to him and giving him a hug.

“Hey Nat,” Alex mumbled quietly around his pacifier.

“You looked quite comfy up there with dad,” Nat said warmly as he tightly hugged his little brother.

“Uh-huh, daddy comfy,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Love you Alex,” Nat said softly.

“Love you Nat,” Alex mumbled before Nat kissed him softly on his forehead.

“Hey baby,” Abigail said softly when they both finally stopped hugging.

“Hey mommy,” Alex said waddling over to his mom who gently picked him up and held him on her him, and held him in close.

“Looking pretty cute there.” Abigail said softly

“You ok that I baby?” Alex mumbled softly around his pacifier.

“You betcha, if you need to be a baby I still need to be your mommy,” Abigail said warmly and she was sure she got a slight twitch of his mouth that was probably the closest to smile Alex had come in a long time.

“Fanx Mom,” Alex mumbled before letting out a huge yawn.

“Do you want to try have a quick nap?” Abigail asked him softly.

“Do I got to?” Alex mumbled softly.

“You don't have to, but I think a quick nap might help you,” Abigail said softly.

“K mommy,” Alex said softly.

“Good boy,” Abigail said warmly as she carried him over to the crib.

“Can daddy and Nat sing the song mom always used sing?” Alex asked softly.

“Would you like that?” Abigail asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled softly as Abigail lowered him into the crib.

“I think that would be more than happy to sing to you, but you have to promise to try and get to sleep.” Abigail said softly.

“K mommy,” Alex mumbled softly around his pacifier.

“You have a good nap,” Abigail said softly and kissed his him softly on his forehead, she could tell already Alex seemed calmer.

“Sonny, Nat.” Abigail said softly. “Alex would like you sing him the song his mom used to sing before he takes his nap.”

Nat and his dad just looked at each other before they stood up and walked over to the crib and looked down at Alex who gently nursed his pacifier as he looked up at them.

“You have a good nap, Alex, nothing can hurt you in a crib.” Nat said softly before he kissed his brothers head.

“A baby can't sleep with out his teddy,” Mr Wolff chuckled a little as he pulled the bear from behind his back and handed him to Alex who cuddled him. “Have a good nap buddy,”

Alex gently nursed his pacifier and cuddled his teddy as Nat and his dad gently began to sing to him, they all watched as Alex to their surprise drifted off to sleep.

“Wow,” Nat said softly.

Mr Wolff just smiled at the both them, he was sure that this could help Alex... a lot. Abigail gently raised the side of the crib, and they all just walked over to the couch and sat down as they talked about Alex.


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Chapter 10

They quietly talked for an hour about what the next few weeks could hold. Alex gently stirred nursing his pacifier as cuddled his teddy. He didn't seem to be concerned or upset that he was sleeping in a crib, it felt right to him, he felt like it was where he needed to be.

He slowly rolled over and with a little difficulty climbed up to his his feet and grabbed the side of the crib.

“Can I get up now?” Alex mumbled softly around his pacifier.

Nat looked up and smiled, Alex did look pretty cute, standing there, thick diapers around his loins pacifier in his mouth and his teddy in his hand.

“You most certainly can buddy, did you have a good nap?” Mr Wolff said warmly as he stood up and walked to the crib.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled as his dad lowered the side of the crib and Alex hugged as his dad, while his dad support him on his hip.

“So shall we go cuddle with Nat?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled and his dad carried him to the couch and they both sat down. Nat soon came over and cuddled in with him.

“So Alex what's your teddy's name?” Nat asked warmly.

“Teddy don't got name?” Alex mumbled around his pacifier.

“What!? Your teddy's got to have a name,” Nat smiled to his brother.

“Ike?” Alex asked softly.

“If you want... why Ike?” Nat asked softly.

“It short for Icicle,” Alex mumbled.

“I think Ike is a great name,” Nat said smiling and ruffling his brothers hair.

“You not mad at me?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Nope, not a chance buddy.” Nat said softly. “Little relieved actually.”

“Why?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Well before, you always seemed little, but I didn't want to upset you, so I had to try talk to you like you were big. But now I don't have to worry,” Nat said warmly.

“You happy I baby?” Alex asked softly.

“You seem calmer... we might even get a couple of smiles out of you yet.” Nat smiled to his brother.

Mr Wolff smiled as Alex climbed off him, and climbed onto his brother and tightly hugged him.

“What about Juanita and Rosalina.” Alex mumbled softly.

“Why don't we bring them over after school tomorrow, we can talk them, and you can see them... I know both of them are gonna adore you... and hopefully you can adore being adored by them,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Do they gotta wait til tomorrow?” Alex mumbled.

Mr Wolff just smiled.

“I think it's a little too late...” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Can we try?” Alex asked softly.

“Ok buddy, no promises, but I'll try. In the mean time, why don't you and Nat cuddle up and watch cartoons, or maybe play with some toys.” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K daddy.” Alex mumbled.

“First things first though. Does baby need a change?” Mr Wolff asked warmly.

“I dunno daddy, don't think so.” Alex mumbled around his pacifier.

“Well daddies gonna check ok?” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K daddy,” Alex mumbled softly before his dad slipped his hand through the the leg holes of Alex's playsuit and snuck a finger under the cuff of his diaper.

“I think you might need a change,” Mr Wolff said to him softly.

“Sorry daddy,” Alex mumbled.

“You don't need to be sorry baby. You had a fall the other day that might have shaken things up, and babies can't control when they go potty, that's why they wear diapers.” Mr Wolff said softly as he gently lifted Alex up and placed him gently on the changing table.

He undid the back of Alex's playsuit before he pulled it down, before gently pushing Alex down into a lying position and then lifting his legs to pull the playsuit down below his diaper. Alex's diaper was soaked, suggesting maybe Alex's fall had done some damage, but he didn't let on to Alex that he thought that.

He gently untapped his diaper and began to wipe him down. Alex just nursed his pacifier as he was being cleaned up before the soaked diaper was pulled out from under him.

“Daddy?” Alex mumbled softly around his pacifier.

“Yeah baby?” Mr Wolff asked he unfolded a fresh diaper for Alex.

“I love you,” Alex mumbled

“I love you baby” Mr Wolff smiled as he slid the fresh diaper under his butt.

Alex just nursed his pacifier as he was powdered and oiled, before his dad spread his legs and pulled the diaper up and firmly tapped it into place.

Mr Wolff then stood Alex up on changing table pulled the playsuit back up, threaded his arms and buttoned it up the back.

He then wrapped his arms around Alex and hugged him tightly and kissed him on his forehead.

“Where's mom?” Alex asked softly.

“She went to get some snacks she'll be back shortly. But how about you play with Nat, or maybe watch some cartoons and I'll see about Juanita and Rosalina.” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K Daddy,” Alex mumbled softly, and Mr Wolff was sure he got warm flash in Alex's eyes.

“Good boy,” Mr Wolff smiled before lowering him to the floor, and watch him unsteadily waddle over to Nat, before he slipped out the door.

“Play, or TV?” Nat asked with a smile, as Alex came waddling over.

“TV, I wanna watch homer.” Alex mumbled as he difficultly clambered up onto the couch and snuggled in with his big brother.

Nat smiled as he cuddled with his brother, enjoying how calm he was. Abigail came back shortly and soon hand Alex suckling milk from a bottle and nibbling on some of the snacks Abigail bought in.


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Chapter 11

It was about any hour later, Alex was still being tightly cuddled by both his mom and brother. The door opened and Alex didn't pay any attention.

Who wants Pizza for dinner?” Mr Wolff said warmly as walked in.

“I wanna pizza,” Alex mumbled climbing off the sofa before waddling towards his dad before seeing Juanita and Rosalina standing there smiling warmly at him.

“Surprised?” Rosalina asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled stopping in his tracks.

“Alex you can't get a hug from us if your standing all the way over there,” Juanita smiled.

“I like hugs,” Alex mumbled, before waddling quickly over to them and the wrapped him tightly in hug.

“Before you even think about asking, we aren't mad Alex. I think you'll make a great baby.” Rosalina said warmly.

“You guys sure?” Alex mumbled.

“Yes we are sure, you gotta be little, but I think once your comfortable you are gonna need some people to make sure you have big amounts of fun.” Juanita said warmly.

“Fanx guys,” Alex mumbled around his pacifier before he gently started to sob. Mr Wolff was sure in was in lieu of smiling, and hoped that Alex, could get the point of smiling again.

“So did you want some pizza?” Mr Wolff asked.

“Uh-huh, but can I havva bottle?” Alex mumbled softly around his pacifier as Rosalina and Juanita both continued to hug him.

“Well ok then baby, why don't you climb up on the couch, your mom can sort you out a bottle while I sort you out some pizza.

Alex quitely waddled along gently nursing his pacifier as he awkwardly climbed up on the couch cuddled in with Nat and had Juanita cuddle in with him on his other side.

Abigail soon came over, gently removed Alex's pacifier handing him a bottle of milk and a plate with some pizza on it.

Alex quietly ate his pizza once he was finished he gently nursed his bottle, while everyone else watched. Alex soon finished his bottle and gently slipped his pacifier back in.

“Alex? Want to play with the toys with me, and we can talk?” Juanita asked softly.

Alex shrugged a little.

“Come on Alex,” Juanita said softly.

Juanita stood up and walked over to the playpen.

Alex awkward climbed of the couch, and soon waddled over to Juanita who opened the playpen and let them both in before she closed it behind them.

“You not mad?” Alex mumbled around his pacifier.

“I'm not mad Alex,” Juanita said gently pulling him into a hug. “What happened today?”

“I... I... I... poop at school,” Alex mumbled around his pacifier on the verge of crying.

“I'm sorry Alex,” Juanita said hugging him harder. “Jeremy wouldn't tell me what happened... I don't think he wanted to embarrass you,”

“Nah... look at me,” Alex mumbled around his pacifier looking down at his playsuit and thick diaper bulge.

“How did it happen?” Juanita asked softly.

“Had to see Simon... and I not want to be big anymore... it's too hard being big, but I got to try but I cant be big enough,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Your dad says you were really upset about everything,” Juanita said softly.

“Too big,” Alex mumbled and a tear slid out of his eye.

“That's why you are a baby? You don't need to be big anymore,” Juanita said softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled.

“Can I say something without you getting mad?” Juanita asked softly.

“Uh-huh, I promise,” Alex mumbled.

“You look really cute as a baby,” Juanita said and got Alex to blush a bit.

“Come on Alex, let's play,” Juanita said softly watching Alex sit down, and seeing his thick diaper in the leg holes of his playsuit.

Alex quietly nursed his pacifier as he played with his toys for about an hour and a half before his dad came along.

“Alright there buddy?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Little bit,” Alex mumbled.

“Come on Alex, I think we should get you ready for bed,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Bathtime?” Alex mumbled.

“Yeah, come on buddy,” Mr Wolff said as Alex waddled over to him, and lead Alex to the bathroom.

Mr Wolff closed the door behind them as he began to run the bath putting some bubble mixture in aswell.

Once the bath was full, Mr Wolff unbuttoned Alex's playsuit and pulled it down and helped Alex step out of it.

“Sorry daddy,” Alex mumbled around his pacifier seeing his diaper was soaked.

“It's alright Alex, you can't help it... and daddy doesn't mind at all,” Mr Wolff said tenderly, he knew, it would take a bit for him at ease.

Mr Wolff gently untapped Alex's diaper before pulling it away from Alex. He rolled it up and tapped it up. Putting it to the side before gently lifting Alex and lowering him into the bath.

“Still feel big,” Alex mumbled

“It's not going to happen overnight baby, but your mother, your brother and I have all noticed you seem calmer. A couple of times we've seen flashes of happiness.” Mr Wolff said softly with a warm smile.

“You sure?” Alex asked softly.

“Uh-huh, you took a nap, and got a bit of sleep, you don't usually get a lot of sleep,” Mr Wolff said softly looking at the puffy dark circles around Alex's eyes.

“Sleep scary,” Alex mumbled.

“I know, you looked pretty comfy in the crib though... did you feel safe?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled softly, and Mr Wolff smiled a little as a look of realization came across Alex's face. “You fink?”

“I think it is helping you, we will finish your your bath, get you in a clean diaper, I can put some special night lotion on your chest, get you in your jammies and snuggle with everyone a bit more before we put you to bed,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Ok daddy,” Alex mumbled softly, before his dad began to bathe him.

It was twenty minutes, that Mr Wolff finished bathing Alex. He found it difficult the first time his dad had to help him bath, he knew it was embarrassing and difficult for Alex who wanted nothing more than to be able to do things himself. But tonight Alex seemed to really appreciate it.

Mr Wolff soon lifted Alex out of the bath and wrapped him up in a towel, he dried Alex off before carrying him to the changing table, before taking towel away and lowing Alex onto the changing table.

Mr Wolff oiled and powdered Alex, before diapering Alex in one of his new diapers. And then massaging the night lotion into Alex's chest.

Mr Wolff gently smiled as Alex took a huge deep breath in of that calming aroma, and Mr Wolff could see the instant effect it had on his son.

“That good?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled around his pacifier in little bit of stupor.

“Simon thought it might help you out,” Mr Wolff smiled lifting Alex up onto the floor, before he dressed Alex in his new sleeper and zipped it up the back.

“It's comfy,” Alex mumbled quietly around his pacifier.

“I thought it might be,” Mr Wolff said softly kissing Alex on his forehead.

“Fanx daddy,” Alex mumbled softly.

“It's alright baby, why don't you go cuddle with mommy and Nat, and I'll get you a bottle of milk before we put you to bed,” Mr Wolff softly.

“Can you read to me, in bed?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Yeah, of course baby,” Mr Wolff said warmly before gently tapping Alex on his diapered butt and watching him waddling over to the couch and cuddle in with his brother.

“Don't you look adorable?” Abigail asked examining Alex in his footed sleeper.

“Nah-uh,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Uh-huh, you are super adorable, and super calm,” Abigail warned softly.

“You look very calm,” Nat said softly.

“You guys really sure your not mad?” Alex mumbled around his pacifier.

“We are sure Alex. Now if we could get a little a smile out of you,” Nat smiled softly and was surprised when Alex gave the smallest flicker of a smile back.

“Thatta boy,” Nat said kissing his brother on his head and cuddling with him tightly.

Alex soon had a bottle in his hand, and Nat gently pulled out his brothers pacifier before Alex began to nurse his bottle.

“All right little man,” Mr Wolff said softly, “Juanita Rosalina, mommy and Nat have to go home. You say good night and good bye and then lets get you in your crib and read you a story.”

“K,” Alex mumbled softly, and Mr Wolff watched as he cuddled with everyone and said goodnight and goodbye, before they left. Mr Wolff then gently lifted Alex into his crib, tucked him in and put his teddy by his side, before handing Alex a bottle of warm milk.

“Can you read Harry Potter daddy?” Alex mumbled as he took out his pacifier and started nursing his bottle.

“Ok baby,” Mr Wolff smiled before reading Alex a couple of chapters before his son fell asleep. Gently slipping Alex's pacifier into his mouth, kissing him on the forehead and raising the side to the crib before heading to bed himself.


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Chapter 12

Alex woke at about 5am the next morning, he felt better than he had in a long time as he just lay there and nursed his pacifier. He saw his bear lying next to him and reached over and gave him a hug, it was pretty content to just lay in his crib, he didn't know it then but what he was feeling was safe.

He lay then soaking in the feeling for an hour, he found it strange not to be terrified of everything, strange that he hadn't had a nightmare, strange that he had a good nights sleep.

Eventually he climbed to his feet and tried to climb out of his crib, but it was too high, even without the lack of flexibility his new diapers gave him. He gently clutched the rail and started calling out “daddy”

It took Mr Wolff a couple of minutes to wake up, before he spotted Alex, he looked pretty adorable standing their in his sleeper, obvious diaper bulge, clutching his teddy bear and held onto the bars of his crib.

“Morning Alex,” He said softly as he got out of bed.

“Morning daddy,” Alex mumbled around his pacifer.

“My little guy have a good sleep?” Mr Wolff asked.

“Uh-huh... not wake up once,” Alex mumbled watching his dad come along lower the side of the crib and lift Alex onto his hip, Alex then snuggled in tightly with his dad.

“Want something to drink?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Uh-huh, please daddy,” Alex mumbled around his pacifier.

“Alright baby,” Mr Wolff said warmly kissing Alex on his forehead before finding a bottle and giving it to Alex.

“Are you liking being little so far?” Mr Wolff asked Alex softly as Alex nursed his bottle.

“Uh-huh... not feel scared all time,” Alex mumbled softly around his bottle.

“I'm glad to hear that,” Mr Wolff smiled. “What about your pacifier?”

“It makes me feel calm... and if I get bit of scared I can suck it harder,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Do you think this is helping?” Mr Wolff said softly as he sat down on the couch making sure Alex was cuddled in tightly.

“Uh-huh... I hope it help more though,” Alex mumbled around his bottle as hid dad gently stroked his hair.

“I hope so too,” Mr Wolff said softly.

It was about 7am when Nat and Abigail walked through the door, and upon seeing them Alex climbed off his dad and waddled over to cuddle in with them.

“Hi mommy, Hi Nat,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Hey Alex,” Nat said softly cuddling his brother.

“Good Morning baby, did you have a good sleep last night?” Abigail asked softly.

“Uh-huh... not wake up once,” Alex mumbled.

“That's great Alex, no bad dreams either?” Abigail asked.

“Nah-uh,” Alex mumbled before his mom kissed him on his forehead.

“I'm glad you had no bad dreams, were you comfortable?” Abigail asked.

“Uh-huh.... It nice and cosy in my crib,” Alex mumbled blushing a little.

“Glad to hear that, mommy likes to see you peaceful, and you have been pretty calm so far,” Abigail said softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled and just felt Abigail kiss him on his forehead.

“So Alex, shall we change your diaper and then you can cuddle with Nat while we get breakfast sorted?” Abigail asked softly.

“K,” Alex mumbled softly before she lifted him up.

Abigail carried Alex to the changing table unzipped his sleeper pulling it down to his knees before lifting him onto the changing table and untaping his diaper.

“Sowwy mommy,” Abigail mumbled.

“You don't need to be sorry baby, mommy has to change your diaper, it's ok, I'm here to help you,” Abigail said softly as the wiped him down.

“Fanx Mommy,” Alex mumbled softly as she slid his wet diaper away, got a clean diaper slid it under him, before oiling and powdering him and tapping his diaper up.

“It's alright baby?” Abigail smiled redressing him in his sleeper and watching him waddled over to the couch and climb up to cuddle with his brother.

“Love you Alex,” Nat mumbled softly.

“Love you Nat,” Alex mumbled softly.

Nat just smiled gently cuddling his brother and stroking his hair.

It was a few minutes later that Mr Wolff and Abigail bought Alex and Nat breakfast and sat back and let them eat.

“Fanx for breakfist mommy and daddy,” Alex mumbled softly.

“It's alright sweetheart, you give Nat lots of cuddles before he has to go school.” Abigail said softly.

“Does he gotta go to school?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Yeah he's got to go to school,” Abigail said softly.

“Nah-uh, I Nat not go to school...” Alex mumbled softly.

“He's got to baby,” Abigail mumbled softly.

“Nah-uh, cos I wanna him here cos I gotta see the Doctor and Simon and I not wanna do it without Nat,” Alex sobbed.

“Baby,” Abigail said softly.

“I wanna mommy and daddy and Nat all be wiff me,” Alex cried, and Abigail put her arm around Alex had wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Ok Alex, ok,” Abigail said softly.

It was an hour later when Simon and Dr Hamilton arrived.

“How are you today Alex?” Simon asked Alex.

“I k...” Alex mumbled around his pacifier.

“That's good, I think it is now time with Dr Hamilton and see how your back is doing,” Abigail said softly.

“K” Alex said awkwardly climbing off the couch, grabbing Nat's hand and waddling with him after the doctor.

It was a couple of hours later when Dr Hamilton returned with the results.

“The fall has done a bit of damage, mainly to nerves. Alex wont be able feel when he needs to pee or poop, so he'll need to stay in diapers for a while.” Dr Hamilton said softly.

“I gotta be a baby huh?” Alex mumbled softly.

“You don't have to be a baby if you don't want to Alex,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Uh-huh... I do” Alex mumbled.

“You don't have to Alex... but if you want to” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Uh-huh I wanna,” Alex mumbled softly.

“I thought you might,” Simon said softly.

“Anyway, after talking with Simon last night, I feel it may be a good idea to put Alex on a shot every three months that stops him biologically getting older, if Alex is going to be little for a while it may be a good idea to stop him getting bigger... it would also allow his body to take that energy used and use it towards repairing his back and the nerve damage.” Dr Hamilton said.

“Will he get pain?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Yeah, everyone now and then it will, and probably hurt bad, so I will prescribe him some drugs that you inject into his back when the pain gets bad.” Dr Hamilton said softly.

They discussed things for a while, and they all seemed to now what to do.

“Allright, now Alex,” Simon said gently, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Uh-huh, I not always scared if a little... and crib comfy,” Alex mumbled.

“Ok Alex, so how about we all go back to that shop, and do a proper shop for you,” Simon said softly.

“Can we mommy... daddy?” Alex asked softly.

“Yeah baby, we can,” Abigail smiled warmly.

“Can we go now?” Alex asked softly.

“Ok Alex,” Simon and Mr Wolff smiled.

Alex just waddled over to his dad and as his dad stood up, he tightly snuggled in as he was picked up and held on his dads hip, and carried to the car.


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Chapter 13

Nat cuddled in with Alex as the drove to the shop, and once they were there he helped his brother out of the car and the all walked inside.

“What we get?” Alex asked softly.

“Well how about we start with a nice comfy carseat, daddy will get it ready in the car while you and mommy go get some clothes, and then we can sort out some other stuff,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K daddy,” Alex mumbled quietly.

“I know your still a bit worried, but mommy daddy and Nat are here, Juanita and Rosalina would have been to if you they didn't have school... we just want you to be ok and if you can be happy too thats great.” Mr Wolff said softly kissing Alex on his forehead.

“You guys sure your not mad?” Alex mumbled softly.

Nat crouched down and looked Alex right in the eyes.

“Look in my eyes Alex, I'm not mad in the slightest, mom is not mad, dad is not mad... we just want to see you be happy, and if this helps you me mom and dad we would be really happy,” Nat said softly.

“Fanx Nat,” Alex mumbled giving his brother a big hug.

“It's alright Alex... now come on lets get you some stuff,” Nat smiled gently seeing a little twitch at the corner of Alex's mouth.

“That looked close to a smile,” Nat whispered warmly as his brother stopped hugging him, and Nat could see that Alex really appreciated Nat being so supportive.

Nat then walked with his brother and his parents over to the car seats, where the owner of the shop was waiting.

“Right lets try out a couple and see which one feels the most comfortable and secure,” She said warmly.

Alex sat in a couple, it was the third one he sat in that he enjoyed the most, when he was strapped in, it made him feel safe and it was extremely comfortable.

“I like this one,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Would you like this one, or we have ones with patterns, like this one with scooby,” She said warmly seeing scooby on his sleeper.

“Uh-huh, scooby one,” Alex mumbled.

“Ok buddy,” Mr Wolff smiled reassuringly, before watching Alex waddled off with his mom and his brother to the clothes, while he sorted out the carseat.

Nat and Abigail smiled as they went through the clothes, if there was ever an option, Alex would take the scooby one, and soon they had a few playsuits, onesies, sleepers shortalls, and shorts for him to wear, by which time Mr Wolff and returned as they moved onto the furniture.

Alex soon selected a nice comfy crib, very similar to the one at the hospital, with scooby bedding, they also picked up a changing table and highchair, before picking up a couple of toys, a stroller with a cover so he could see out, but passers-by couldn't see in, and some more diapers, pacifiers and bottles as well as some bubble bath mix.

“Alright Alex, why don't we change you butt, get you in some clothes, we can go have lunch with John and Laura while workman are setting everything up, and then we can go home and let you have a nap,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K Daddy,” Alex mumbled softly grabbing his dad, as Abigail handed him some of the new clothes and Mr Wolff lead Alex to a room in the back in which he could be changed.

Mr Wolff undressed Alex before lifting him onto the changing table and untapping his diaper.

“John and Laura gonna be K?” Alex mumbled softly as his dad wiped him down.

“Uh-huh, of course they are, they care about you like a son as well,” Mr Wolff said softly sliding the wet diaper away.

“Wish Juanita here,” Alex mumbled as his dad unfolded a new diaper and slipped it under his butt.

“She wishes she was here too, but no doubt she will come visit after school,” Mr Wolff said softly as he oiled and powdered Alex.

“K daddy,” Alex mumbled, his dad could see he was a bit drained, as he gently spread Alex's legs and pulled the diaper up between them and tightly tapped it up.

Mr Wolff gently helped Alex sit up, gently kissing him on the forehead, before he lowered Alex to the floor, dressed him in a onesie, pair of shorts, shoes and socks.

He soon carried Alex out and tightly strapped him in his carseat, before they started driving to Juanita's apartment. Mr Wolff couldn't help but smile seeing Alex had nodded off in his carseat. He very rarely slept before so it was a giant relief to see Alex sleeping peacefully and not being agitated by nightmares.

“Hey baby,” Mr Wolff said softly 45 minutes later as he gently unstrapped Alex from his car seat and gently held him on his hip.

“Hi daddy,” Alex mumbled quietly snuggling in.

“Want to know what daddy thinks?” Mr Wolff said quietly allowing Alex to wake up as gently as he could.

“What?” Alex mumbled softly.

“I think in day or two when you are super well rested and settled in we might start getting smiles out of you,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“It cos I lotta tired huh?” Alex mumbled tiredly.

“Yeah, not being able to sleep makes things worse, but if are able to keep getting good peaceful sleeps like you are know, I think you'll start to get some energy and fun back,” Mr Wolff said as they entered the apartment.

“Hello Alex,” Laura said warmly.

“Hey Little man,” John said warmly.

“Hi guys,” Alex mumbled shyly peeking out briefly from his dads shoulder.

“You comfy up there?” Laura asked warmly as Alex cuddled with his dad.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled.

“Right buddy, lets get you lunch, and then how about we cuddle up on the couch and go for a nap?” Abigail said softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled softly.

Alex had a quick lunch before Abigail took him into the spare room cuddled in with him on the bed and the both drifted off to sleep. Mr Wolff disappeared with John to help the workman set up all Alex's new stuff.

Abigail smiled as she felt Alex stretch as he woke up.

“Good Nap?” She asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled warmly snuggling with his mom.

“So Alex are you liking be little?” Abigail asked softly.

“I not have nightmares and not always scared,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Mommy is so happy to hear that?” Abigail smiled gently kissing Alex on his forehead.

They cuddled for a bit, but when he heard the apartment door open and close, and heard Juanita's voice he climbed of the bed, waddled out to go give her a hug.

“Hey Alex,” Juanita smiled warmly as Alex wrapped her up.

“Hello Alex... Nat tells me he got a little smile out of you earlier,” Juanita said happily.

“Only a little one,” Alex mumbled but Juanita could feel the warmth.

“Class mad?” Alex mumbled.

“They don't know Alex... until you want them to know, they don't need to know,” Juanita said softly.

“Fanx Juanita,” Alex mumbled softly, before they both went onto the couch and cuddled with Nat.

It was an hour later, that the phone rang, it was John telling them everything was ready.

“Can I come and see all your cool new stuff?” Juanita asked Alex warmly.

“Uh-huh, Laura can come too if she wanna,” Alex said softly.

“Yeah lets go and see what little Alex likes,” Laura smiled.

Abigail held Alex on her hip, carried him to the car and gently lowered him into his car seat and tightly strapped him in.

“That looks nice and comfy,” Juanita said warmly as she climbed in next to Alex and Nat on her other side.

“Uh-huh, lotta comfy,” Alex smiled slightly.

“Saw you smiled,” Juanita said gently poking Alex's tummy and was surprised along with everyone else when they heard a quick giggle.

“I think this is going to really help you Alex,” Nat said warmly as he smiled at his brother.

It wasn't long before they got home, and Alex waddled beside Nat as they led everyone into the apartment.

“There is my little man,” Mr Wolff said warmly as Alex waddled over and cuddled in with his dad.

“We got a very little giggle out of him,” Juanita said warmly.

“Hopefully we get a lot more huh Alex?” Mr Wolff said warmly as he gently kissed Alex on his forehead.

“You want me giggle?” Alex asked softly.

“Uh-huh, we want you to be able to smile and giggle and laugh... you haven't been able to do those things for a very long time.” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Right lets show you around,” Alex mumbled softly.

“K daddy,” Alex said softly.

Mr Wolff warmly showed everyone around, Alex's crib and been set up in his parents bed room and Juanita smiled a little watching Alex climb up into his crib.

“You really like it in there don't you baby?” Mr Wolff asked warmly.

“Uh-huh... Fanx for getting all stuff for me?” Alex mumbled warmly.

“It's most alright,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Right, lets change your diaper and why don't we all cuddle on the couch and I'll read you some more of your book?” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Ok, daddy,” Alex said as everyone else left the room, and Mr Wolff undressed Alex enough to change him.

“You want me to be happy huh?” Alex asked as his dad untapped his diaper and began to wipe him down.

“Yeah, in the short time you've been a baby, you have slept, come close to smiling and I even heard you giggled a little, I like to think as you get more comfortable and don't have to worry about big stuff and the bad stuff that you will be able to be a happy little man,” Mr Wolff said softly, and it warmed his hard to get a little smile back from Alex.

“I love you daddy,” Alex said softly

“I love you too Alex,” Mr Wolff said warmly as he replace the wet diaper with a new one and began to oil and powder Alex.

“Do I gotta go to school tomorrow?” Alex asked concerned.

“No, you don't have to go to school, we don't want you to worry about anything that's big.” Mr Wolff said warmly as he pulled the diaper up between Alex's legs and tightly tapped it up.

Mr Wolff then lifted Alex of the changing table lowered him to the floor and redressed him.

“Right, lets get you a bottle and cuddle in so I can read to you some more,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“K dadddy... and fanx,” Alex said softly as he waddled off beside his dad and was soon happily nursing a bottle of milk as Nat and Juanita cuddled him tight while his dad read to him.

“Don't be mad, but your a pretty cute baby,” Juanita whispered to him getting Alex to blush a little, but she was pleased there was an attempt at a smile.

“You can be little too,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Not to day though, because I want to help you in being little.” Juanita said warmly.

“Fanx Juanita,” Alex mumbled softly.


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Chapter 14

It was three quarters of an hour later, and they were happy at how comfortable Alex was. Mr Wolff had been worried about how Alex would react though when he pooped his diaper, and Alex suddenly looking very upset soon followed by the smell of poop soon confirmed he had.

As much as it stank, Juanita and Nat didn't want to make a big fuss about it to try and put Alex at ease, but none the less who soon started to cry before his dad came over and wrapped Alex up in a big hug.

“It's ok Alex,” Mr Wolff said tenderly, “It's ok,”

“Not ok,” Alex sobbed as his dad rubbed his back to calm him down.

“It's ok Alex... it will take a bit to get used to it, but we don't mind. We know you can't help it, and we aren't going to make fun of you for it, we are all here for you,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Nah-uh,” Alex sobbed.

“Uh-huh Alex,” Nat said warmly, “You know I'd punch anyone who laughed at you,”

“And I'd hug you so you feel better,” Juanita said softly.

“Fanx guys,” Alex sobbed.

“Come on baby, lets at least change you diaper,” Mr Wolff said helping Alex to his feet and having him waddle beside him before undressing him enough to change him and lifting him onto the changing table.

“Daddy... do you....” Alex begain as his dad untapped his diaper and began to wipe the poop away.

“No Alex... I know it's tough at the moment, but you will get used to it, and if you end up anything like you were when you were a little baby then running around in a poopy diaper will be the least of your worries, but me and mommy are always happy to change you butt,” Mr Wolff said warmly as he continued to wipe Alex down.

“Do I gotta get used it?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Unfortunately baby you do... but I think with you being a baby it will be easier because you don't really need to worry about it too much because hopefully you will be having super lots of fun... but if you were being big then I think it would be far too much for you to handle,” Mr Wolff said gently as he wiped the last loads of poop from Alex.

“You really think being a baby gonna help me lots,” Alex asked softly.

“It has helped quite a lot already,” Mr Wolff said softly, “You feel safe enough to sleep and not have bad dreams right?”

“I do feel safe huh?” Alex asked softly as his dad disposed of the soiled diaper.

“I don't know, do you feel like nothing bad's gonna get you?” Mr Wolff asked warmly as he unfolded a clean diaper and slid it under Alex's butt.

“I not scared in my crib... get more cuddles to,” Alex mumbled softly.

“We thought that the crib might help you feel safe, Simon and I both saw that you felt the most relaxed in your egg chair and we figured it was because it was enclosed,” Mr Wolff said warmly as he oiled and powdered Alex.

“You want this to work huh?” Alex asked softly.

“Uh-huh, lots haven't worked so far, but this has already worked better than a lot of things so we all hope it can help you lots,” Mr Wolff said warmly pulling the diaper upbetween Alex's legs and tightly taping it up.

“Fanx daddy,” Alex mumbled softly as his dad gently kissed him on the forehead lowering him to the floor and redressing him.

“It's alright Alex, just remember I will always love you, no matter what,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Love you too daddy,” Alex said with a little smile.

“So did you want to go spend time with everyone, while I make some dinner?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex said softly before his dad gently tapped Alex on his butt before watching him waddle back to the lounge.

Mr Wolff smiled as headed to the kitchen seeing Alex cuddled in with Nat and Juanita.

“Hey Nat, do you gotta go to school tomorrow?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Yeah, but when I come back we can cuddle lots,” Nat said softly.

“Can you bring me back a cookie tomorrow?” Alex asked softly.

“Ok Alex,” Nat smiled gently kissing his brother on the head.

“What if I can't be happy like you guys fink?” Alex asked softly.

“Well it's better you being calm and feeling safe than what you were before... but think it's pretty likely your going to be happy playful baby, we already seen a couple of smiles and Juanita did get you to giggle.” Nat smiled warmly.

Alex just smiled as he cuddled in with his brother, and Abigail smiled as well, she could see Alex really enjoyed being reassured by Nat.

“See made you smile again,” Nat said warmly.

“Whose ready for dinner?” Mr Wolff asked half an hour later, when he was finished cooking.

“Better be good dinner,” Alex mumbled softly awkward climbing to his feet before helping Nat and Juanita stand up.

“Super good dinner, because I want my little man to enjoy his food,” Mr Wolff smiled as Abigail picked Alex up lowered him into his highchair strapped him and slid the tray in place.

Abigail pulled a bib over Alex's head.

“If you want to make a mess, feel free sweetheart,” Abigail whispered in his ear, they all just wanted him to know that it was ok for him to act and behave the way he felt.

Everyone else soon sat around the table and a plate of macaroni cheese and a bottle of milk were placed on Alex's highchair.

“Well lets start off with a toast....” Mr Wolff began,

“Nah-uh, we don't have toast,” Alex mumbled softly, and everyone chuckled, it had been forever since Alex tried to make a joke.

“Silly baby,” Mr Wolff said as warmly as he could managing to get another smile out of Alex. “A toast that we may have a super happy little Alex,” Mr Wolff said warmly, before everyone clinked their glasses together and made sure to clink with Alex's bottle.

“Dig in,” Abigail said warmly and smiled as Alex didn't even bother to look for a knife and fork, instead just digging in with his fingers.

“So Alex... is it good?” Mr Wolff asked with fake nervousness.

Alex ate another handful.

“Uh-huh it'll do,” Alex giggled and warmed everyone's heart to hear that, they could see it was helping Alex, and they understood he would need constant reassurance for a while to know it was ok to act little... but hearing Alex giggle reminded them they were on the right track.

They watched Alex happily eat, from the distance the could all see a bit of life and returned to Alex's eyes and they all appreciated it over dinner.

“Fanx for dinner daddy,” Alex said warmly.

“It's alright Alex,” Mr Wolff smiled before Abigail grabbing a damp cloth to wipe down his face and fingers.

“Can we have ice cream?” Alex asked softly.

“How about buddy, we get you bathed and dressed for bed, while mommy goes to buy some ice cream, then you can have ice cream, we can snuggle and watch TV for a bit and I'll read to you when we put you to bed?” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“K daddy,” Alex said softly before his dad came over and removed his bib and the tray for the highchair, unstrapped him and carried him into the bathroom.

Mr Wolff lowered Alex to the floor and started running the bath.

“What that?” Alex asked suspiciously as his dad grabbed a bottle.

“Bubbles,” His dad cackled as he squirted some in and the bubbles began to form.

“Bubbles,” Alex smiled as bubble bath began to fill up.

“Right while you bath is filling up, lets get you nakie,” Mr Wolff said warmly, he pulled off Alex's shorts, undid the snaps in his crotch before taking of Alex's onesie exposing a soaking wet diaper.

“Sorry daddy,” Alex mumbled looking down as his dad untapped his diaper.

“Don't be sorry Alex, you can't control it, and lets face it, it's mommies and daddies job to change your diaper,” Mr Wolff said quickly wiping Alex down before lowering him into the bath.

“Go on Alex, you know you want to,” Mr Wolff smiled watching Alex staring at the bubbles.

Alex giggled a little bit before throwing bubbles at his dad and his dad soon threw bubbles at Alex and soon giggling and splashing around. Mr Wolff played with Alex for about twenty minutes before he started to bathe him.

“All clean!” Mr Wolff said happily as he lifted Alex from the bath.

“Fanx daddy,” Alex said warmly as his dad dried him off, before carrying him to the changing table and laying him on it. His dad then unfolded a clean diaper slipped it under his butt before he began to oil and powder Alex.

“I'm proud of you Alex,” His dad said warmly, as he gently spread Alex's legs, pulled the diaper, up between them and tightly tapped up the diaper.

“Why?” Alex asked softly.

“Because you are smiling and laughing a little, even yesterday I didn't dream it would happen this quick,” Mr Wolff said warmly tenderly kissing Alex's head as he lifted Alex of the changing table before massaging his night lotion into his chest and dressing him in a playsuit.

“Go on champ, go see if mommy has your ice cream yet,” Mr Wolff said warmly watching Alex waddle out of the room.

“Oh Someone looks nice and clean,” Laura smiled as Alex came waddling out.

Alex blushed a little but did manage a small smile.

“Here you baby, I got your ice cream,” Abigail smiled warmly as Alex waddled over grabbed his ice cream cone and sat next to Nat and Juanita who were eating theirs,

“Fanx mommy,” Alex mumbled before he started to eat his ice cream.

“It's alright Alex,” Abigail smiled warmly.

She smiled once Alex had finished his ice cream and cuddled in with Juanita and Nat as they watched some Simpsons on TV. It wasn't too long before Mr Wolff came back out, he saw Alex looking pretty tired as he watched TV.

“Go say good night to everyone, and we'll get you a bottle and I'll read to you,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Ok daddy,” Alex mumbled softly and tightly cuddled with Juanita “Night Juanita,”

“Night Alex, you have a good sleep,” Juanita smiled.

“You too,” Alex smiled before he crawled over and cuddled in with Nat.

“Have sweet dreams and I'll see you tomorrow,” Nat said warmly.

“Love you Nat,” Alex said warmly.

“Love you too Alex,” Nat smiled before his brother went to say good night to Laura and John.

Juanita smiled watching Alex who then waddled over and his mom picked him up, she couldn't help but notice the thick diaper between his legs.

“You have good dreams, know that mommy loves you lotsly.” Abigail smiled warmly.

“Love you too mommy,” Alex said warmly as his mom gently kissed him on his forehead.

“You go have a good sleep,” Abigail said lowering him to the floor.

“Night guys,” Alex said softly as he grabbed his dads hand and waddled beside him, Before his dad lifted him up and gently lifted Alex up into his crib, tucking him in and handing him a bottle of milk before he started to read to him.

Mr Wolff smiled as he read a couple of chapters, Alex gently nursed his bottle. Once Alex's bottle was finished, Mr Wolff gently replaced it with a pacifier and Alex gently nursed that as his dad gently kissed him on the forehead.

“Good Night baby,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Night daddy, I love you,” Alex mumbled sleepily.

“I love you too,” Mr Wolff said warmly, before raising the side of the crib and leaving Alex to drift off.

Mr Wolff and Abigail smiled as they went to bed, the noticed Alex peacefully sleeping nursing his pacifier and hugging his bear.

“So peaceful,” Abigail smiled as they climbed into bed.

“It was about 5:30 in the morning when Alex awoke, slowly nursing his pacifier as he eventually woke up. He hugged Ike.

It was twenty minutes before he climbed to his feet and clutched the side of his crib.

“Mommy,” Alex called out softly, a couple of times before she began to stir.

“Good Morning baby,” She said sleepily as she climbed out of bed and looked at how cute Alex looked standing their in his crib.

“Morning mommy, have good sleep?” Alex asked softly.

“Uh-huh did baby have a good sleep?” Abigail smiled at him, as she got dressed.

“Uh-huh, I notta wake up once,” Alex said warmly as his mom lowered the side of his crib and picked him and held him on her hip.

“Shall we get you a bottle, and then you can go wake Nat up?” Abigail asked warmly.

“Uh-huh, Nat gotta go to school huh?” Alex asked softly.

“Yeah but it's one day, then it's the weekend... you gonna miss him?” Abigail asked warmly as she carried Alex out to the fridge.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Well lets get you a bottle and you can go give him a lot of cuddles.” Abigail said as she handed him a bottle before watching him waddle into his and Nats room.

Alex smiled around his bottle seeing Nat sleep on his bed, and Alex climbed up and cuddled in with his brother.

“Hello Alex.” Nat mumbled softly.

“Hi Nat... I love you.” Alex mumbled around his bottle.

“Love you too Alex.” Nat smiled cuddling his brother and slowly waking up.

“Mommy say you gotta go to school.” Alex mumbled as he finished his bottle.

“Yeah I got to go to school, I can't always stay home, so I think mom wants to get you used to me going to school, but at least it's only one day before it's the weekend,” Nat said softly gently stroking his brothers hair.

“You gonna miss though,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Course I'm going to miss you, and I know your gonna a miss me so we'll cuddle lots,” Nat said warmly.

The cuddled for 30 minutes before Abigail came in.

“Right baby, how about we change your diaper get you dressed so Nat can get dressed and you can have breakfast,” Abigail said softly.

“K mommy,” Alex mumbled softly.

“See you at the table Alex,” Nat said softly as Alex awkwardly climbing off the bed and waddling after his mom.

Abigail soon had Alex underessed an laying on the changing table, changing a soaked diaper/

“So baby, shall we cook some cookies today?” Abigail asked as she slid a clean diaper under his butt and began to oil and powder.

“Uh-huh, cos I gonna get bored huh?” Alex asked sa his mom gently spread his legs pulling the diaper up between them and tightly tapping it up.

We hope not... but we want to give you things todo, and mommy would like to spend time with her baby,” Abigail smiled getting a little smile from Alex.

“Mommy loves to see baby smile,” Abigail smiled finding a clean playsuit to dress Alex in.

“Smiling good huh mommy,” Alex said warmly.

“Uh-huh smiling great,” Abigail said as she dressed Alex in a brand new playsuit.

“Where daddy?” Alex asked noticing his dad was not in bed.

“How does baby think breakfast is being made?” Abigail smiled.

“Can I go hug him?” Alex asked softly.

“Go on Alex,” Abigial smiled before gently tapping his diapered butt before watching him waddle out into the dining room and waddling over and cuddling his dad.

“Good morning buddy,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Morning daddy, you have good sleep?” Alex asked warmly cuddling in tightly.

“I had a good sleep, do you have a good sleep?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“I hadda good sleep, I not wake up again,” Alex smiled warmly.

“I am really glad to hear that, good sleep?” Mr Wolff asked.

“Uh-huh, no bad dream,” Alex said warmly.

“Daddy loves to hear that,” Mr Wolff smiled before lifting him up into his highchair, before tightly strapping Alex in, before kissing him on the forehead.

“Have a good cuddle with dad?” Nat asked warmly.

“Uh-huh, lotta cuddles for everyone,” Alex said warmly as the tray was slid in place and bib placed over his head.

Nat enjoyed spending time with his brother, and ended up giving Alex lots of hugs before he headed of to school though he could tell Alex was sad that he had to go.

“He gonna come back right?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Of course he is... You mean everything to Nat,” Mr Wolff said warmly cuddling in on the couch so they could watch cartoons.

“You sure?” Alex asked softly.

“I'm positive Alex... Nat loves you and I think Nat his happy to see you so calm and happy.” Mr Wolf said gently kissing Alex on his forehead.

“Fanx daddy,” Alex said softly.

“It's alright baby” Mr Wolff said warmly as Abigail handed Alex a bottle of milk before cuddling in on the other side to his dad.

They watched TV for a few hours enjoying how cuddly and calm Alex was, they could see Alex really enjoyed how loved his parents made him feel.

“Shall we grab some lunch, before we get you down for a nap?” Abigail asked softly as noon approached.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled softly

“Then we can bake some cookies when you wake up,” Abigail said warmly helping Alex to his feet.

“Chocolate chip cookies right?” Alex asked warmly

“Is there any other kind?” Abigail asked getting Alex to smile.

“Love you mommy,” Alex smiled warmly.

“Love you too baby,” Abigail said gently kissing him on his forehead before lifting him up into his highchair and strapping him in.

Alex soon had the tray slid in front of him, a bib pulled over his head, Before he had a bottle and some sandwiches.

“Do I gotta stay here forever?” Alex mumbled softly.

“What do you mean?” Mr Wolff asked softly as he handed Abigail some sandwiches before he say down himself.

“At home... do I gotta stay here, or do we getta go for walks?” Alex asked softly.

“Well we'll stay here for a couple of days and see how you are going, then we'll see about going for walks,” Mr Wolff said kindly.

“K daddy,” Alex mumbled softly around a mouthful of sandwich.

It was long later Mr Wolff had changed Alex's diaper and lay him down in the crib and handed him a warm bottle of milk.

“Can you read to me?” Alex asked softly around his bottle.

“Ok baby,” Mr Wolff smiled kissing Alex on the forehead and grabbing Alex's book.

Mr Wolff smiled as he read to Alex watching him nurse his bottle, before he slowly drifted off to sleep. Mr Wolff gently kissed Alex on his forehead, before raising the side of the crib and leaving Alex to sleep.


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I like your story and hope you keep writing it.

I wish i was Alex being babied


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I like your story and hope you keep writing it.

I wish i was Alex being babied

Thanks, I have a lot of it written, I just need to motivate myself to actually post it lol.

- - - Updated - - -

Chapter 15

It was a couple of hours later when Abigail heard that Alex had awoken and entered the room to get him.

“Baby have a good sleep?” Abigail asked warmly.

“Uh-huh, mommy have good not sleep?” Alex asked awkwardly climbing to his feet as Abigail lowered the side to his crib.

“Uh-huh, but mommy has been waiting forever for little Alex to wake up so we can do some baking,” Abigail smiled picking up Alex and feeling him snuggle in.

“letta bake some cookies,” Alex smiled before feeling his mom kiss him on his forehead and carrying him out to the kitchen. She sat him on the bench before the started to bake.

Abigail smiled once they had the cookies in the oven and watched as Alex happily ate some of the mix off the side of the bowl. Before cuddling in with his dad as they waited for them to cook.

Abigail and Alex got up to check the cookies a while later when Alex heard the door open, but he knew it was Nat and Abigail laughed watching him waddle down the hallway almost knocking Nat over as he flew into hug him.

“Guess you missed me,” Nat said warmly hugging his brother back and closing the door with his foot.

“Uh-huh, I lotta missed you,” Alex said warmly still tightly holding his big brother.

“I missed you too,” Nat said tenderly planting a kiss on Alex's forehead.

“Wanna see if our cookies are ready?” Alex asked warmly.

“Ok Alex,” Nat smiled as his brother grabbed his hand and lead his brother to the kitchen.

“Cookies are almost ready, we just need to give them 5 minutes to cool down ok sweetheart?” Abigail said as Alex came back around the corner. “How was school Nat?”

“School was good. Rosalina would like to come over if she's allowed,” Nat said softly.

“Uh-huh cos she nice and we save her a cookie,” Alex smiled warmly.

“Well if it's ok with Alex,” Abigail smiled warmly.

“You just want cuddles,” Nat smiled at his brother getting a smile in return. “I'll txt Rosalina and let her know,”

“Right little man, you were such a big help in baking the cookies you get to eat the first one, then I'm pretty sure you could do with a new diaper,” Abigail said warmly handing the cookie to Alex.

She smiled warmly as he passed it to Nat before he got another cookie.

“Thanks Alex,” Nat said appreciatively it really showed how much Alex cared for him.

“It K Nat,” Alex smiled before he started to eat his cookie.

“Is it good?” Nat asked warmly.

“Uh-huh, super good,” Alex smiled warmly before watching Nat start to eat his cookie.

“Ooh it is good, you are a good little baker,” Nat said warmly.

“Nah-uh, I only help mommy,” Alex said warmly.

“Baby helped a lot, wouldn't have tasted as good without him,” Abigail smiled watching Alex finish off his cookie.

“Fanx Mommy,” Alex smiled warmly.

“It's ok sweetheart, now how about we get that butt changed before Rosalina gets here,” Abigail said warmly scooping Alex up.

“K mommy,” Alex said softly as he was carried to the changing table and stripped down to a soaked diaper.

“Lotta wet huh?” Alex asked as his mom untapped his diaper and wiped him down.

“Super lotta wet, but it's ok because baby is a baby and we love him,” Abigail smiled getting a smile from Alex as she slid the wet diaper away.

“You not gonna be mad you gotta change me wet and clean me when I poop?” Alex asked softly.

“Of course we won't, we know baby can not help it, and we don't want baby to feel bad about things he can't change,” Abigail said warmly kissing Alex on his forehead before sliding a clean diaper under his butt and oiling and powdering him.

“Fanx mommy,” Alex mumbled softly.

“It's ok baby, mommy and daddy and Nat just want you to be happy, and you seem to get happier each day,” Abigail smiled gently spreading Alex's legs pulling the diaper up between them and tightly tapping it up.

Abigail then helped him up and redressed him in his playsuit.

“Shall we get baby a bottle and he can snuggle with his brother?” Abigail asked warmly,

“Uh-huh, and mommy... when we gotta do shopping canna I come?” Alex asked softly.

“Ok Alex,” Abigail smiled, some of the clothes they had got him, were less babyish so they didn't have to be too worried about taking him outside.

“Bottle and snuggle” Alex said warmly as he was lowered from the changing table before he waddled beside his mom, getting a bottle before climbing in his egg chair and snuggling with Nat.

“So did you have a good day Alex?” Nat asked softly.

“Uh-huh, I getta lotta cuddles and not be scared,” Alex said warmly.

“That's great, we don't want you to feel scared all the time,” Nat said warmly.

“Do you feel scared?” Alex asked softly.

“Nah... but I always felt really bad for you, because you did, and everything was bad... it's nice to see you calm and able to enjoy things,” Nat said softly.

“Like cuddles?” Alex asked

“Uh-huh,” Nat smiled cuddling his brother tighter.

“Fanx for saying fings and cuddling me,” Alex smiled softly.

“It's ok Alex... I see your unsure at times, I just want you to know that it's ok.” Nat said warmly before freeing Alex up enough for him to drink his bottle.
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Chapter 16

It was another half an hour later that Rosalina arrived, Alex was too busy cuddling with Nat, so Abigail let her him and Rosalina smiled seeing Alex happily cuddling with his brother.

“Hello Alex,” She said warmly,

“Rosie,” Alex smiled warmly as he awkwardly climbed of the egg chair and waddled over to Rosalina and wrapped her up in a big hug.

“How you doing?” She asked hugging him back.

“I do good, I getta lotta cuddles and we make cookies,” Alex said warmly. “How you do,”

“I'm good, I love seeing you happy,” Rosalina said warmly.

“You be happier with a cookie,” Alex smiled waddling into the kitchen and grabbing the container of cookies before offering one to Rosalina, and then going around getting everyone to grab one, before he grabbed one himself, and put the rest on the table.

“Mmmmmm good cookie, who made them?” Rosalina said warmly.

“Mommy did.” Alex smiled.

“But baby helped lots which is why they taste so good,” Abigail said warmly getting a bigger smile out of Alex.

“Hey Rosie, letta me show stuff,” Alex said warmly after they finished their cookies and Alex led her away.

Nat smiled as he followed not long after, at Alex happily sitting in his crib hugging his bear, is diaper clearly visible through the leg holes of his playsuit, and Nat was a bit relieved it didn't seem to bother him.

“Does Alex have any other toys?” Rosalina asked softly.

“We gotted a couple... but I notta remember where they go.” Alex mumbled a little sadly.

“Did little man check the fluffy room?” Nat asked warmly.

“Nah-uh,” Alex said softly.

“I think he probably should then,” Nat smiled as Alex grabbed Rosalina's hand and dragged her to the fluffy room.

“Toys!!!” Alex shouted happily as he saw them before letting go of Rosalina and sitting down so he could play with them. Alex smiled as Nat and Rosalina sat down to play too.

As much as Nat didn't care for the toys, he found it surprisingly enjoyable to be able to play games with his brother, even Rosalina seemed to get into it, which he figured was good for Alex.

It was just before dinner Mr Wolff went to check on them, which was good timing because it was at that moment that Alex messed his diaper and started to cry.

Rosalina being closest to him wrapped him up in a big hug, trying to say to Alex that it was ok.

“Why you hug me?” Alex sobbed after 5 minutes of Rosalina trying to make him feel better.

“Because baby is sad, and I want him to know, it's not his fault that he poops and that I love him anyway,” Rosalina said tenderly, getting an appreciative smile from Nat and Mr Wolff.

“You... you sure,” Alex sniffed after a couple of minutes.

“Uh-huh, I don't know if it feels bad... but it only smells a little bit, and a little bit smell isn't going to bother us... we don't get mad if you fart do we?” Rosalina said gently.

“But fart not as bad as poop” Alex sniffed.

“That doesn't matter to us, we just want you to know it doesn't bother us... and hopefully soon it won't bother you,” Rosalina said gently kissing Alex on his forehead.

“Fanx Rosie,” Alex sniffed.

“It's ok baby, now I think you dad wants to change your butt,” Rosalina said warmly, before watching Alex waddle over to his dad who lead him away for a diaper change.

“Thanks for that Rosalina... does the smell really not bother you?” Nat asked once he was sure Alex was gone.

“Of course it stinks, Alex doesn't need to hear that... and it's a small price to pay for him to be happy... if he can happily run around in a poopy diaper i'm not going to make a fuss about it, I'd rather him be happy as much as he can be, than upset because he pooped.” Rosalina said softly.

“Thanks for making him feel better though, I think the more he hears and the more people he hears it from, the less upset he will be. It'll take some getting used but I think he's scared people will think less of him because of it.” Nat said softly.

“It's alright Nat... though your brother makes an adorable baby,” Rosalina smiled.

“Yeah he does.... never would have guess this is what it would take,” Nat said softly.

“Do you mind?” Rosalina asked, “And not I don't mind he's my brother, but do you mind.”

Nat shrugged a bit.

“I don't know, he's my best friend and it's different if he's a baby... I just hope that it doesn't take too long for him to be big and be happy,” Nat said softly.

“We don't want to rush this Nat,” Abigail said warmly, “I don't think any of us expected this, but it is what is... but he'll need time, it might be a couple of months, it maybe a year... he might not ever want to be big. But right now, I think we can all just enjoy that he is calm, he smiles and giggles and seems to be far better off than before.”

“Do you think Alex would want to be big again?” Nat asked softly.

“I don't know... your dad said when they were talking with Simon, Alex didn't say a thing about being big again, but think that worrying about that would make this less effective than now... he doesn't have to worry about anything, so I think when he's ready, we talk to him about it... but can see how the idea of being big would scare him,” Abigail said gently.

“Thanks mom,” Nat said softly.

“It's alright Nat, and just remember big or small... you mean the world to Alex, so I think when the time comes, he will try his hardest for you... just please don't put any pressure on him before then,” Abigail said warmly.

“I just want him to be happy.... if he can't ever be big and happy, I hope he can stay small and happy,” Nat said, but his mom could see he was scared he was going to lose his best friend so she just tightly wrapped him in a hug.

Not too long later everyone was sitting at the table, quietly pleased to see that Alex had gotten over his messy diaper.

“What we gonna do tomorrow?” Alex asked softly before shoveling more food into his mouth.

“I don't know, we'll find something to do.” Abigail said warmly.

“Well Alex, if it's alright with your mom and dad I can come around tomorrow and bring my wii and we can play games on it if you want,” Rosalina said warmly.

“You just wanna see me jump round in my diaper,” Alex frowned.

“There's nothing wrong with that is there?” Rosalina said warmly, Alex was a bit right, she was sure Alex would enjoy it, but knew he'd look pretty cute playing in his diaper.

“Nah-uh,” Alex giggled.

“Yeah I think we will be alright with that,” Abigail smiled warmly.

Abigail noticed as they finished dinner and Mr Wolff hadn't spoken a word over dinner. Once Alex's fingers and face were clean she freed him from his highchair, and watched as he dragged Nat and Rosalina away.

“You alright Sonny?” Abigail asked softly.

“Yeah, it's just weird...” Mr Wolff said softly.

“It's a little unorthodox but “ Abigail began.

“No not Alex, though a guess a lot of people wouldn't understand.” Mr Wolff said gently “No it's weird that it feels so calm in here. It's been over a year, it's been a long long time since we've been able to... enjoy being at home,”

“I know what you mean... it feels like there is life in the house now,” Abigail said as she put her hands on Mr Wolffs. “But you know he's still going to need us a ton, everything he's been through is still there and Simon is concerned that when and if it bursts through Alex isn't going to have the ability to deal with anywhere near as well as he has done so far,”

“I know, I do think if he's getting the sleep he has been, and we make sure he's eating it will help him out about,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“How do you think Nat's coping with it?” Mr Wolff asked softly.

“He can't wait for Alex to be happy and big again,” Abigail said softly.

“He does know there is a chance that may never happen right?” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Yeah, he'll be happy if Alex is happy, but I think he wants his brother to be growing up by his side,” Abigail said gently.

“He's a good kid,” Mr Wolff said warmly, as he looked over to the lounge and saw Alex cuddled in tightly with Nat.

“They both are,” Abigail said warmly smiling over at both boys and it warmed her heart for them both to smile back.

“Though in a few days once things a settled down, we are going to have to start kicking Nat out of the house for a few hours a couple of times a week,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Why do you say that?” Abigail asked curiously.

“Because if we gave him the choice he would spend every minute with his brother, he should get out there and start hanging with the band,” Mr Wolff said warmly. “He needs to get back out into the world,”

“What about Alex?” Abigail asked as she watched him gently nudge Nat's hand with his head and got his brother to start stroking his hair.

“We'll see how things go, but between here, John and Laura's and Simon therapy place, I think his world should probably be big enough for him so long as we throw a couple of walks and taking him shopping, though we can have a talk to Simon in a couple of days, and see what he thinks too,” Mr Wolff said as he went back to just enjoying how things felt, and how amazing it was to see Alex peaceful.

“Alright Alex, I think it's time you had a bath and we got you ready for bed,” Mr Wolff said an hour later.

“I should probably head home too,” Rosalina said softly.

“Well how about I drop you off while Alex has his bath,” Abigail said warmly.

“Thanks, and I'll pop around tomorrow,” Rosalina said warmly as she stood up.

She then helped Alex to his feet and wrapped him up in a hug.

“See you tomorrow Alex,” She said gently.

“Bye Rosie, Fanx for spending time wiff me,” Alex mumbled cuddling her back.

“Anytime Alex, you go have you bath and have sweet dreams tonight,” Rosalina said warmly.

“K you have good night too,” Alex said gently before he waddled over to his dad and followed him down the corridor.

As Alex had his bath, Nat said goodbye to Rosalina before Abigail said goodbye, before he sat on the couch and watched TV. It was about half an hour later that Alex returned and climbed up and cuddled with his brother again.

“Have a good bath?” Nat asked softly.

“Uh-huh, you have a good time?” Alex asked softly.

“I had a great time, love seeing you be nice and calm,” Nat said softly.

“Because it sucked lots before,” Alex asked softly.

“Yeah you could say that,” Nat said softly with a small smile.

“You guys all really really sure your not mad?” Alex mumbled softly.

“Alex we're not mad, especially with you. I wish all this never happened to you, but I am happy something seems to help you,” Nat said softly as he kissed Alex on his forehead.

“Fanx Nat,” Alex mumbled before he snuggled in closer.

It was about 10 minutes later when Abigail returned home, and saw Alex cuddling with his brother. She loved seeing that extra relaxed look Alex got as he breathed in his night lotion.

“So little man, should we get you a bottle, get you to bed and let your dad read to you?” Abigail asked softly.

“Uh-huh, then I can havva good sleep huh?” Alex asked softly.

“Yep, and then you can have a good day tomorrow,” Abigail smiled going into the fridge and getting out a bottle of milk.

She couldn't help but smile as Alex got of the couch and grabbed Nat's hand, dragging him along with him.

His dad was already in the room, ready and waiting, and soon scooped Alex up and gently lay him in his crib.

“Fanx mommy,” Alex mumbled as she handed him his bottle and he began to gently nurse it as his dad read more of his book.

“Have a good night Alex,” Nat said gently giving Alex one last kiss on the head.

“You havva good night too,” Alex smiled tiredly at his big brother, “Love you Nat,”

“Love you too Alex,” Nat smiled as his mom and dad said good night to Alex.

Abigail made sure Ike was cuddled in close, slipped a pacifier into Alex's mouth, before she raised the side to his crib and they left him to drift off to sleep.

When they went to bed that night, Abigail and Mr Wolff could see Alex was a bit restless as he slept.

Mr Wolff lowered the side of Alex's crib, and Alex jerked awake as his dad gently grabbed his shoulder.

“Bad dream?” Mr Wolff asked softly picking Alex up and holding him in close.

“Uh-huh,” Alex sobbed and he cuddled in with his dad.

Mr Wolff carried him over to the bed and sat down as he held onto Alex.

“Want to talk about it?” His dad asked softly.

“Everyone laughed at me.... they... they said I pathetic” Alex sobbed as his dad rubbed his back.

“Your not pathetic Alex,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“And no ones going to laugh at you baby,” Abigail said gently.

“Uh-huh, they fink I dumb cos I gotta be little,” Alex sobbed a little.

“Your not dumb, and no one will laugh at you,” Mr Wolff said softly. “And no one else needs to know, when we go out we'll make sure no one can tell,”

“Fanx daddy,” Alex mumbled softly.

“It's alright baby,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“Shall we get you another bottle, before we get you back to bed?” Abigail asked softly.

“Uh-huh please mommy,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Just remember mommy and daddy and Nat wouldn't let anyone make fun of you,” Mr Wolff said warmly as he carried Alex back to his crib and lay him done.

“Fanx daddy,” Alex mumbled and his dad gently kissed Alex on his forehead.

“Here you go Alex,” Abigail said softly handing Alex a bottle.

She then grabbed Ike and gently tucked him in beside Alex.

“You protect Alex from bad dreams,” She said before kissing Alex on his forehead.

“Love you mommy, love you daddy,” Alex mumbled around his bottle.

“Love you to sweetheart, have a good sleep,” The both said gently and raised the side of Alex's crib before getting in bed, falling a sleep to the sound of Alex nursing his bottle.


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Chapter 17

It was about 7am when Abigail woke up, slowly opening her eyes and eventually sitting up seeing Alex quietly nursing his pacifier as he hugged his bear.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Abigail asked warmly as she got out of bed.

“Morning mommy,” Alex said with a little smile, before he climbed to his feet.

“Have a good sleep?” She asked softly lowering the side of crib and having Alex tightly hug her as she picked him up.

“cept for nightmare,” He mumbled softly. “Fanx for you and daddy giving me cuddles,”

“That's what we're here for, let our little guy have fun, but make him feel better if he's sad.” Abigail said warmly carrying him in the dining room.

“So shall I get you a bottle and send you to wake up your brother?” Abigail asked warmly.

“Uh-huh, so he get cuddles too huh?”

“Yeah,” Abigail said warmly lowering Alex to the floor and handing him a bottle, before she watched him waddle off.

Alex was pleased to see Nat sleeping in his bed so he didn't have to climb to the top bunk. He climbed up into his bed and snuggled with his brother.

“Morning Alex,” Nat moaned tiredly.

“Morning Nat, I getta cuddle wiff you,” Alex mumbled happily around his bottle.

“Nah-uh,” Nat teased softly. “I get to cuddle with you,”

Alex smiled a little as his brother rolled over a bit and put his arms around him.

“Good milk?” Alex asked softly.

“Uh-huh, really really good,” Alex smiled a bit nursing his bottle.

“The sounded like a smile,” Nat said warmly finally managing to pry his eyes open.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled as he continued with his bottle.

It was about half an hour later, Alex had finished his bottle and was gently cuddling Nat.

“Think we should get up?” Nat asked gently.

“Nah-uh, we can just stay here and cuddle all day,” Alex said warmly.

“We could.... but would you like breakfast, and to get dressed and how are we going to play with Rosalina when she gets here.” Nat said warmly.

“Mmmmmm breakfist,” Alex mumbled, “ And you really fink Rosie coming back?”

“Of course she is, she didn't run away after she saw you at the hospital the other day did she?” Nat said softly.

“Nah-uh, she comed over and played wiff me,” Alex said with a little smile.

“Uh-huh and she would do it again, because you might not know this Alex, but we kinda like you,” Nat said warmly.

“Nah-uh, you lotta love me,” Alex said giving Nat a bigger hug.

“That we do Alex,” Mr Wolff said warmly from the door.

“Daddy!” Alex said happily awkwardly climbing off the bed and going over and giving him a hug.

“Your mom said you went to go wake Nat up and didn't come back, we were worried you fell asleep again.” Mr Wolff said warmly hugging Alex back.

“Nah-uh we just lotta cuddle,” Alex smiled warmly.

“Good to hear, but do you want to go get some breakfast, and then we can change you?” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K daddy,” Alex said softly. “Come on Nat,”

“Alright Alex, I'll be out in a second,” Nat said softly.

When Nat came out, he was dressed and Alex was patiently waiting in his highchair.

“That notta a second,” Alex said warmly.

“Uh-huh it was, and two and three and four,” Nat said warmly, getting a small giggle out of Alex.

“So breakfist time right?” Alex asked looking at his mom who brought over to some bacon scrambled eggs and toast, while his dad handed him a bottle of milk.

“Uh-huh, make you nice and fat.” Abigail said warmly.

“Nah-uh, if I fat I not get to snuggle.” Alex said happily as he dug into his breakfast.

“Not want to miss out on that do we,” Nat smiled.

“Uh-huh, cos I love snuggle with you guys, and you like getting snuggle from me huh,” Alex smiled around a mouth full of food.

It was enjoyable for them all as the ate. Feeling Alex get a little more life and energy into him, seemed to give them all a little more life an energy.

Once they were finished Mr Wolff wiped down Alex's fingers and face and lifted him out of his highchair.

“Come on baby, lets get you in a clean diaper, and get you dressed,” Mr Wolff said softly as he carried Alex into his living room.

He lowered Alex to the floor and unzipped the back of his sleeper, before he helped Alex out of it.

“Sorry daddy,” Alex mumbled looking down and seeing his diaper was soaked.

“You don't need to be sorry baby, the doctor said you won't be able to control it,” Mr Wolff said warmly, giving Alex a hug and lifting him onto the changing table.

“You sure?” Alex asked softly.

“Of course Alex... don't you worry about it, you just worry about having fun,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Fanx daddy,” Alex smiled softly as his dad untapped his diaper and wiped him down.

“It's alright baby,” Mr Wolff said gently as he removed Alex's wet diaper and disposed of it.

Mr Wolff soon slid a fresh diaper under his butt, and oiled and powered him, before pulling it up between his legs and tightly taping it up.

“Can I just wear a shirt?” Alex asked softly.

“Lets wait a few days until you are settled before we let you expose your diaper to everyone else ok buddy, it's just we don't want to embarrass you,” Mr Wolff said softly.

“K daddy,” Alex said softly as his dad lifted him of the changing table before helping dress him in a playsuit and doing the buttons up the back.

“Canna go play now?” Alex asked softly.

“Go on buddy, go have fun,” Mr Wolff said as he watch Alex toddle off.

Mr Wolff walked into the lounge, glancing over at into the fluffy room where Alex was playing with his toys with Nat. He was surprised at how quickly Alex had regressed, something he would have a chat with Simon again.

It was about 9:30am, when Rosalina arrived. Abigail opened the door and was surprised to see Juanita as well.

“Hey Abigail,” She said warmly.

“Hello Juanita, surprised to see you here,” Abigail said warmly.

“My fault, I picked her up,” Rosalina said warmly.

“That's alright, you two know your always welcome here.” Abigail said warmly.

“So where is he?” Juanita asked warmly.

“In playing with Nat...” Abigail said warmly, before speaking louder, “Although I'm sure Alex would hear you if you spoke it loudly enough, Juanita,”

Abigail wasn't disappointed as Alex charged out to wrap Juanita up in a hug.

“Hello Alex,” She said warmly as she walked inside with Alex still hugging her.

“I notta know you come,” Alex mumbled warmly.

“Well Alex, lets just say I wanted to surprise you,” Rosalina said warmly.

“Fanx Rosie,” Alex said finished his hug and going and hugging her.

“So little man why don't you go and play with Juanita and Nat, and I shall get this set up for us,” Rosalina said warmly gesturing to the Wii.

“K... come on Juanita” Alex said grabbing her hand and leading her to the fuzzy room.

“So what are you and Nat playing?” Juanita asked softly.

“We play with cars,” Alex said happily as the entered the fuzzy room, it had been used as just a room to hang out, but it was fast becoming Alex's playroom.

“Hi Nat,” Juanita said warmly.

“Hey, how are you?”

Alex just stared at Nat for a moment or two,

“Why you not ask why she here?” Alex asked.

“Ok maybe Rosalina txt me saying she was bring over Juanita,” Nat chuckled, before he too got a hug from Alex.

“You love hugs, don't you Alex,” Nat said warmly.

“Uh-huh, before I big, but not able to show that I love you all lots....” Alex mumbled a bit distantly. “But now I can so lotta hugs for everyone,”

“So sweet baby,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

Uh-huh, cuddles for you too,” Alex smiled standing up and hugging his dad too.

Mr Wolff hugged Alex back.

“Anyway I came to get you all, Rosalina is ready for you,” Mr Wolff smiled.

It was an enjoyable morning, Alex started off watching Nat, Rosalina and Juanita playing on the Wii.

“Come on Alex, You should have a go,” Nat said softly.

“Nah-uh,” Alex mumbled softly.

“Uh-huh,” Nat said with a reassuring smile.

“I notta know whatta do,” Alex mumbled softly.

“We'll show you,” Nat said softly.

“K Nat,” Alex mumbled softly as he climbed to his feet.

Nat helped wrap the strap for the controller around Alex's hand.

“Now what I do?” Alex mumbled softly.

“See that little fella on the right. When the ball comes to you, just swing like a tennis racket,” Nat said warmly.

It took a little for Alex to get the hang of it.

“I did it!” Alex shouted excitedly when he finally hit the ball.

Mr Wolff just smiled as Alex happily played for about half an hour. By which time he cuddled in with his mom while his dad got him a bottle. Alex looked exhausted, which didn't surprise them all too much, it was the most exercise he'd done in a while.

“Did you have a lot of fun,” Abigail asked warmly.

“Uh-huh, lotta fun,” Alex said breathlessly.

“It looked it,” Abigail smiled before Mr Wolff handed Alex a bottle and he enthusiastically began drinking from it.

“Bit thirsty little man,” Nat chuckled warmly.

“Uh-huh,” Alex smiled still nursing his bottle.

Abigail smiled stroking Alex's hair, as they both watched the other 3 continue to play.

“I think after lunch, it's nap time baby,” Abigail whispered in Alex's ear as he finished his bottle.

“Cos I play too much?” Alex asked softly.

“Babies need lots of sleep, and you did a lot of exercise today, haven't done that in a while,” Abigail said warmly.

“K mommy,” Alex said snuggling in a little tighter.

“Good boy,” Abigail said warmly, a little surprised when Alex got up to have another game.

Alex was exhausted when Mr Wolff called them all over for lunch.

“Someone looks like he had too much fun,” Mr Wolff said warmly as he gently helped Alex into his highchair.

“Uh-huh,” Alex mumbled tiredly.

“Though daddy did enjoy seeing you get a bit of exercise,” Mr Wolff said with a smile, before pulling a bib over Alex's head.

“Lotta exsise” Alex mumbled with a tired little smile.

“Uh-huh, daddy is proud of how much better you doing,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“Nah-uh daddy not really proud?” Alex mumbled.

“Uh-huh he is, daddy would much rather have a little Alex who can be happy, and hopefully get better, than a big Alex, who is sad and angry and nothing seems to get before him,” Mr Wolff said warmly.

“You not like old Alex?” he asked softly.

“I wouldn't say that, I will always love you with all my heart, but daddy would love anything that helped you get better. If being a baby hadn't helped maybe being a hippo could have, daddy just wants nothing more to see you get better,” Mr Wolff said gently before handing Alex a bottle of milk.

“Fanx daddy,” Alex mumbled happily.

“It's alright sweetheart,” Mr Wolff smiled giving Alex his toasted sandwiches, before getting everyone else lunch.

Nat watched with a smile as his brother struggled to stay awake as he had lunch.

“I think we tired him out,” Rosalina whispered to him.

“I think we should make the most of it, I think once he starts getting used to doing exercise, he's going to be the one tiring us out,” Nat whispered back.

“Alright sweetheart, I think we should get you down for a nap,” Abigail smiled as she saw Alex had finished.

“Do I gotta,” Alex mumbled almost falling asleep right then and there.

“Uh-huh, your taking a nap, but I think it would be more comfortable in your crib than your highchair,” Abigail smiled, getting a tired smile from Alex, as she wiped down his face and hands before removing his bib.

“K mommy, Night guys,” Alex mumbled as Abigail removed him from his highchair.

“Have a good sleep,” They all said warmly as he was carried away.

“Love you mommy,” Alex mumbled tiredly as his mom lowered him into his crib and made sure Ike snuggled in close.

“Love you too Alex, you have a good nap,” She said warmly kissing him on his forehead.

She raised the side of the crib, and was pretty sure he had drifted off by the time she left the room.