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I love dippys and toys
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Hi I am BabyTigerBoy but you can call me Baby Sephy. I love diapers and toys and I want to make friends :)) I love to play and sleep and eat but I don't like grownup stuff most of the time because it gives me problems. My goal as a grown up is to be in the filming or gaming industries. I like to be diapered by mommy and daddy but prefer daddy. I don't like turning baby sexual even if I feel aroused. My dream is to have a nursery, toys and unlimited diapers. I love dinosaurs, batman, disney, spiderman and legos.

I Went to this site to find friends, understand the community I am in, hear stories, see other's experience, talk about things that come up in our heads most of the time and also learn new things and other more. I want to also talk with those who are like me. The reason I liked diapers and baby stuff is because of when I started to wear my baby sister's diapers when I was 9 years old, that's when it all started and when I searched in youtube when I thought, "adult baby in diapers" and saw many things but the best of all was that goodnites commercial lol I loved it. And other than that it just made me felt secured despite having to stop it all after my mom started to become suspicious of the diaper counts lol.
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Hello and welcome!
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hello and welcome to ADISC,
A lot of people here have the same interests as you. Relax, have a look around and enjoy
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