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good morning everyone!

I just downloaded an ABDL game, Littleington University off of Omorashi's website and I was really looking forward to playing it. I got my character set up, and the game was beginning. Following the prompt on how to move (ASWD keys) my character took a few steps and I was ready to see what it was going to be like. Then, all of a sudden, my laptop makes this popping sound and my laptop totally shut off. This happened twice. I removed the battery both times, and held down the power button for a few minutes then reinserted it. Computer started up fine, but I am curious if anyone might know what's going on or have any suggestions on what to do with my laptop? Thanks!
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Put make and model of laptop in google with brief description of problem and see if anything comes up.
might be a known problem.
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Not that experienced with computers other than they rarely make any noice. MAC has a large security patch available, if you are running a MAC check your system settings for the update.
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Hard to say for sure.
If it were my laptop I would check the windows event log for errors.
Can you share details about your laptop? Mac, windows, what hardware, operating system version etc?

If I just had to guess without any additional information, my two guesses would be:
Outdated graphics drivers causing OS crash/restart
Graphics card or CPU overheating due to demanding graphics.
It could also be from too much power draw - are you playing with your laptop plugged in, or running from the battery?

It looks like Littleington University is a 3D game, so that's consistent with any of the above reasons.
Do you know if you can you run other 3D apps or games without any problems?
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How old is your laptop? How powerful is its processor? How much memory and data storage space? Is there a dedicated graphics card? Older laptops often cannot run the latest games. You mentioned that you had removed the battery. I am not aware of any newer laptops that feature removable batteries.
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