Laxatives, cleanse pills, etc


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Any of you like using things that help ensure you have to poop, or make you poop more (or messier).

Sometimes I take 2 cleanse pills (full dose of the ones I use is 3, but that is a lot more intense and less enjoyable (bigger cleanup if you are going to do it in a diaper) than taking 2), but I have also done the "simulation" trick before with Mashed Potatoes.

For anybody that hasn't tried anything like cleanse pills before, you may get more than you bargained for if you have never done a cleanse (you could have more in you than you realize and taking too high of a dose can be akin to bad Diarrhea)


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Thank you for the input was thinking on this earlier today actually.

I was going to look into more of making myself go without a choice, feel more like a infant. It takes time to tell adult brain to be baby brain and on many instances I can only go in my diaper when I am standing.

I am not all too particular on messing myself really, but wanted to expand horizons by not having control to begin with.

I don't know if such a plan is good to take for me, to leave it alone or get into researching it.


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YES be careful using your body as a platform for being a sorcerers apprentice.
If you start something you may want it to be only a brief one time event but
the after effects may linger on for a few days returning things back to normal.

So without a diaper - no place to run - no place to hide - and that stuff is going
to happen with no schedule.
You can play like you are going to go through a colonoscopy - believe me that
is the ultimate in uncomfortable pleasure !
So play around with play-dough mashed potatoes oatmeal banana cream pud...
you are not altering your personal inner self doing damage - something like that !