Larger diaper?

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I'm a 30-32" waist, and I fit well in med sized diapers. But for some reason, I don't really enjoy wearing them all that much. It's still a diaper, and thats still full of YAY... but it's a -meh- kind of YAY.

I've found I much prefer to be in a Large sized diaper. I'm not sure if it's because I feel smaller in them, or if it's because the diaper feels more noticeable. Or maybe it's both. As a male, the large size also has some advantages at night, when male things decide to point north. I can sometimes escape a medium sized diaper while sleeping. No so with a large.

So does anyone else prefer to size up on their padding, or is it just me?
Foxroxsox said:
So does anyone else prefer to size up on their padding, or is it just me?

From what I've seen here, a fair number of us like to "super size" our diapers. I don't personally take it to too much of an extreme, but I like them to have a little bit better front and back coverage (length) than ones that technically are the right size. I've read at least a few here that will mod their diapers to go up well past their belly button, and I don't see any attraction in that. thicker however, is always better :) (except when trying to side-sleep...)
A larger size diaper will probably leak way more then a medium would it will be bulkier size wise you are to small in the waist for a large diaper in most if not all brands.

Go thicker if you want a larger diaper but stay in your correct size diaper.
I'm in between sizes, dry 24/7 mediums are perfect, Abena m4's, molicares, north shore supremes need to be size large, the funny thing is that the Abena L4's are so much thicker on me, I like the bulk after its half wet I readjust the bottom tapes higher and snugger, haven't had any leak issues. I'm tall with a 34" waist so the larges give me better coverage
I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I can wear 38" - 40" jeans in loose styles and I like the ones that ride at the waist so I can reign in my belly a bit (don't care for this below the waist stuff they sell these days). But I can wear medium in most anything. I absolutely use large for night time. However, because the lower tapes land so far to the front of the diaper, I can't get a good seal around my legs. If I pull the lower tapes at an upward angle, there's a place in the front for a bad leak, and if I angle them downward (which I do) then there's a gap at the rear. Now, I didn't know this because for quite a while I was too fat to fit into mediums, but now that I can again, I've been experimenting.

I've found that with a medium Northshorecare Supreme, I can get a very tight seal all the way around my legs. In fact, I was surprised that it was difficult to slip the diaper off my legs. I haven't tried other brands yet, but I'm sure I could fit medium in most.

So what I've been thinking, is why couldn't there be a medium that didn't ride so low? Sure, the medium works well for me during the day and it's not gonna pop out the top of my pants. Or maybe there should be 5 or 6 sizes of diapers and not 2 or 3.

To answer the OP's question, yes, absolutely, I love a larger diaper as part of the experience. It just doesn't function optimally.
I've actually fantasized about having a super high rise diaper. I've been wanting a diaper that covers my belly, just below my arm pits. I've always wanted oversized diapers.
The problem with over-sized diapers is they tend not to fit well. They are shaped to fit a larger person, and no matter how tightly you put them on, they'll tend to sag, and leak around your thighs. The solution is to become a "larger" person by layering. Try layering a couple of reg. size diapers (adding stuffers if you can), then top it with an oversized diaper. You'll get the best of both worlds, thick and large.

@MeTaLMaNN1983. Me too, one of my biggest dreams. Heck, I remember fantasizing about a full-body diaper back when I was in kindergarten, lol.
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