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Authors Note to kerry: I tried to send this to you en masse via the PM system to make sure it was OK, however the amount of characters was too large to send to you. Please let me know if there is anything that may need changing (no pun intended).

Author's Note to the Reader: I have been working on this story for well over a year, and its finally time to release the first 4 chapters. I have tried to limit the content that could possibly be in violation of the story forum rules, depending on the interpretation, however some of it needed to be expressed to prevent the entire story from sounding "Canned." Anyway I hope you enjoy.

No Spoiler Synopsis: A new first year student at a private academy is roomed with the student council president. They become close after sharing role play time, telling each other of their checkered pasts and playing together in their leisure time. Will these two people fall in love?
Chapter 1: Introduction and The Great Experiment
My name is Heinz Kount and this is my life. Do you know what happens when you suddenly find yourself not caring about whether you live or die from a past that grips your everyday life like the plague? Most people would lose their self-identity and become hollow shells of their former self like I did in middle school. My parents, being fanatical about doing everything they could for their child, lead them to the headmaster of a private high school/academy known as Kindergarten Wunderland for teens who had lost all hope in the world around us and stared blankly at people knowing only woe and sorrow in the eyes of the society that rejected us. I initially objected to being enrolled because although I knew that I was different from everyone else, I still was dreading having to go to a special school in order to complete my primary education. I had primarily German ancestors (although I was born in Japan), through my mother's side. I wore brown tortoise colored spectacles and had wavy brown hair and blue sunken eyes. I was rather tall at 1 meter and 80 centimeters and was mentally well matured for my age with a college reading level and a tested IQ of 130. I was bright and very intelligent, however I did not show it during instruction or group assignments where I kept quiet or told the rest of my group to go away while I sulked in a corner. My mother said that I would be visiting the academy because I qualified on the entrance exams that I took during the last year of middle school. I thought it was because she took pity on me for becoming a hermit in my own residence, playing video games and building computers for a private server of my own to impress facsimile screen names on the internet while watching anime in my spare time. Before I knew it, I was carted off by car to the academy grounds where my whole life changed forever.

The one thing that could describe the scene as I stepped out of the car at the gates to the academy's campus is that it looked similar to any high school town in the Kyoto region of Japan except there was a certain aura about it, the school was located in a remote area of Kyoto so as not to attract attention to the locals and to keep us safe from the pains of city life. The wrought iron gates that had the school's insignia of a stork carrying a sack in brass and the brick wall near the gate that was adorned with the school's name in brass kanji. As we passed through the gates of the academy I saw some of the students in uniform. The girls wore a sailorfuku and pleated miniskirt combination in an ivory white base color with navy blue double stripe trim. They also had a red scarf with ivory double stripe trim that included a broach of the school's insignia in the center knot encircling the collar. The ensemble was accented by black leather penny loafers and short ivory white socks. The thing that surprised me was that the women did not use leggings of any kind which started me thinking about naughty things like all boys my age. The boy’s uniform consisted of a white shirt, red tie and a navy blue blazer with ivory trim that bore the school's insignia on the breast pocket. They also wore knee length kaki cargo trousers accented with black socks and brown leather penny loafers. Another thing I noticed with all boys uniforms was that the trousers had an almost unnoticeable snap crotch and that there was a bulge under the trousers which meant one thing, the inhabitants of this school were diapered 24/7. I was mortified by the prospect; I had not wet myself in 2 years except for some accidents following my puberty related ejaculations at night so I thought "what the heck is wrong with my mother". As we neared the administrative building I had a long look at the dorm rooms from a distance, which surprisingly looked normal to me. While walking toward the headmaster’s office, there was the absence of one key area except in a few places that were under lock and key - bathrooms! "Oh crap" I thought, "my best guess is that I will have to wear diapers too." We finally arrived at the door to the headmaster's office. Opening the solid oak French doors we were greeted by a surly and partially bald Japanese man in a navy blue business suit, a white dress shirt with a red tie and wire rimmed round spectacles.

"Welcome to Kindergarten Wunderland Academy! I am Headmaster Akihiko Kawasaki!" exclaimed the Headmaster.

Both mom and I bowed in respect and sat down. I looked down at the floor spacing out. My mother put her hand on my shoulder to bring me back to earth.

"Mr. Kount," the headmaster began "do you know why your mother enrolled you at this academy?" he asked

"To give me a place to socialize and also tend to my studies among high achievers?" I suggested in a monotone voice

The Headmaster laughed "That was a nice bit of reasoning young man. However, that reason is not quite correct. This place was designed to not only be a place of learning and socialization, but to pool the high achievers who have become antisocial from their difficult pasts together in order to cancel out the socially awkwardness that these people share." The headmaster explained.

"You may have noticed the strange uniforms we have here" the headmaster continued "these are for the people who have waste voiding problems that were incurred during their checkered past either physically or mentally. This means to say that most of our students have, by a vast majority, urinary and fecal incontinence; either in the daytime or at night or both."

"And for those that do not inherently have this problem?" I asked

"They usually choose to wear diapers for the comfort of those around them and for better inclusion in social groups. In addition to the majority of the student body wearing diapers, the bathroom break is a rare occurrence until a change is needed. This is why even though it is not compulsory to wear diapers 24/7 at this academy, it is encouraged. Yearly studies of the practice observed at this academy has shown that the wearing and using of diapers and using other security items such as sucking pacifiers or drinking from bottles have helped reduce crime rates among our alumni and our senior students. Also, due to the bond in dependence of said items; their social activity, if they were antisocial beforehand, increases drastically along with increased confidence." The headmaster replied.

"What about diaper changes, do the changes happen alone or with nurses." I asked

"It usually depends on personal preference or if the voiding is uncontrollable and you do not have any feeling of how much more your diapers could hold. Usually the uncontrollable incontinence people prefer a nurse as many of the female students think it is gross to change themselves, however for controllable incontinence or psychological sufferers of incontinence, that defining line draws a bit grey. Mostly from controllable and mental standpoint the option to have a nurse change you is your personal preference, but it would be recommended to be changed by a nurse especially if you are not experienced in changing your own diapers."

"Now then..." The headmaster started "If there aren't any further questions, Let's get you changed into a uniform and have our student council president show you around."

"OK" I said looking defeated at my situation.

"There's nothing to worry about honey" Mom said "They will take care of you."

"This could be worse" I groaned matter-of-factly

"That's the spirit" said the headmaster. He called a nurse up and we headed to the changing room.

The nurse lead me to one of the staff bathrooms stocked with diapering supplies, a scale with built in measuring tool and a changing table able to hold an adult. After weighing me and getting my waist size she determined that I would be able to fit into medium sized diapers. She instructed me to lie down on the changing table and I complied. My pubic hair was not fully grown yet, but the nurse had other plans, she shaved my pubic area to prevent moisture from accumulating in the hairs. She then proceeded to put diaper rash cream all over me and put baby powder on me. After lifting my legs, she slid the diaper underneath my groin and then pulled the front over my pelvis and up to my waist. After which she taped the four tabs to the landing zone at the front. The diaper was a white generic brand with a yellow wetness indicator, making it easy to determine if you needed a change. After she told me to stand up I was free to put on my uniform trousers and blazer ensemble along with my socks and new penny loafers.

Chapter 2: Seras, The Tour, Diapers and Being Little
After I stepped out, mom was waiting for me. She told me I looked sharp and surprisingly cute. I didn't know whether to gag or thank her for that statement so I just shrugged. Mom left to do some shopping and spend some time at the hotel for the rest of the weekend. I talked to the headmaster in the meantime while the Student council president was being fetched to show me around. The headmaster asked me about how I felt in the diaper and I was quite surprised to be comfortable and so I let him know that it was comfortable. After a little time talking to him, the headmaster mentioned about the dormitory rooms being shared and since there are an almost equal proportion of girls to boys, we were co-ed in sleeping arrangements that usually included a girl and a boy sleeping together as roommates.

"But wouldn’t that be dangerous?" I asked "Wouldn't there be some boy in this school who acts on their impulses and has sex with this girl?"

The headmaster laughed again "You're absolutely right! That would be a problem in America in both private high schools and in colleges, however we are different here. The overall confidence and trust that you gain with your partner, while not succumbing to those impulses, is what helps keep you afloat and in check. It is against the rules to have protected sex or otherwise unprotected sex in the dormitories and anywhere on school grounds. The penalties to those that break these rules are that they will be rearranged to be partnered with another of the same sex while the other that was the victim receives a new roommate. Also depending on the seriousness of the offense, the person who initiated the intercourse would have to pay damages to the other person." he explained

The secretary of the administrative office paged the headmaster saying that the student council president was here.

"Show her in" he said to the secretary through the intercom.

In stepped a beautiful looking woman with shoulder length blond hair in twin tails and blue eyes. She had a thin face with a short stubby nose and thin eyebrows. She wore half moon brass wire rimmed glasses.

"You sent for me headmaster?" she asked.

"Yes, Seras! Come in.. Come in..." the headmaster replied. "Let me introduce you to Heinz Kount, a new student at our academy. Mr. Kount this is Seras Bergdorf, the student council president."

"Pleased to meet you! I look forward to working with you." I said while bowing politely.

"No need to be so reserved. Please raise your head." she began "Shall we take a look around?"

"That would be fine." I said.

As we were leaving the headmaster's office he waived from his desk which we in turn went about face and bowed before closing the doors. We started walking down the corridor of the administration building and soon were on our way to the instruction and cafeteria building.

"So what do you think about the school so far?" Seras asked.

"I was initially taken aback by the atmosphere and the fact that all of us wear diapers, but I have got to say, the diapers are so dang comfortable." I replied.

"Really?" she started as I nodded in return "Well great! That was one of the hardest parts of adjusting to life here. Most people who get here who aren't really incontinent don't last a week with the nuances of having to wear diapers 24/7 and engaging in social activities while diapered. They think it is too embarrassing to use their diapers in public and although in the general population this might be true, in the long haul the people here don't care if you use it or are wearing a dirty one while you are in class. People get used to the smell of stale urine and used diapers along with the occasional smell of baby powder during the first week or two. So you can be your natural self here without persecution of social exclusion by the masses."

"That's a relief...." I began "I thought it would be just like any other high school. Social class means power and the football players and hunk sickles are the 'cool' kids."

"No need to worry." she said "By the end of the week you will probably be able to get along with all of us just fine."

At that point we arrived in the cafeteria. There was traditional Japanese fare as well as some western choices on the menu.

"This is the cafeteria" she said "Meals are paid for as part of your tuition. The food rotates so you can get a variety of food from around Japan and even in western cultures like Germany, England and the United States. There are always diet choices for people who prefer to eat a special diet or a prescription diet by their doctor due to food borne allergies."

We then went to the actual school level of the building.

"These are our school rooms. They have been updated with the latest technology and have portable heating and cooling units installed so that you can tailor a room's temperature to the overall class preference. I personally like them because sometimes the smell and discomfort of a soggy diaper is easily hidden by keeping the temperature cooler than usually wanted. The structure of a day begins with homeroom instruction and then moves to a general instruction room based on grade level and overall interests for careers."

Following this we went to the top floor of the building which held the library and technology rooms along with some assorted music rooms.

"This floor is a lot more interesting, we have a library with a bunch of books in fiction and nonfiction and two computer labs for research projects and/or technology based instruction. Also are two music rooms and a couple of practice rooms with pianos for people who are interested in music."

While we were walking on to the dorms to preview the usual living arrangement, Seras spoke up;

"Forgive me for not asking you before, but what are you interested in?" she asked.

"I am interested in computer programming and enterprise server setup along with a healthy hobby of playing the bassoon and piano. I also am into composing music." I replied.

"That's a nice balance of work/life. Plus I've heard that the market for jobs in the Information Technology area are high." she said.

"I know right" I began, blushing a little "I can do something I love while getting paid a lot for doing it and I can also do something else I love in my spare time and do very well in it. It's a win-win situation!" I said.

We finally arrived at one of the dorms on campus. From the outside it looked like a standard 4-floor Japanese apartment complex retrofitted for student dorm use, however the real kicker was when I took a look inside. There were two common areas on every floor; each had a TV along with board games that could be borrowed for a quick game on the weekends.

I followed Seras to one of the rooms. The room was located on the third floor of the apartment complex and had a room number of 303. Also, It contained name placards where the occupants would have the names. Coincidentally it had both my name and Seras's name on the door. I followed her inside after she fumbled with the keys a bit and managed to get it open. The room was completely different than I imagined it would look like. On one side there was an adult sized crib with all kinds of adult sized baby stuff including custom made diapers, custom made adult pacifiers/bottles, adult bodysuits with snap crotches/footed sleepers and even a baby bouncer/high chair in the adult size. The other side contained a normal twin bed with attachable toddler guard rails and an absorbent pad appliqué that was machine washable along with a toddler bed set. Stacked on the dresser on my side was a generous amount of plain diapers, wipes, powder and diaper cream. It also had a bathroom for one person along with a kitchenette and fridge. A kotatsu table was located centrally with a TV on the wall connected to a receiver for the satellite TV plan on the left. Two desks also were close to the beds made out of particleboard veneer with various drawers and a shelf to store books and other school supplies.

"This is our room..." Seras started "a common 'de-facto' rule around this place is that new arrivals must spend at least a week with a student council member as a trial to prepare them for their roommates. This is why student council members for the most part have their own rooms."

"Ok.... first the diapers..... now this?" I said dumbstruck.

"It's not what you think.... It is actually very rewarding when you are in a symbiotic relationship with your roommate. You change her, she changes you and both of us age play in our spare time once our work is done." she said.

"Let me guess you're an Adult Baby?" I asked.

"Bingo!" she started "You hit the nail on the head. However considering the fact that you adjusted to the diaper wearing right off the bat and are seem somewhat ok with this arrangement, are you one too?" she asked.

"Let's just say I have worn diapers before... both in secret and out in the open because of my erections causing me to dribble urine all over my bed sheets. Because of my grief in middle school, I resorted with the little assets that I had to begin wearing diapers as often as I could to fill the void of someone at school who would have a care in the world about how much I meant to them or they to me. At the end of the year, during the summer, I began a very dangerous purge cycle of getting rid of my diapers and whatever other baby supplies I had amassed and throwing them away in an act to defy my own desires so that I expected a 'normal' high school life. Now that the plan I had for myself was cut short by being enrolled by my mother's hand to this school, my urges for the stuff I purged are slowly starting to return. Although I am not back to your level of age play yet, I will soon be getting there." I answered her with a sad expression.

"That addiction is not your fault, it is a result of a coping mechanism that manifests in all of our minds. We mentally regress ourselves for a purpose: to regain the innocence of childhood, while still retaining the dignity of being an adult." She said. "I'm afraid the more you fight this addiction that is caused by our coping mechanism, the harder it will be to break free from its alluring appeal."

"I have one question" I started.

"Shoot" she replied.

"How do I fill my diapers so easily like you have been doing all this time? I kind of have to go fill my diaper." I stated.

Seras laughed "Well it's not easy the first few times, but eventually you will get used to it so much that you will not be able to control it anymore. Starting out on how to relax yourself enough to pee is the first step. Lie down in a comfortable position. Some people say the flopped frog position is best." She demonstrated by laying down on the floor with her legs spread partially bent while being flat on the ground. I followed suit.

"Now close your eyes. Think about nothing, but your most basic needs. Breathe in and out deeply. By this time you should feel the muscles in your urethra starting to relax and tense up. At this point make your breathing slower and more rhythmic and focus on trying to start a flow. Once you start, never plug or block the flow for any reason. Bad things such as Urinary Tract Infections happen from this and they are not fun. Breathe in....... Out......" she said calmly and I followed suit and managed to start peeing.

"Hehe... I think I got a flow going!" I exclaimed.

"Don't get too excited, keep relaxing..." she said.

Soon the flow of urine stopped on its own. The yellow wetness indicators turned blue and I was wet and surprisingly warm in my crotch area.

"This is amazing!" I exclaimed "It's so warm..."

"I know right!" she said.

"Now I have to mess myself. What's next?" I asked.

"If you want to do it the natural way it can be done one of two ways easily. Either standing and then crouching to release or while crawling just sit like you're at a kotatsu and you will most likely mess yourself on your own." She said.

I tried the standing position and only managed to get a small amount of the mess to come out. I then tried it from the crawling position and managed to get the mess to spread all over my backside. The messing was somewhat more unpleasant than the wet diaper and it also left a rank odor from my fecal matter.

"Now... how was that" she asked. "Do you still enjoy filling your diapers?"

"I liked wetting better, but it felt ok, I certainly would not enjoy a diaper that has been messed multiple times right now." I answered. By this time her diaper was very wet and a little messy.

"What do we do now?" I asked. "I'm pretty new to changing myself."

"We can either call a nurse or do it ourselves. By ourselves I mean one of two ways, we each change each other's diapers or we each change our own." She said.

"I though most ladies who are students at the academy disliked having to change messy diapers." I said.

"Although some make a big fuss about it, I prefer to do it myself or by a close friend/roommate." she said.

"What about you, If I'm going into diapers again, shouldn't I at least try to change yours?" I asked.

"Well, you can do it, but I will tell you what to do as you are not as experienced as I am with diapering." She said nervously.

Seras set to work directing me to the changing table on my side of the room where I laid down. She took my diaper off very swiftly and threw it into the diaper genie while she cleaned my area. After creaming and powdering I was put in a fresh diaper and taped up snugly. Seras moved over to her changing table that looked more like an infant's than mine and laid down ready for diapering.

"First unfasten the tapes on each side of the diaper" she commanded. I did so.

"Next roll the diaper up and throw it away." she commanded. I did as I was told.

"Following that, clean my diaper area thoroughly. Leave not one speck of feces or drop of urine or I will be very ticked off." she said.

I performed the actions as instructed taking special care with the wipes. I initially looked away at seeing her womanly parts, but she replied

"I don't have all day and its nothing you haven't seen before after today so stop trying to be so reserved about seeing my privates and get moving!" she exclaimed while blushing.

"Next cream my buttocks and the front of my pelvic region followed by a dash of baby power smoothed into the skin of the butt and the front nether region." she commanded. As before I did what was asked of me.

"Finally take out the new diaper and unfold it. The tapes should be in the back and flush with the table. As I lift my body up, slide the diaper underneath my buttocks and up to my waistline. Then bring the diaper up to the other side while taking care to properly open up the leg gatherers to prevent leaks. While holding the diaper firm against the skin of the front, draw the sticky tapes up and tape the back of the diaper to the colorful landing zone of the front of the diaper." she commanded. Again I did what I was told.

"All done!" she exclaimed "That wasn't so hard, was it?" she asked while she dashed another helping of baby powder down the front of her diaper and made it snap back to her waist which caused a small cloud of baby power to escape from the leg gatherers.

"It was easy. I just had to be very careful as you said or there could be a rash." I said blushing in return.

We both got dressed for bed. I had footed pajamas provided as did she, so we both got into our respective sleepers for the night and got ready for bed.
"Seras, are you able to get the crib and other furniture/accessories as part of your stay package?" I asked.

"You will have to ask for it from the headmaster, but yes." she said.
We laid down for sleep after Seras turned on her night light and started a mobile playing "It's a Small World!"

"Good Night Seras" I whispered.

"Good Night Heinz" she whispered back.

As the mobile wound down from the music box spring I closed my eyes and started to sleep.

Chapter 3: Mom, The Innocent Morning, and My Troubled Past
The next thing I knew it was Sunday (the day before start of term) and I woke up with a wet diaper for the first time in ages and had a pacifier in my mouth. I smelled a delightful smell of cooked fish and eggs coming from the kitchenette. Seras was hovering over me waiting for me to wake up.

"Good Morning Heinz!" said Seras. "You were snoring a bit so I gave you one of my clean pacifiers. Hope you like it."

I moaned and tried to say "'morning", however I was muffled by the pacifier so I took out the pacifier and settled for saying. "It's soothing. I like it. Thank you Seras."

"You're Welcome!" Seras replied. "I think it's time we had breakfast!"

I sat down with her on one of the two pillows at the kotatsu table that was set up as part of the original furniture of the room and proceeded to eat a breakfast of miso soup, two raw eggs over white rice with salted wakame and grilled threadsail filefish seasoned with a base of soy sauce and freshly ground Malabar black peppercorns. The breakfast was excellent! It was even better than my mother's best attempts.

"Wow Seras! This is delicious! How did you learn to cook like that?" I asked

"Thank you. My mother taught me a thing or two in the kitchen. I usually am the cook for the entire family because I have a bit of a talent for it. Once my mother admitted defeat when we used to have food wars with father as the judge, I was elected to cook for the entire household. Since I was at it, I made two bento lunches for later so we can enjoy my cooking again. Unfortunately the food areas are closed on the weekends so we need to provide our own food for these times." Seras replied

"Seriously? Well, I will be looking forward to it." I said

Seras blushed a little at that statement. She proceeded to clear the dishes and as quick as a flash headed over to her changing table. Her diaper was soaked and also a little messy so I cleaned her up while she did the same to me afterward since I needed one as well. We both got dressed in onezies and started to play games in both current and regressed age groups. We even proceeded to borrow a Monopoly board game from the common area on our floor.

By the endgame of Monopoly, we were evenly matched with an equal amount of monopolies. I had most of the high priced monopolies and the utilities while she had the low priced monopolies except for the Marvin Gardens corner along with the railroads. My finances were vast because I had taken my time to amass the monopolies I did have so I was able to get two houses on every property initially. After three turns I had hotels on every property. Seras had managed her resources quite well, but despite getting hotels early, she had a less overall earning potential than I did if I landed on her squares verses she landing on mine. We spent about 3 hours in total nickel and diming each other and not budging an inch. Unfortunately for Seras, she managed to pick up a community chest to take a walk on the Boardwalk and she had to pay me twice as much which nearly wiped her money out (not including her properties). Next turn the tables turned with me picking up a chance card that made me pay for maintenance for all of my hotels and I lost a metric butt-ton of money. On top of that I landed on Marvin gardens and one of her Railroads had to pay her twice the amount due to not only landing a two doubles streak that landed me on chance but also made me take a trip to the nearest railroad. That devastating roll of the dice cost me most of what I had in savings and I was forced to mortgage my utilities to prevent being completely wiped out. By this time the free parking was full of loot and both of us tried for it. I managed to get there first and also end up in jail for a triple doubles streak. This gave Seras the turns she needed to revitalize her assets while I was frozen and couldn't collect my rent. After paying to leave jail and landing on Marvin gardens again she was further rejuvenated with my money. After passing go on my next turn I un-mortgaged my properties and got back in the game, but it left me dangerously low on funds. I lost the game shortly thereafter.

By this time our diapers were fairly wet, but Seras had other plans. She gave me what she called a "Victory Tickle Fight." We tickled each other until we flooded our diapers. After we changed, we looked at the time, it was 2 pm. While Seras was reheating our bento lunches, a knock came on our door. We quickly stopped what we were doing, threw on our bath robes and I answered the door. While looking through the peephole I saw it was mom. "Ugh" I thought, "Maybe she's come to see me in my 'natural' habitat." I grudgingly opened the door and mom came in.

"Hello sweetie" Mom said "How are you doing so far?"

"MOM!" I whined "Come on, I am doing fine. You could always call me or text me you know?"

"I could have, but I thought I would check on you." mom said "Just my old maternal instincts kicking in again....." she trailed off for a moment as she noticed Seras "Hello, who's this?" mom asked.

"Mom, allow me to introduce Seras Bergdorf, The head of the school's student council." I said.

"Pleased to meet you!" Seras said while bowing. Mom returned the bow and added a kind greeting as well.

After talking at the kotatsu for a while, Mom unpacked my belongings from her car and helped me set them up. After which she reminded that she was just a phone call away as we went down to her car to see her off. After that nervous break from what we were doing, Seras finished preparing the bento lunches (Beef Teriyaki Stirfry with mushrooms, fresh water chestnuts and bean sprouts over rice) and we sat down to eat. I ate quietly, avoiding eye contact with Seras. I wasn't angry at her, I just didn't want her to see me like this. Afterward, Seras drummed up a conversation about mom just as I was going to slink away on a walk to clear my head.

"Your mom does seem nice..." Seras started seeing my troubled face "It looks like that you don't agree...."

"I do admit that she is always pleasant for as long as I have been alive, however she didn't quite know my true predicament at middle school. I am not even sure that she was even aware that whenever I was in the office for something the administrators think that I had done, I actually was framed by not only my enemies, but people who I thought were friends nor did my so-called friends come to my aid - not even once. Mom was a yes-person and accepted the fact that authority was 100% right and I was 100% wrong in the case of trouble that I was accused of. I took up this life (gesturing to my diaper) as a secondary escape from reality. My computer gaming was not filling the void anymore and I felt like it was hopeless for me to find someone that not only shared my interests, but would even give a thought to relations as close as ours. When I ran out of money for diapers sometimes I didn't know if I would survive the scorn, humiliation and anguish at school. My depression and PTSD from trauma that I experienced from both teachers and students alike got worse every time I had a break from the diapers and age play. I closed my mind and became a hermit because mom would never truly understand and dad was too busy working most days to even say one word to me." Tears welled up in my eyes... I was losing my composure or my will to remain reserved and quiet. Seras was concerned. Unsure of what she should do, I continued:

"Over the years I was sent to see many psychologists and counselors because my mom was worried about me. Not one of them tried to get to know me so that I could unseal the last part of me that desperately was trying to get out. Because of the professionalism that most doctors or counselors held as part of their oath, they were not allowed to keep me at a distance other than at arm's length. In my mind it meant they were hiding behind their degrees that they took in college in order to prevent me from truly being able to get rid of the dead weight inside of me. I in kind only talked about superficial stuff that I didn't keep under wraps. I never told any of them that I liked diapers as a coping tool. As a result, I was forced to cope on my own. The school was very controlling of me. I was escorted by my ASD coordinator everywhere, not only for my sake, but for others as well. The school thought I was a menace who needed to be committed to a mental health center and injected with drugs. The administration prided itself that whenever I showed a glimmer of independent thought, The administration would use their 'big stick' to entice mom to get me to a psychiatrist who would give me drugs like risperdal to 'calm me down' and call it a treatment. These drugs would do strange things to me and also had nasty side effects such as weight gain, sleep loss and in people with High-Functioning Autism (like myself) a permanent heavy stutter that became a lisp if you were able to control it properly. My thoughts became impaired from then on, sometimes my brain was too fast for my mouth. Other times my mouth was too fast for my brain. I was a vegetable some days, and a Chatty Charlie other days. I became dual personality due to the switching of these two states. The drugs also gave the side affect of me being mentally unstable on top of that and because of all this.... I....I" I was sobbing uncontrollably at this point. I hadn't shown my weak side to anyone, not entirely at least. I closed my eyes and started flooding my diaper, but I didn't care. I even pushed out my recently eaten lunch into my diaper and I still didn't care. I was letting the whole of it out and the act of doing so, according to so many of those damned psychiatrists and social workers, is what I needed to do. I felt a warm slender hand caressed my shoulder and a pacifier went into my mouth. I sucked on it slowly, tears still running down my cheeks and she embraced me from behind.

"Heinz... I had no idea. I am so sorry for being so insensitive." She said.
"It's ok..." I whimpered behind my pacifier "I should have told people long ago, but I couldn't bring myself to do it." I sniffled.

"Wait there." she started "I think I might have just the trick to make you feel better. Keep those eyes closed."

She rummaged in the fridge and inevitably found what she was looking for and threw it into a machine that made a humming sound. Once the humming had stopped she came over to me and asked:
"Do you trust me?"

I nodded while my eyes were still closed. She took my pacifier out and replaced it with a similar device. I was brought to a laying position in her arms while I started sucking. It was warm milk from a bottle! It tasted so good! I opened my eyes and although Seras was sucking her pacifier too, she was humming "It's a Small World" slowly. I calmed down very quickly and was very sleepy. After finishing my bottle I was burped and I slowly faded away into sleep as I heard her heartbeat while I layed in her arms.

Chapter 4: Cribs, Little Roommates and School
When I finally managed to wake again, I found myself in a clean diaper, sucking on a pacifier in a new crib with a mobile while I was dressed in my footed sleeper. My side of the room had been changed to almost a mirror image of hers. I checked the clock, it was 4 PM. I heard the breathing of Seras in the crib opposite mine. I sat up and looked underneath the sleeper. The diaper wasn't the usual generic brand, It was the custom ABDL variant that she was used to wearing. Compared to hers, however, the diaper actually looked a lot like a Huggies brand name baby diaper. It even had a single tape on each side (which was just like hers) with a cloth-like outer cover - just like on the real Huggies. I zipped my sleeper back up and smiled at Seras who was still asleep. I went back to sleep soon afterwards. The next thing I knew I was being roused for dinner. I groaned a little bit because I wanted to remain asleep. I could tell this time that my diaper was soaked.

"Come on Heinz wake up! I have a special treat for you." Seras said.

I finally woke up and saw Seras still in her footies, but instead of the table, I saw that the kotatsu had been replaced and we both had high chairs now. She changed me and then used the television's VHS player to put in a movie. We both got in our high chairs and had dinner which was fried chicken nuggets and a bottle of milk. After eating we both sat on the floor during the program. The show that she put in the player was Bambi. It was my favorite and my first Disney movie that I watched when I was little. We embraced each other with one hand and drank from our bottles on occasion with the other. When the movie was finished Seras tucked me in and told me that school was starting tomorrow so I should be prepared to wake up a little earlier. After she put her mobile on I followed the song until I slept. The next thing I knew was that I was hearing the beeping of an alarm.

I woke up to find Seras getting dressed in her uniform with a fresh diaper underneath. I was soaked and also dirty so since I wasn't adept at changing diapers, Seras elected to do it. I then dressed into my uniform and after picking up our book bags went off to breakfast at the cafeteria. The cafeteria was abuzz with excitement for the new term. I stuck close to Seras because I wasn't accustomed to noisy crowds. After getting our breakfast we sat down at a table. Seras addressed the people there by introducing them to me. It turned out that the entire student council was at that table too. A couple of them asked some questions that no similar high school student should have asked, but because the social climate was different here, it was socially acceptable. I answered the questions to the best of my ability and managed to get some food in me before I was escorted to homeroom by Seras. The label to the classroom was 1-3 where 1 stood for the year and 3 was the main dorm building number for homeroom. I was directed along with the other newcomers to introduce myself and so I did. We recited a condensed version of our national anthem and then came some announcements from our sensei. There is nothing like an old school pep talk to put our minds at ease. We were then directed to our combined freshman learning classroom - which was classroom 1-2. Unfortunately, since Seras was a sophomore, she was directed to class 2-4. We both waved goodbye silently as we began our first day of classes.
As I came into class 1-2 and looked around, I saw a plethora of people getting prepared for the first lesson of term. Some were talking to each other while others sat quietly or read a book. Since our sensei was not in class yet and there was still time before class started, I grabbed an empty seat on the end of the 2nd row of seats at began to set up my things for class. As soon as the sensei entered, the room went quiet. The sensei cleared his throat.

“Good morning class, I am Akira Yotarou, your combined 1st year teacher!” Akira-Sensei exclaimed. We all stood up at attention, bowed respectfully and sat down.

While roll call was going on, I looked around the classroom. There were some students I knew from the table at breakfast who introduced themselves including the secretary of the Student Council. I spaced out a little while looking around and in no time at all the sensei had called my name - twice. Dazed, I replied that I was present. The class giggled.

“Thank you Heinz-kun. In the future, please do not space out in my class.” Akira-sensei said. I stood up immediately.

“My apologies sensei” I said while bowing apologetically. I sat down and the sensei finished roll.

The first lesson was advanced Japanese kanji writing and English language instruction. The class was a bit dull, but the instruction was interesting. We then proceeded to the arithmetic portion of the day. I had always struggled with the concepts above Algebra, despite having borderline genius intelligence. I did all right and managed to get all of my work done before it was assigned as homework. This was followed by the literature class. Unfortunately though, it focused on poetry of which I found boring and repetitive.
After the hours passed, Akira-sensei dismissed us for lunch with a quick note that we need to prepare for gym afterward. We were directed to the lunchroom (which was unusual because most Japanese schools had the students eat in the classroom) and I quickly found Seras spearing a piece of pork from the gyuudon bowl that she chose from the choice line. I grabbed a bowl of katsudon from the choice line and joined her at the table. Seras looked at me as I sat down and immediately spoke up.

“How are the classes going?”

“Good” I replied “Do you have gym next period?”

“Yes” she said

“I was wondering about the standard gym attire. Is it any different?” I asked
“A tiny bit. The only changes are crotch snaps in the trousers.” She explained

“Oh, OK.” I replied

We ate quietly and when we finished, I needed by this time a change of pants. Unable to ask a nurse, I asked Seras in a discreet way. Seras giggled

“Alright Heinz, I will do it for you.”

“Thank you very much.” I replied.

After the diaper change was done, the bell rang for us to head to the locker rooms to dress in the physical education uniform. The uniform was exactly as Seras had described it. Since this uniform was shared with other men of the same size, it had a few stains on the inside from overloaded diapers. After putting the uniform on I joined the others in the Physical Education Quad. We did the basics – Stretching, Running, Push-ups, etc. From the other students I heard a couple of sputters and blorts meaning that they were filling their diapers while exercising - which wasn’t uncommon according to Seras. A couple of the people that noticed themselves filling their diapers just grimaced while a couple others made a bit of a scene and the sensei told them to go change. After a final few laps and some finishing stretches, I ended up filling my diapers again (curse you fried foods), however for some reason I didn’t notice until the locker rooms that I actually had a load of feces present in my diaper. In the Locker rooms we had an opportunity to change before we returned to class. I tried to change myself with the supplies that I brought along (just in case I needed them), but ended up making a big mess. After 20 minutes of fussing with the old and new diapers I finally got one on me. The diaper I put on myself was not as snug as how Seras does it, but I told myself “I will survive.” Time went on and I finally made it to the classroom for the last two classes of the day which were Japanese History and Economics. I enjoyed Japanese History, but I didn’t care for Economics. Finally we were let out to the cafeteria to get dinner. The homework packets were not as big and difficult as the ones I was used to in Middle School which made me a little happier. Also because the only homework remaining to do was Literature and Economics, as I managed to finish the other homework packets while in class, I was ecstatic. As I came towards the lunchroom Seras was waiting for me at the doors.

“Ready to go?” Seras asked.

“You bet Seras!” I replied with enthusiasm.

We picked up some Copenhagen Schnitzel with Spatzle and German Potato Salad from the foreign cuisine line and sat down to eat. Again, the food was delicious, but still not quite as delicious as Seras’s home cooking. After eating and as we were walking towards the dorms, Seras piped up.

“Have you given any thought to what extracurricular activity you want to do?” she asked

“Honestly… I haven’t really given it much thought.” I said in reply

“Really? Well Heinz, I may be biased, but there is a spot opening up in Student Council. I know this is your first year and you are just getting used to life here, but if it was this easy to adjust as I think you’ve been from the past few days we have spent together in the dorm; I think based on that assumption that the Student Council would easily welcome you with open arms.” Seras explained

“That does seem logical to me. However could I take some time to think about it?” I asked

“There’s no pressure at all” Seras replied

“Will I still be able to stay with you even if I chose not to join?” I asked - hopeful of a ‘yes’

“I am sure that can be arranged after talking it over with my colleges in the council, but it would be much easier if you joined the council, plus you would be able to see me more often.” Seras replied.

“I guess I will be giving it some serious thought!” I replied.

We headed back to the dorms for some work and a little relaxation before bed. As I went to sleep I thought to myself:

“Is joining the student council all that bad? I wonder what position it is? No….. No matter, as long as I get to stay with Seras, I am okay with it……”

I listened to the music generated from the music box in the mobile and drifted off to sleep. Then again, tomorrow morning, I was rudely awakened by the shrieking alarm.
To Be Continued……………………………


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Different from the usual "diaper school" trope. A good start, I think, though the overlaps of German and Japanese is a bit awkward and hard to follow...and the "Kindergarten Wunderland" title and school name seem overdone. :)


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Thanks kerry. I decided to have a German/Japanese overlap because most of my newer stories have that kind of vibe (partially due to my anime attraction and also my respect for German culture)..... I know the title and school name is overdone, I couldn't think of a good name out of the top of my head so I just used them as placeholders. When its posted in its final form after further chapters are posted I will be changing the name of the school and the title so that It will conform to what I come up with....


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Hey AustinTheLionhearted.
Thanks for this great Story. I like the influence of Japanese/German overlap. I imagine a little film in front of my eyes while reading your story. Great is Sera take care of Heinz after telling about Autism spectrum and other psychology disadvantage. It feels so real for me. For example: Some times hard to ask somebody for something. Seras jump in for Heinz and compensation this disadvantages

As I see the story title, a little bit wonder, reading a story in German on this board.
But I am not frustrate to read an english story. The Title and School name "Kindergarten Wunderland" sounds good, some times I read "Kindergarten Wonderland".

sorry for not the best English, I am not a native speaker


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Thanks to Wyatt and Little Lucas's support and comments, the next chapter has been rolled out fast.

Chapter 5: Student Council “I Choose You”
Tuesday started a little less rushed than the previous day. I went down with Seras to breakfast of an Udon bowl with a side of rice and squid. I decided that I was going to join Student Council, but decided not to rush telling her. After we were finished, we said our goodbyes and headed off to class. The same classes as before, the same canned anthem, the same pomp and circumstance that came with day-to-day school life that I was so accustomed to - filled my life up with meaning and purpose for the first time.

I saw Seras at lunch during our break before gym and sat with her. While we ate, we talked about me being offered a position on the student council, since the council usually sat at that table. I sat there, uncomfortably; attempting to answer what was asked of me by the members. Mina Taisho, the student council vice president, asked me some questions related to the position of Disciplinary Committee Attaché. This position in the student council was the main linking person to mediate between the student council and the disciplinary committee. This is to allow the council to dictate many different related policy changes. I also learned that if the need arises, I would help the committee in time of an officer shortage. In effect, I was also going to be a member of the Disciplinary Committee in a front line duty capacity, but not officially. When Mina was finished asking questions and was satisfied with my answers, we finished our lunches in peace and the rest of the day went like a blur.

Finally it was time to let Seras know that I had made my decision since it was dinnertime anyway. My work had been completed in class so there was no homework for me to do when we got back home. While we were eating a dinner of Stroganoff with a side of Caesar salad, I drummed up a conversation preparing myself for the big moment.

“How was your day today Seras?” I asked

“Good” she replied “I do have a little bit of work when we get back to the dorms, but besides that, I will be able to spend some time with you tonight. What about you? Considering the workload is only getting bigger now what do you have for homework?”

“I managed to finish all my work before it was even assigned as homework.” I replied. Seras looked shocked.

“Wow!” Seras exclaimed “I had no idea that you were this efficient at getting work done. Would you do mine too?” she asked teasingly

I laughed “I guess so; however your sensei may have a problem with my handwriting being on your work.” I replied

“Yes, my sensei would have a problem with that… No easy way out for me….” She said pretending to be down on herself.

“I think I know what would give you some motivation and spirit…” I said

“Really? What is it?” She asked, really invested now into what I was planning.

“Well I was thinking, since I do not have anyone else that I know here besides you and the headmaster and since I think I can do the job well, I want to join the Student Council.” I replied

“That’s wonderful news!” Seras exclaimed “You won’t regret it. The Council meets every day after school at 3pm.”

“I’ll be there!” I said

We finished our meal and headed up to the room to finish up Seras’s homework. I was diving into a VRMMORPG using my VR headset that I got for Christmas last year. I occasionally was asked some homework questions by Seras and I talked her through each of them in turn. When Seras was finished we quickly got out of our uniforms and played together in our onezies. It seemed so serene playing with Seras; now that I knew that I would be with her through my school career at this academy. Eventually the euphoria had to wear off and it did when I caught Seras getting teary while we were playing with a set of large Legos.

“What’s wrong?” I asked “Want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know…” she said sounding distressed.

“Come on… It helped me when I was that way, I should be the one to help you in gratitude of helping me.” I said, trying to coerce her into spilling her life’s story and help her out by hearing it.

“Alright Heinz, alright…” Seras replied with a deep breath. “I will tell you. I was with my family and we were having a happy life together. No tension, just a normal happy family. Then one day, while at the post office, there was a hold up and we were demanded to give money to a crazy person with a handgun in his hand. We reluctantly complied while someone behind the counter activated the alarm. The crazy person asked who tripped the alarm and said that he would kill everyone in the office if the person who set off the alarm did not step forward. My father used the time that he had to try to disarm the crazed individual, but was shot in the heart and killed instantly.” Tears were flowing regularly down her cheeks.

“That’s when ran up and bit the robber’s hand - stealing the gun from him. When the robber tried to get the gun back, I shot him. He kept coming at me, but I kept shooting him. Twice, three times, four times I kept shooting. I only had one bullet left in the magazine and the robber was crawling towards me at this point. Scared still for my life, I managed to shoot him in the head killing him instantly. The media covered up my involvement in the saving of the post office from that man, but it came at a terrible price. My mother had to remarry as my mother did not have sufficient income to keep me fed. My stepfather was cruel and often beat me if I was caught trying to escape from their house. While he was in the presence of my mother, his aggressive tendencies were sealed away. This made it so that he could pass as a decent husband while covering up his abuse of me. Eventually the cover-up of the post office hold-up was leaked and the kids at school would taunt me calling me a murderer and that my hands were stained with blood. I was an outcast, despite my good grades. In truth, everyone feared me, even my mother was afraid to approach me….” She was sobbing at this point and I embraced her.

“There, there Seras” I said reassuring her “There was nothing you could have done differently. You defended your family and the innocents in that post office with gallantry befitting a soldier. Although society looks down upon you, you did the right and honorable thing to defend the innocent lives that were spared that day.”

I set to work getting the warm bottle ready and fed it to her the best way I could while I held her in my arms…. I sang a lullaby I knew from my mother. Sure enough, after 20 minutes, Seras was asleep. Finding her diaper still dry, I laid her in her crib with some difficulty and plopped into my own crib for a nap…
To Be Continued……..


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There seems to be something wrong with the plot here. First, they are not alone in the post office, so how could what actually happened be covered up? Second, why​ would it be covered up? What Seras did was utterly heroic! It's the kind of thing that the press LOVES. Finally, in what universe does this make her a murderer?


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Adult Baby
My thought is because she shot him in the head .

But even I think what she did was justifiable
Even this is justifiable if you're threatened. Hell, that's exactly where I'd shoot him if I could aim that well. :)
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I agree that the press would love it, however consider that in most cases Japanese media is censored to an extreme. What I meant in the whole covered up idea is that the media would not be allowed to publicize it for being too graphic for younger viewers. Still, the witnesses would eventually spread the story and it would also eventually make it to the school Seras was at during that time. Obvious reasons why the less mature people among Seras at school would bully her. The reason why is that hero or not, she at a young age killed another person and that makes her a murderer in the minds of those simpler minded individuals among her class.


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Chapter 6: The Council’s First Meeting
I woke up, by alarm as always, and started to get dressed into my uniform. Seras was giving me friendly glances and winks while I was dressing and I likewise returned the favor with the same gestures of my own. We headed together to the Cafeteria for breakfast holding hands - of all things. I didn’t expect this to happen, but I liked that she trusted me that much and liked me that much to perform such an action. My feelings for her were exploding in my mind, but I told myself that I should hide my true feelings just a bit longer. After getting a breakfast of a rice and fish omelette with a side of salted wakame, we sat down together at the combined Student Council table. It wasn’t technically “our table”, but it was the table that all of the student council members sat at during meals. Seras addressed the council by tapping her spoon on her glass:

“Attention everyone! Heinz has decided to join the Student Council! Please give him our regards as the new Disciplinary Committee Attaché.” She said.

I rose from my seat.

“I hope to be of use to you all in the coming year and I look forward to working with all of you.” I said while bowing.

The entire student council rose from their seats and bowed.

“We receive you into our group and accept you for who you are. We shall, in good time, bring you to new heights in academic excellence and character befitting our group.” They said.

We all sat back down and continued to eat. Seras mentioned that we will have a more formal introduction at our first meeting at 3pm. I promised to her that I’d be there and that I do not usually break my promises.
Eventually class started. Unburdened by time, classes whizzed by in record time and we were soon arriving back in the cafeteria for lunch. Seras was waiting for me and spoke up as soon as I sat down.

“I forgot to thank you properly about last night.” She said.

“There is no need to thank me. You helped me when I was hurting and I helped you when you were hurting. This is what best friends do for each other.” I replied.

We finished our lunch in silence, except for the occasional eye contact. I blushed a little each time our eyes met, but besides that the time was nearly uneventful. At physical education, I managed to run beyond expectations. Running 2 miles without tiring is no easy feat. Also I managed to finally do some pull-ups on the bar. I had not been able to do that for quite some time. After the gym and afternoon classes were complete, I changed my diapers (which were full by this time) and reported directly to where Seras said the student council room was. There were no problems with the general area given except I forgot to find out the exact room number.

“Damn” I thought “its 2:55 PM and I still don’t know exactly where it is.”

There were four out of eight classrooms that still had lights on so I checked the first one. I poked my head in after opening the pocket door and there was no one there. 2:56 PM, the second room had the chess club meeting. 2:57PM and the third room had the disciplinary committee meeting in it. I asked for the room number and they said it was class 4-1. That was on the 4th floor of the instruction building while I was on the 3rd floor. I ran as fast as I could and made it in the classroom by 2:59 PM. I panted trying to catch my breath. Seras was there waiting for me.

“Having trouble finding the place?” Seras asked.

“Yes. I should have asked you for the room number beforehand. In all the confusion today, I forgot. Sorry.” I replied and bowed apologetically.

“No worries.” Seras said “You are still early. I just want you to come up front with me at the podium while I go through the formal ceremonies required to make it official.”

Eventually the time came and everyone took their seats. Seras came up to the podium to speak first while I followed. The lights were dimmed and the air became ominous.

“Welcome Heinz, to the Student Council. Let’s give him a round of applause.”

Clapping erupted between all of the other members of the student council. When the clapping subsided, Seras continued:
“In every generation, there are people who are born who exhibit qualities of leadership. Just as the Knights of Arthurian legend did centuries ago, who brought peace and prosperity to Camelot, so are we to do the same for our Academy.”

Seras picked up a box containing a brass lapel pin with the school’s insignia on it and pinned it to my right lapel of my uniform blazer. She also fastened a black armband with a red cruciform sword on it with the red kanji “Aku Soku Zan” or “Slay Evil Immediately” beneath it. Seras continued further.

“Just as the knights of Arthur wore armor and crests which united their houses against the evil that plagued the people of Camelot, this pin symbolizes that bond between us and this sacred order of the Student Council. Just as the angels of the heavens protect us so shall this symbolic armband of your pledge to uphold our doctrines and rules as the liaison to the Disciplinary Committee hold true.”

Then she took out a black book containing the student code of conduct. I was instructed to place my hand on it and repeat the following words.

“I pledge to Omoikane no kami (The God of Wisdom in Shinto) to maintain my status as a high achiever, and to hold to the same regard – my sense of character to which I will not stain with any misdeeds. I promise to be a leader in all aspects and a role-model to my fellow students. I do this in order to prove myself worthy of my title and status as a Student Council Member. I also swear by Haciman no kami (The God of War in Shinto) this sacred oath, to swear unconditional obedience to the rules and regulations at this academy. I promise to uphold the rule of law and without hesitation correct other student’s transgressions. I will enforce the academy’s doctrines and rules to the letter until the day my body stops gracing these halls. I do this to make myself worthy of my allegiance as liaison to the Disciplinary Committee. I hold these pledges highly in my heart and if I break my oaths, I ask that the tantou of judgment may pierce my belly in seppuku and regain the honor that I have lost.”

“Now then, let us welcome our new friend!” Seras exclaimed.

All of the members came up to me and shook my hand. I was introduced to the Treasurer of the Student Council whose name was Sagara Migawa. He was a taller than me and almost looked like a jock for a football team. He wore his hair messy except for a red headband. The hair was dirty blond in color and he had hazel eyes. He was an energetic guy who had a passion for music and martial arts (Such as Judo and Kendo), but he also had a sense of duty and honor like I do.

Following that, the Historian of the Student Council came up to me and introduced herself; Yuki Akihito was a calm and quiet young lady who was of similar height to me and had black hair and green eyes. It was curious that she had burn marks all over her hands and a few scald marks from corrosive chemicals on her face. She had a passion for history and science, but lacked the confidence to move forward; however because of her good grades, she was made the Historian because of her passion for it and finally had the experience to socialize for the first time since she became this way.

The Class Representative (who doubles as the Public Relations Officer) named Chad Kurosaki was a fun one. He was always the joker of the group (a bit of a kitsune as it were), however he still regarded duty and honor above all else. He was almost completely albino, of similar height to me, had black hair and grey eyes. Finally it went around full circle to the Vice President, Mina Taisho, who was acting like more of a bratty princess than any lady in the group. She was 14 (still middle school aged), but still was placed in high school courses because of her brilliant mind. She had an abusive past that she didn’t go into detail about, but she was very logical and analytical, almost acting like a robot. But man did such a robot have spunk. Her bossy nature meant that the entire council had to bend a little bit in her direction in order to keep her in check. She had long flowing blond hair and brown eyes. She was planning to go into business in order to become a CEO of a big company.

Seras surprisingly had a banquet prepared in my honor and so we replaced the regular topics of the meeting by a refreshing bite to eat. By the time the banquet was finished it was 7 PM and Seras and I headed home to play and go to bed. Seras asked me:

“How was it?”

“It was fantastic, but kind of overwhelming.” I answered

“That’s ok” Seras replied “You will get used to it.”

At this point it was time to go to sleep and we did so to a new music box song. After a few minutes I fell asleep, fully prepared for the next day.
To Be Continued….


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Man, that school takes its student council seriously...
I know right. This school's formal "ceremony of a new member" was partially inspired by my time in the National Honor Society with it's oath that I swore my fealty to when I joined. The "tantou of judgement" line I added as a figurative metaphor in the language of an oath-taking - constituent to the ones done by the clans of 1700s Scotland (in other words - this ceremony was also inspired by Outlander's portrayal of Scottish traditions).


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Here is the long awaited Chapter 7 of the Story. Enjoy!
Chapter 7: A Wish upon a Star
Last night, I had a dream where I was put in an insane asylum because I liked wearing diapers and being little. I was mistreated and called many different names by the people inside. The trouble was that I remembered most of the people from middle school. Seras somehow was able to keep her secret under wraps and managed to bust me out. We then drove to our dorm room and we kissed for the first time. The next thing I knew, I was being roused for breakfast.

I was in a rather dirty diaper and Seras was lucky enough to be on diaper duty this morning. Seras joked on the changing table, in babytalk, about how I had “tinky pants” and that my “daipee” needed changing. I responded by apologizing in one of the most realistic versions of babytalk I had ever attempted. Ok, to be fair, it was my second time trying to use babytalk. Seras laughed and said that all baby boys that were this little wet and pooped their diapers and that it was the job of the mommy to do all the changing to make it all better. I cooed at her as I got off of my changing table and she patted my padded butt. We both went back to full adult mode and set to work getting our uniforms on and headed down to breakfast. The problem was that after heading down to the cafeteria, I couldn’t remember what I had for breakfast or even what Seras had either. I was too preoccupied with my dream and with Seras to focus.

We sat down to the student council’s table again. Mina was talking about a lot of girl things with Yuki. Although Yuki was shy, I observed that she seemed to be quite chummy with Mina as Yuki talked on a similar wavelength to Mina, but in a more submissive position than usual. Chad and Sagara were both talking about anime, specifically about the anime adaption of “Omujo! Omutsu Joshi.” This manga I was particularly fond of because it had diaper references and it appealed to me because of my practice of wearing diapers in middle school. I took interest in that conversation and joined Chad and Sagara in the discussion. Most of the discussion was on the anime adaption’s art style and voice actors since the diapered content of the manga was common knowledge by most the students at this school. I tried to answer as truthfully as I could about it because I had only read the manga and not watched the anime yet. Time passed so fruitfully, because of the conversation, that we were almost late to class.

In the monotony and overall culture that is school; I couldn’t focus on my studies today. Seras had been on my mind before, but she was in my mind so frequently now I had problems concentrating. It is as if every answer, every question, every statement included Seras’s name. When it came for lunchtime I saw Seras again at the table like always. I headed over and she drummed up a conversation:

“So Heinz-kun…..” Seras started.

“Seras…..” I started.

We both tried to say something at the same time. Seras asked me to go first.

“We’ve been living together for a couple of days. We have been sharing and caring during our play time. We understand each other. I have noticed that we seem to lock eyes and look at each other. The thing is that I have been thinking that there is something more in our relationship than just best friends under the surface. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that we have rather intimate feelings about each other. So what I’m trying to say is…. I love you Seras.”

Seras sat there astonished. She was taken aback at my confession, and I thought my life with Seras might have ended. I closed my eyes expecting the worst. All of a sudden a pair of lips caressed mine and we were kissing. I embraced the warm wet kiss that seemed to last an eternity. My confession has been confirmed by hers in the kiss we shared right there at the table. Others at the table took notice and were surprised and confused at the sight. After the kiss ended, we tried to explain everything to the student council. After they understood, they congratulated us and we went on our way to afternoon classes.

Afternoon classes were just as uneventful as morning classes were. I still thought about Seras, even though my confession was successful. I was proud of myself for conveying my feelings towards Seras. I have never been that good at revealing such intimate feelings. After classes were done, I headed over for the daily meeting in the student council. I knew the room this time so I took no time in finding it. After general formalities were through, we went on to debating the current issues at hand. We heard a briefing of a concerned student about some rule violations at her dorm by some neighbors who were playing loud music after hours. We also went through the current news and found that there was a festival coming in the calendar. This festival was supposed to be arranged by the student council so we needed all hands on deck. After this there were a few more topics to discuss, but I didn’t really pay much attention to them as I was deferred to the Disciplinary Committee’s room to send in my report from the lady that presented rule violations at her dorm. By the time I came back, we were finishing the meeting up. I linked up with Seras and we started the journey back to the dorms for some regression time. I pecked Seras on the cheek as we went out. Seras smiled at the gesture and we talked about our earlier display of affection as we walked to the dorm room.

When we arrived at our room, we finished our homework as quick as a flash and proceeded to play with each other as our regressed versions. Neither of us was troubled or confused after our talk about what happened earlier, we just played without care and felt loved as we continued well into the night. We went to sleep eventually after another diaper change and before long it was Friday and I was being awoken by an alarm.
To Be Continued…


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Sorry for the long hiatus. I was dealing with a few problems of my own and with school in full swing I had limited time to work on the story. I hope this chapter (although short) will help with your hunger for more....
Chapter 8: Your wish is granted
Seras and I were dressing like always and we went to breakfast. The routine is always the same so I should not really care to repeat it. Seras and I had a few more displays of affection just like those before. School was a pain as always, but nonetheless interesting. We had another meeting full of preparing for the upcoming festival which happened to be the Saturday following this week. Once we got our homework packets we rushed home and did them so we could have undivided private time after it was finished. When we were changing into onesies for our playtime, Seras felt more animated than usual. In a way she felt happier to me than she was when I came here which seemed to fill me up and make me happy. I guess she noticed when I was thinking about how we met because she gave me a raspberry on the changing table in the middle of my thought to bring me back to the headspace I was longing for after a long and rough week of classes. I giggled very happily as the raspberry told me that I was thinking too much about my adult cares. Seras was there and I was too and we were together in our headspace and that was that.
We played with our toys while holding our plushies tightly and sucking our pacifiers. We messed around a bit as any pair of “toddlers” should, but not too much as that would attract attention from other rooms. We played long into the night, making sure each other’s needs were met in full. We even watched the first few episodes of PAW Patrol to try something new for a change. Speaking of changing, we went through more diapers than expected and I had some trouble by this time keeping them on as I wet as soon as a fresh diaper was taped into place. Seras said it was kinda cute and I blushed at that statement for I was originally not the kind of person that should be cute, but deep down I wanted to be. As we were finishing up for the evening Seras invited me into her crib. We cuddled each other in our footed sleepers as we went to bed and fell soundly asleep. I knew tomorrow was going to be great.
The next day (Saturday) started similarly as the second day on the weekend did when I first came, except we both woke up together. Both of us were still sucking our pacifiers and were huddled together in one crib. I waited patiently until Seras opened her eyes so we could both rise together. As soon as she woke up she started tickling me…
“Hey! That’s not fair…” I said between giggles…
“Well you should have known I was going to tickle you silly! Every baby should receive a tickle every once in a while.” Seras Replied…
“Stop…. Ss-ttop you are going to make me pee…” I pleaded sarcastically
“That’s the idea silly baby pants. Anyway that’s what your diaper is for…” She answered to my delight as she continued to tickle me.
By the mornings now I had already flooded my diapers at least once during the night. But this time it was two and I wasn’t sure my diapers could handle a third, but it was too late. The deed was done and I had wet myself and also moved my bowels in the excitement without noticing. Seras smelled immediately what I had done and she teased:
“Looks like somebody has stinky pants!”
“Yeah I should have told you sooner.” I said while blushing hot pink.
We changed each other and after the change we helped each other cook breakfast which happened to be onigiri with miso soup. We sat down and ate and once that was complete we played all day; not having a care in the world. We still addressed our diapers when they needed changing, but besides that we played, watched movies and more PAW Patrol and finished off with another good night’s sleep.
Sunday occurred in the same fashion as before only this time the tickles were more frequent and I also moved my bowels during the night which was new for me. After dinner on this day we decided to take a stroll around campus since we had some extra uniforms lying around. After doing so we both took showers, watched a little “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” and went to sleep, this time in my crib huddled together as we prepared for the next week and the preparations for the Saturday festival to go into full swing.
To Be Continued…..


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I honestly thought about not continuing to do anything further in the story and stop writing stories in general. This was partially due to the fact that the next few chapters were about to get graphic and another because Kerry was having a bone to pick initially when I started this story and that he started to poke holes into the plot that I had meticulously researched to the best of my ability and pulled from my own experiences. These previously unreleased 3 chapters, ending on another cliffhanger will be released now.

On a Side Note: I no longer care what happens to this account as I am now unable to censor my feelings and I am regressing far too often in the wake of my cat's death. With only one semester of college left and with my main caretakers stagnant and/or no longer willing to take me in, I hope that my parents will accept me when the final plunge happens and I cease to be able to function as an adult. I also hope that Kerry reforms his harsh criticisms for ultra-realistic stories with negative and sometimes graphic content as it has been hurtful to me and making it nearly impossible to write anything further for any of the stories I had written partially; even this story.

Furthermore an older story I wrote, that was deleted by Kerry after controversy surrounding a complaint from the original creator, was fan-fiction for the Dante's Infazia universe. It was wrongfully deleted due in part to the original creator of the series on here. It was intended as a sequel that the original creator failed to create, despite users demanding it. I inteded to rightfully use the stagnant universe and the background provided in the original work to create a sequel from the source material. Regardless of the intentions, it is doubtful that it would ever be accepted by the original creator on this site or any other after the creator's temper tantrum that was mailed to Kerry's message box, despite the contents being unknown to me.

Due to these events I can no longer, in good conscience, continue to write stories on this forum. I may continue after this post elsewhere, but it will probably be another long hiatus before I am comfortable writing stories of any length again.
Chapter 9: Preparation on a Festival
I woke up groggily with Seras still in my crib, Although the alarm had woke me up, it only stirred Seras from her slumber. I sat up and lowered the crib sides while I was trying to get Seras up from her sleep. Finally, she obliged with a moan. I could tell her diaper was messy and mine as well. I changed her as she was waking up and then she did the same to me. We hurried to get into our uniforms and head down to breakfast. We got plates of Omrice with some milk on the side and ate hurriedly. The Council was there as always, but they didn't speak very much as they understood that we needed to motor to class pronto. Our normal routine each day was set and each evening we helped the student council prepare for the Festival coming up that Saturday. Our homework was getting done, but there were larger volumes to indicate that we had midterm exams coming up. We still played at night after the council meetings, but not as frequently as before. After a long and stressful week we arrived at the day of the Festival. We were supposed to man the booth together since Seras was a good cook and I was getting pretty good too from watching her. As soon as the Festival was opened flows of people from around Kyoto flooded the school much like how we sometimes flood our diapers. We were one of the most popular booths around getting requests for Omrice and other booth fare on the menu. It was a very busy day, but after the festival concluded, we traveled to a local shrine because Seras was a bit down. I prayed for her well-being and she prayed the same thing for me. Hopefully the gods and spirits heard us. Although the both of us were Christian, we still frequented Shinto Shrines because we felt that it wouldn't hurt to get protection from our ancestors in addition to our faith in God. It was a complex relationship for a Christian living in a Shinto rich country, however it wasn't as uncommon as I thought. Seras explained it on the way back to the dorms and I was taken aback.
"Seriously? Praying to both ancestors and God to help us both? Wouldn't that be unfaithful to God?" I asked her
"Only if you feel that way. Besides, what is the harm. As long as God is not angry at us we should be fine."
I should have been more on my guard because at that moment a group of men in dark clothing attacked me. One of the men had a tattoo that marked him as part of a Yakuza group and he was about my age. Seras was shocked, but all I could do was try to break the headlock that was holding me. I managed to break it, but for my trouble a shot of pain went all up my back from a baseball bat and I was out cold. In my unconscious I returned to my babyhood and searched through my memories for something to protect myself. I found it and grasped it and until I woke up, I continued to live as I did back then. By this time the group of men had moved off with my unconscious body and left Seras alone. She was initially shocked, but then became fearful for what would happen to me. She moved to the police station and reported the incident to which the police mobilized because they recognized the mark described. It belonged to a particularly dangerous Yakuza group that was known for kidnapping and indoctrinating new members under threat of death if they didn't comply. They motored out to their hideout in full riot gear.

Chapter 10: The Unavoidable Danger of Having Enemies in Middle School
I slowly woke up from the trance that I put myself in to protect myself. My eyes slowly went into focus. I was tied to a chair in the middle of a room with no windows. Bloodstains were all around the room as if the gang used it as a torture chamber of some kind. My eyes focused on the familiar face in front of me. This face was someone that I never forgot in middle school. The face of someone who was a thorn in my side and caused me a large amount of trouble. He even tried to kill me in middle school. Now he was sitting there, smiling devilishly at me being tied up and not able to do anything to stop him.
"What do you want Justin Nozugawa!" I snapped "What do you stand to gain by kidnapping me!?"
A barrage of evil laughter escaped his mouth. Almost, as if, to the tune of a sadist who just inflicted the ultimate pain on his target. I regretted leering and snapping at him as soon as that laugh escaped him.
"Gain?" he sneered "I gain everything by this. It is to set things right between us from all those years ago. It wasn't a nice thing you did Heinz, reporting me to the police and to the administration. I was sent to a rehabilitation center for kids and permanently expelled from school. My career was ruined by you and as a result (he showed me his tattoo) this Yakuza boss took pity on me and took me in. From then on, I sought revenge from you humiliating me that day, taking my punishment only to report it later to get back at me."
"Such conceit!" I spat "You haven't even learned your lesson and you speak of having your life ruined? Come back to me when you learn the significance of what a single human life means to the world!"
"Hmmm..." He started cackling again. I regressed a bit, trying to make myself as small as possible in that chair. He put his face up to mine and continued to speak. "No, I don't think that would be sporting of me would it. I have planned for you something fitting as a revenge. Call it reverse justice, so to speak. I will first have my way with you in any manner I see fit, then when I grow tired of you I will kill you then and there."
I spat in his face in defiance.
"One way or another I will break you this time." He said and, after taking my shirt off, proceeded to start whipping me with a makeshift cat of nine tails that was lying around. My body was crying out for mercy as soon as the first series of lashes caressed my flesh. It started with just 10 lashes, then 10 became 50, and then 50 became 100.
By the time the lashes stopped, my body was covered in bleeding cuts from the whip. He then proceeded to violate me in every way possible, including sexually. He then left me to rot for a few hours to let the pain argue with me while I was unconscious. I went inside myself for the first time in years, though I had been partially doing it since the first experience I have had with trauma. I secretly prayed for Seras and a police force to bust in at any moment, but I was awoken again.
Justin wanted to give me more punishment and he took out a knife after putting salt on my wounds which made them burn. He then proceeded to start cutting me in different places with the knife until he found a lung cavity he could slip his knife into.
"Sorry Heinz" he started "I've had my fun. I will see you in Hell." He raised his knife and was about to stab me. I closed my eyes, prepared for death. Just as he was about to stab me for the final time, he hesitated as the Police burst in and trained their guns on him. He charged at them, flailing with his weapon, but the Police were highly trained and brought him down with non-lethal rounds from their guns. An ambulance was called, and I was barely conscious. He was driven off to prison to await trial.

Chapter 11: Recovery
I saw bits and pieces of Seras as I slipped between consciousness at least until I had healed enough from my injuries to open my eyes. Fearful and scared for my life from what I had just suffered, I went into myself and really started to act like a baby. I no longer thought of the life I had lived, I just was lucky enough to be alive. I barely kept any lucidity to keep myself from coming back to my former self. Seras played with me at the hospital in private rooms and both my parents and headmaster were notified of the incident. They came to see me, but I was not able to remain lucid enough to have a conversation. I remained that way for a whole month until I suddenly started talking again. Seras and I moved back to the Dorms where I played for the most part. My mental injuries resulting from the physical wounds had made me completely diaper dependent. My studies suffered as I was on medical related leave until I was ready to resume classes on my own. Seras knew that it was a difficult subject for what I endured so she started waiting until I spoke about it first. She eventually grew impatient and the question reached a head one night. I spilled the beans, except for him violating me, as soon as I was assured that she wouldn't judge and consoled through it. I still didn't go back to the way I was, but at least I felt better afterward; or so I thought. One night, I decided to go on a walk alone for a change of pace. I walked until a river bridge came into view. By this time Seras, expecting to see me in the dorm, realized that I wasn't there and went out looking for me. I looked from the bridge to the water down below and thought of the peacefulness of the river. It wasn’t a particularly high bridge, but there was a chance that I could die from the fall. Seras finally found me at the river at the railing, contemplating jumping into the river.


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I honestly thought about not continuing to do anything further in the story and stop writing stories in general. This was partially due to the fact that the next few chapters were about to get graphic and another because Kerry was having a bone to pick initially when I started this story and that he started to poke holes into the plot that I had meticulously researched to the best of my ability and pulled from my own experiences. These previously unreleased 3 chapters, ending on another cliffhanger will be released now.
As to the "graphic" nature of the chapters: yes, there is violence, but for the most part it is described in summary, not in detail (which would violate forum rules). Only the following two ¶s contain material that could be termed objectionable :

"One way or another I will break you this time." He said and, after taking my shirt off, proceeded to start whipping me with a makeshift cat of nine tails that was lying around. My body was crying out for mercy as soon as the first series of lashes caressed my flesh. It started with just 10 lashes, then 10 became 50, and then 50 became 100.
By the time the lashes stopped, my body was covered in bleeding cuts from the whip. He then proceeded to violate me in every way possible, including sexually. He then left me to rot for a few hours to let the pain argue with me while I was unconscious. I went inside myself for the first time in years, though I had been partially doing it since the first experience I have had with trauma. I secretly prayed for Seras and a police force to bust in at any moment, but I was awoken again.
Even these are borderline. But the sexual violation, if you had described it in any detail whatsoever, would have resulted in the deletion of the chapter. These are forum rules, not mine.

As to the "bone to pick" comment: well, first of all, I am female, so there is that. Second, I made a few comments about a few plot points that seemed confusing to me as a means of letting you know that other readers might suffer similar confusion. The only comments I made on the story itself were positive.

I also hope that Kerry reforms his harsh criticisms for ultra-realistic stories with negative and sometimes graphic content as it has been hurtful to me and making it nearly impossible to write anything further for any of the stories I had written partially; even this story.
Again: the female thing. But also: what "harsh criticisms" are you referring to? Here is what I said:

"There seems to be something wrong with the plot here. First, they are not alone in the post office, so how could what actually happened be covered up? Second, why would it be covered up? What Seras did was utterly heroic! It's the kind of thing that the press LOVES. Finally, in what universe does this make her a murderer?"

I'm left to wonder: what is harsh about that? Further, you need to understand that I did not make up the rules of this forum. Moo did, and it is his site. I'm simply tasked with enforcing them.

Furthermore an older story I wrote, that was deleted by Kerry after controversy surrounding a complaint from the original creator, was fan-fiction for the Dante's Infazia universe. It was wrongfully deleted due in part to the original creator of the series on here. It was intended as a sequel that the original creator failed to create, despite users demanding it. I inteded to rightfully use the stagnant universe and the background provided in the original work to create a sequel from the source material. Regardless of the intentions, it is doubtful that it would ever be accepted by the original creator on this site or any other after the creator's temper tantrum that was mailed to Kerry's message box, despite the contents being unknown to me.
I don't doubt your sincere wish to pay homage to "Dante's Infanzia" in your fanfic, but it was well within the author's purview to demand that you stop doing so. The "universe" and the characters were not yours to play with. When the author complained and demanded that your story be taken down, I really had no choice but to comply. Perhaps if you had messaged the author and asked for permission, it might have been granted. We'll never know.

I actually have another question: all of this happened two years ago. Why are you bringing it up again now? Have you been brooding about it all this time to make it still hurt so acutely? I'm very sorry if you have; believe me, no one did anything with the intention of causing you personally any misery. I hope that you will be able to put this in perspective and go on to write more here and/or elsewhere.


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I actually have another question: all of this happened two years ago. Why are you bringing it up again now? Have you been brooding about it all this time to make it still hurt so acutely? I'm very sorry if you have; believe me, no one did anything with the intention of causing you personally any misery. I hope that you will be able to put this in perspective and go on to write more here and/or elsewhere.
I am bringing it up again because back then I was dealing with the fallout about the Infazia sequel. I perceive anything as a potential criticism as I am quite suspicious of others due to my own issues coming from my history of trauma and abuse. I don't know who to trust, especially online and until I am reassured that I can trust them, I don't. I am also fearful of admins and authority figures due to a dark history with them.

I had no idea that an author of a seemingly defunct universe would say anything because that story was written a long time ago. Also, I had no idea where to find the author to ask permission and plus it is just not my style to message someone I don't know, especially if I am asking for something; it just doesn't make logical sense to me. That shock of having a fanfic made out of respect to the original creator and universe taken down harshly without any negotiation made me fearful that any continuation of original stories that I had made that had inspiration from other stories similar would have their authors complain just as harshly. To prevent that and from this account being banned for multiple complaints from those authors I chose to cut my losses and stop writing.

Since you were doing the enforcement kerry, I never thought it was the decision of someone higher and thought it was you. I had resentment built up because I felt that whenever you posted and spoke of your confusion, I thought it was just to get on my nerves because I got tired of clarifying and trying to apply logic to the problem point. I just wanted to continue writing, though I felt I couldn't ignore you for fear that I would be reprimanded so I responded after carefully considering my words. I can no longer hold back a lot of the emotions I prefer to keep hidden for fear they would be perceived as a threat and I would be punished or kicked on that basis.

After I found the ADISC discord server I kind of forgot the forums and would only come on when I felt like I needed to update those who know me on here of current events. Although now I no longer frequent there because multiple people that are newer do not know that I don't like being teased and there is no one online that speaks up because it is their normal routine. I occasionally picked up the pen and wrote a bit more when I had nothing better to do and no caretaker was able or willing to care for me in a regressed state (hence the three chapters). Now, with my cat gone it is impossible for me to do that while regressed as I become mentally and physically (internally) no more that a 2 year old (although my outward appearence remains unchanged). So, to prepare for that eventuality where I am no longer able to do anything related to these stories, I intended to tie up lose ends in case I never came back.