"Kink" and "fetish" being over used or weoponized?


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I have noticed online that people are calling everything a kink or a fetish these days. If someone does things you don't like, fetish. I was just on reddit and someone posted about how their partner is dirty, she never baths or cleans herself, has no good hygiene, and comments were telling the OP how gross she is for being with someone who is dirty. Others were saying it was a kink her partner had because she is dirty and never cleans herself so the OP has to bath her for her. Other were calling it fake because they refuse to think anyone can be that way without any mental issues.

I have seen it in other places too on reddit about other things. Now I see in incontinent subs of people accusing other IC people of having a diaper fetish and accusing posts there of being fetish material. Hence why I posted that one sub in the IC section here about if anyone has been accused of being abdl when they are not even ABDL all because they wear diapers for their IC.

Has anyone else noticed the increase of the word "fetish" and "kink?" Do you think people are calling anything a fetish now they don't like?
Calico said:
Do you think people are calling anything a fetish now they don't like?
Could be. I would have to say that my interest in diapers is 100% in the kink/fetish territory. In fact, it annoys me when people refer to my interest in diapers as ABDL as I am not into any AB activities and I'd have to say that being an AB is not a kink or fetish for most. I am a straight DL and I'm okay with it being kinky. I don't drink, smoke, use drugs, or even drive over the speed limit. Gotta have fun somewhere.
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May be a sign that certain behaviors that used to be condemned and cause for public ridicule, exclusion or ostracism are now more acceptable as kinks or fetishes.
Being a cross dresser more so than an abdl, I am seeing more and more that if someone does not understand or accept our kink/fetish/lifestyle we are automatically "mentally ill". I had no idea there were so many psychologists or psychiatrists out there... One wonders what is their closet....hmmmm??
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i really dont think theres an epidemic of this happening. i think the bdsm/fetish community has always been the target/scapegoat for some assholes. you may just now be noticing it
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Just saw a post on reddit where someone suggested someone's neighbor could have a kink because they blast their leaf blowers on their property after someone asked sarcastically that their neighbor uses their air blower 12 hours a day every day. This was in a thread about pickleball.

So someone wrote:

So noise from a game that can only be played during nice weather is too much, but my neighbors can spend 12 hours a day blasting their 100db leafblowers for no reason?

Next response was:

Wait, your neighbor uses a leaf blower every single day for 12 hours a day??? You must have a lot of trees!

Now wait for it:

Or the neighbor has a wild kink.

Just another example of kink being tossed around. Now someone has a wild kink now if they use their leaf blower too much lmao. Can I assume now someone has a dog barking kink if they leave their dog outside all the time?
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Pretty soon kink won't be taken seriously anymore and people will just assume you mean "something you don't like so you call it a kink." Next thing we know someone may be accusing their partner of having The Sopranos kink because they won't stop watching it because they are sick of seeing it on TV or on their computer screen.
The term fetish definitely has been given negative connotations in our society. It’s pretty sad that sex is always something subject to judgement. Humans are so effed up to always find things to be tribal about.
The word fetish has multiple meanings.

So does kink, for that matter.

Both do get weaponized, though.
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