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Anna's eyes opened slowly when the sun shined into them. Her head was full of dreams- a parade? Something about witches? Was Ryan there? They began to fade quickly, and she slowly took stock of her surroundings.

She groaned. The bars of her giant crib instantly reminded her of where she was. A gigantic nursery, normal sized in this world, painted in bright rainbows and filled with stuffed animals, toys, a changing table, and not a single item to make it as anything but that. One closer look however, the slight differences that separated littles being diapered from the actual giants' babies became clear. Straps on the changing table, locks on the crib and an optional top, and paddles along the wall used to ensure Anna kept acting up the role she was given to play. She sat up, and groaned again- the mush in her pampers- actual pampers here, not just the adult diapers she had told her subs were pampers to tease them- moved, confirming her guess from the night before that she'd fall asleep during the change and wake after the bottle did its work. The witches who controlled her book knew their job well, and wouldn't give her any relief from the horrid, itching feeling of her diapers.

"Are you awake Anna? Hello!" her 'mommy' said, and appeared in the doorway. "Hello widdle girl! Sleep well?" She was dressed in a long yellow dress and apron. She bent over the crib and sniffed. "Eww someone's stinky! Let's check that diaper sweetie!"

At moments like this Anna wished she had the will power to fight back, but knew it would get her no where. She wouldn't even get out of the crib without being lifted. She moved the blanket, turned over into a crawling position, stuck out her pampered bottom and waited.

Her "mommy" pulled down her pajamas and opened the back of her diaper. "Yep! One messy diaper! You sure do go through them fast!" She giggled and tickled Anna's chin. Despite herself Anna giggled, and the woman patted her diaper. She lifted her up and held Anna to her chest. She took out her pacifier.

"But guess what? We got good news! Know what it is?" she cooed.

"No," Anna said, shaking her head.

"We just won the "Broken Collar" prize from Littles R Us! Know what that means!"

Anna shook her head. The phrase "broken collar" struck something in her memory, but dissipated quickly.

"That means we win a six months supply of diapers, and you get to appear in their add campaigns wearing them! Isn't that fun! So you can go ahead and go through them as quick as you want! We'll get to replace them, and you get six more months before potty training!" She said that in a happy voice as if expecting Anna to love hearing it.

Anna forced a smile and tried not to cry. It seemed the family did indeed win diapers faster then she would use them. How did they keep getting into these competitions?

The giant opened her shirt and forced a heavy breast into Anna's mouth. Knowing what was expected, she suckled and swallowed the warm milk. She carried Anna through the massive house. Even by a giant's standards it was huge. The family was clearly wealthy, and filled their house with all the luxuries they could want. For Anna, all that meant was more toys and humiliating baby outfits for her to wear while the family cooed.

They entered the wide, open concept center which served as living room, dining room and lobby. Breakfast was being served, and Anna saw a plate of scrambled eggs on the table of her high chair, thankful it wasn't mashed baby food for once. It would depend on if she was allowed to eat or if her 'mommy' decided milk was enough today, however.

"Thank you Clarice," the giant woman said to one of the caretakers. "Oh, and little Anna will need a diaper change."

Anna blushed at her state being said out loud, though she knew after all this time the point was moot. The woman ran off to grab a change pad, which Anna knew meant a change on the living room floor. Babies didn't care about privacy, and as long as the giant's and their paddles had a say in it, neither did littles.

The giant carried Anna to her high chair and sat her down with a squish. Anna looked up and for the first time saw the couple in the room.

There was another giant woman dressed in a blue and white plaid dress and with permed blond hair. What attracted her attention more, however, was the far shorter person beside her holding her hand. The person also had permed hair. The dress matched the giants, except in pink instead of blue, hung over long stockings, and was suckling a pacifier. Anna had to squint to be sure, but it was unmistakable- the 'girl' in front of her was Ryan.

The two locked eyes. Ryan glared at her, and Anna stared back in horror.

"So, tell us how your little's training is going?" Anna's "mommy" said.

"Oh, its going along well. Why don't you show her your new underwear, Rye-Rye? She was very proud when she earned them." Ryan looked down at his dress and lifted the skirt to show pink princess pull ups with a Disney sign on them. As with Anna's diapers, these weren't the mock kink version- as far as anyone was concerned, Ryan was going through potty training. Humiliating as it was, in this world's rules it put him on a level far above Anna.

"I think what made the difference is when we decided to treat her as a girl instead of a boy. Of course she complained, but a few spanks changed that, and she was much better behaved in skirts then in pants. We figure she'll be done in a few months, and we will let her go back into the real world with pants and big boy underwear, won't that be nice Rye-Rye?"

Ryan looked at her and nodded, then went back to staring at Anna.

"Hey you know what would be fun? A play date! And if you are keeping Anna in diapers, perhaps one day he can babysit...

The conversation droned on as Anna kept staring in his eyes. It was Karma, she supposed, and Karma bit back hard.

(This is the end of the main story. However, I will also be posting a one shot, "Anna's Dream," that takes place while Anna is sleeping in the last chapter. You can choose to take it as cannon or not.)


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(The next part is very kink focused and dirty, even more so then other parts. Be warned)

Anna's Dream:

No. It was worse. Sleeping was far, far worse.

Anna crawled, whining, the tug of her leash and slap of the switch encouraging her forward down the road as people laughed at her. Sleeping was far worse.

The witch had told her there were two parts of the payback for Karma. The first was that she burned off all the negative things she had done. The second was that anyone who suffered or gained from her would get their chance to pay it back. Here, in this dream world, they paid it back hard.

She never would remember when she woke up, but the instant her eyes were closed she appeared back in her old city, or an separate, dream like version of it which was not yet repaired by the witches. Unlike the real city, in this world everyone still remembered what the things that had happened, and knew exactly who to blame. Anna didn't know to what extent their real life equivalents realized what was happening in the dream world, but she was assured they would get a kind of satisfaction from it, knowing their debts had been paid.

Once here of course, she remembered every detail. After the long, painful spanking with Ryan's full diaper pressed against her face, she was dragged from her town home and lead through the city toward the court house as her victims jeered. There she was given a tall order: countless harassment charges, battery, sexual assault, physical and mental pain, billions of dollars worth of lawsuits and damages, theft, and an entire city standing as witness against her. They all revolved around a common charge, witchcraft, which though last used over a century before was still on the books and carried a death sentence no one wanted to carry out. After months of witness testimony, claims, and debates over costs no one could pay and sentences she'd never live long enough to pay, they came to an agreement. A woman, as it happened, dressed all in black, came in and proposed a new idea, something that would benefit all parties. As she spoke to the courthouse she smiled at Anna, and the words came out of a final charge, one that wouldn't be spoke out loud: impersonating, defrauding, and slandering the witches.

The agreement was that every single person who had claim against her would be allowed to punish her in proportion to what she had done. This meant that every victim would have a time, ranging from hours to days, to control her as she controlled them, humiliate her, spank her, dress her how they wanted, and make her suffer as she had to them. The materials needed were provided by the city, paid for by the films of her own humiliation. Meanwhile, the costs Anna had raised were paid for by the city using her as a tourist attraction. The parades and festivals she had demanded in her book came back to haunt her in a twisted form. She was no longer "Witch Queen Anna," she was "Wantabe Spoiled Princess Anna," and her ID said so. Her profession was no longer listed as "Magic Witch," but "Dumb Diapered Witch." The rest of her ID read the same, legally changed into insults and jokes. The parades were a monthly event with her at the center, attracting tens of thousands of followers, who through bondage equipment at her rather then prizes, and festivals with stories made to degrade her rather then praise. Eventually she became a tourist attraction on her own, and it wasn't long before a huge part of the city's economy came from publicly humiliating her.

Now, she was in the hands of someone she barely remembered. He was a short, thin, dark haired man, who at the time had been working as a lawyer. After his dog had jumped up and ruined her dress, she had decided someone should teach him how to raise a pet, and ensured it happened.

Now Anna suffered the same fate. Almost naked, the only clothes on her were the ones designed to punish her. A "tail" violated her in a humiliating fashion, held in place with straps that ran around between her legs and around her waist, and vibrated whenever her current owner pressed a button. Her ankles were tight to it, forcing her to walk on her hands and knees, which were covered with cloth 'paws.' She wore a collar which tightened painfully every time he pulled her short leash. Finally, she had a leather mask on made to look like a dog. She'd have been grateful for it to hide her identity, if there could be any doubt who the woman crawling around dressed as a dog was.

"EEP!" she yelped, the sounded being muffled by the dog mask. Her owner hand yanked on her leash, tightening the choke collar and pulling her back.

"Now now puppy, don't pull on the leash!" he said.

"AHH!" she yelped, the sound being turned into a rough moan thanks to the dog mask.

"Falling behind?" her owner said, and he spanked her again with the paddle, hard. Anna scurried forward quickly, only to be stopped again by the leash drawing tight around her neck. "I told you. You walk exactly in front of me so I can admire your bare ass and tail. Fall behind, you get spanked, go to far forward, and you feel the leash."

Anna groaned and kept crawling.

"Whats all this?" a loud female voice said. Anna suddenly reached the end of the leash and was pulled back. She looked back at her owner, who had stopped, and was smiling at a large police woman.

"This is Anna, once a dumb witch, now my dumb B&@#," her owner said.

The police officer laughed. "Of course, silly me. Nothing wrong with that." She reached town to her boot and took out a long, leather rod. "You know, I have my own time with her coming up, and I really can't wait." She snapped the rod into her hand, and Anna yelped. "Mind if I give her a preview? I've been carrying this around hoping to see her."

He waved toward Anna. "Of course, go ahead. Anna, be a good puppy and stick your bum out for the nice officer. No moving now!"

Anna groaned to herself but obeyed.

SNAP! The first smack caused Anna to shout out and whine. The second had her collapse from her hands down to her elbows. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! A series of blows sent fire across her backside, and Anna was in near tears within a minute.

Mercifully, it stopped after a handful, but the spanking was still far more painful then the ones she had received from the paddle. Anna looked cautiously at the Police Woman, who ran the strap across her back and under her chin. "Whining already? Poor little girl. That was only five! When I get you, I'm going to have you bent over for hours. Then we will see how you cry."

Anna shuddered. Each of her victims had their own ways to get back at her. Some were merely uncomfortable or difficult, some were humiliating, and some where outright painful. Most were a bit of all three. However, she could deal with a few extra chores, even degrading ones, and she told herself she could get used to the public humiliation even if it hadn't seemed to happen yet, but the ones that were just painful were something she'd never get used to. She'd rather spend days crawling as a dog then an hour under that woman's strap, with no game or break, just pure pain until her next owner came.

Another sharp smack from the paddle, and she began crawling again.

"Is that her? Is that the dumb witch?" a young woman shouted. She came running up, closely followed by a man about the same age. Anna groaned. They were tourists, and she was the attraction they wanted to see.

"Is that really Anna? The girl who tried to become a witch but failed because she was too dumb?"

Anna glared.

"Yes, but where did you hear that?"

"Its right in this brochure! "If you are lucky, you can see Anna, who tried to become a witch but failed because she was too dumb. She used her magic like a little brat would, and now pays the price by working for each victim. See the girl who had all the power in the world and misused it get her comeuppance. She'll soak her diapers, get her butt spanked, and crawl around for your amusement.' There are pictures of her in different outfits."

Anna sighed. Of course they worded everything that way, the writer was probably someone she had left tied up or crossbreed or something.

"Yes, that's her all right. Are you coming to the parade?"

"Yes! We even paid for the festival afterwards, I can't wait to see what they do to her."

Anna gulped. She had forgotten about the parade. Was that today!? It was always something she dreaded.

She was lead further through the city until she knew her time with her current punishment was coming to an end. Then, he pulled her around a corner and toward a cafe that looked oddly familiar. Anna realized it was near identical to the one she had just visited in the 'real,' world, if the world with giants could be said to be real at all.

"Ah, good, she's arrived," Ryan said. Anna moaned, realizing her fears were confirmed. "Aww widdle puppy wuppy, are you sad? Want a cookie?" He shoved a dog cookie into her mouth, and Anna was forced to eat it, knowing the alternative was punishment. "And yes, even though your a stupid widdle baby you got that right. Its time for your parade! Yayyy!" He taunted her, rubbing her under her chin like a pet he was comforting. "Awww not exciting? Well it is for everyone else! We've got a great plan, and big crowds to watch you!" He pointed toward the street, where a band was standing and people had indeed gathered to see her.

He unhooked the dog mask, and Anna felt the tail being removed. She stood up, and had the 'paws' taken off her knees and hands.

Morgan stood beside Ryan carrying a bag. As they had been the primary victims of her abuse, they were given control over her parades. Morgan was now dressed normally, though Ryan still wore capri pants that were arguably effeminate, and his underwear seemed thicker then normal, though Anna could never tell if he was diapered or not. This seemed common for him now. Anna knew he was serving his own time in the giant's world, and couldn't tell if his outfits here were some kind of lingering effect or his choice, though he did seem happier with the rest of his life.

Anna, of course, always ended up in something far worse. After being stripped naked, she was picked up and laid down on the coffee table, as she had been before for her diaper change.

"Look at these pampers baby girl, aren't they cute? Excited for your pampers?" Morgan said. She held up an thick white diaper with a black panel in front, decorated with pictures of witches, cats, and moons. It seemed to be made specifically for Anna. In fact, they might have been. Given how often she ended up in diapers and how often they seemed to perfectly fit whatever humiliation she was currently enduring, she was certain someone was pushing out punishment diapers just for her. Perhaps someone, somewhere, was even selling "Dumb Witch Anna Brand" kink equipment and diapers to the public.

Ryan lifted her legs, and the diaper was laid underneath her. She was powdered, and the diaper was tapped on snugly. It was a feeling Anna was almost used to now. She hadn't used the toilet normally since her trial. When she wasn't in diapers, she was ordered to use a plastic 'potty,' often out in the open where she could be seen, plugged up, or made to relieve herself like a dog or a cat.

They both sat her up and shoved a matching black pacifier into her mouth, which was strapped in place. A black dress was pulled over her, a mockery of the witche's dress she had worn before, with a short skirt that flared out to expose her diaper. Black and orange striped socks were pulled to her knees, with heeled black shoes underneath. Finally, a black dunce cap, much like the one the witch had given her with "Dumb Witch" written down the side, was tied to her head with a ribbon.

Anna looked at herself in pity. The outfit was designed to remind her of what she had done and why she was being punished, twisting what she had demanded in the worse possible way.

"Have you guessed our theme this month widdle girl?" Ryan said. "Aww no? Can't figure it out? Come on, I thought it be easy even for a dumb widdle baby like you."

Anna glared. They both know the pacifier gag kept her from speaking.

"Don't spoil it Ryan," Morgan said. "She hasn't seen the best part yet."

Morgan was still laughing to herself as she reached into her bag and pulled out a small, plastic toy broomstick. "Here's your broomstick witch! You're going to 'ride' it all through the city!"

Anna stared at it with wide eyes. Ryan held her in place as Morgan forced it between her legs and tight under her diaper. She ran tape under it and around Anna's legs down to her knees, locking it firmly in place. She then forced black fingerless mittens to Anna's hands, which she taped around the end of the stick. The effect was that Anna was standing awkwardly hunched over, knees locked together, barely able to walk.

"Now," Morgan said smiling. "Its time for our widdle wantabe witch baby to ride her broomstick through town. Lets go!" He attached a collar to her neck, then a leash, and began to pull.

Anna tried to shuffle her legs, but could barely move. The leash tightened, and a hard smack landed on her bottom. She turned to see Ryan behind her with a paddle. "Better hurry up or you'll get spanked!" He swung again, almost knocking her forward.

Anna felt helpless, not knowing what to do. After another spank, she bent her knees forward and hopped.

"Good baby! Just like that!" Ryan cooed.

She hopped again, then again, and again. She realized that was what they wanted, and the point was clear. On the surface, it looked like she was pretending to be a witch, hoping around on a fake broomstick as if trying to fly while wearing a silly costume, the reality exposed by her pacifier and skirt flaring over her diaper. The message it sent reinforced what they all said about her. "She was a dumb brat who tried to pretend to be a witch, but treated it more like a toddler playing a game."

She was lead through the crowed, who parted, then laughed and cheered as she passed. She ended up under a banner that read "Diaper Girl Anna, Wantabe Witch."

Ryan walked in front, holding his paddle like a baton, and move it up and down to set a beat. The base drums started to the rhythm, followed by the snares. However, when the band started, the crowed burst into laughter again. The sousaphone and tuba's began, playing a loose, silly song, designed to rub in the ridiculousness of the situation. After a few beats, they began walking, and Anna was forced to hop.

Something landed in front of her and clattered on the ground. She couldn't see it clearly but it looked like an enema kit, and it was soon followed by a paddle. Something soft hit her, and she saw an adult diaper hit the ground. She prayed to god it had at least been clean.

The pelting was never meant to be painful. Anything that hit her, as an unstated but agreed upon rule, was soft- diapers, outfits, stuffed animals, ropes. Anything hard landed around her. They were all collected, either to be used on her or sold as having been part of her punishment. The goal wasn't to injure her in a way that would mean she'd have to take time off from her other punishments, but to humiliate her while raising more money.

As if the situation itself wasn't humiliating enough. Thousands had come out to jeer at her, and as if that wasn't bad enough, she knew she was being filmed so more at home could watch her hop around in diapers. The situation got even worse after the constant, rhythmic pounding of her hoping on cement caused her stomach to rumble, and a long, loud fart to escape into her diaper. What she expected to be drowned out by the crowed instead blared loudly over them all, causing Anna to scream and blush as the crowed laughed. They had miced her diaper, she realized, and she didn't doubt they'd get what they wanted from it by the end. Her stomach got worse and worse, and the loud, disgusting noised poured out of her, her worst moments being exposed.

Anna's legs began to ache. Hoping with her knees together was difficult, and after what seemed like miles of it, painful. She slowed, only to be spanked again by the paddle, blasting loudly on the speaker system and drawing a loud cheer from the crowds. She kept trying, but it was getting more and more difficult, leading to constant spanks that delighted her audience. The laughter from her outfit wasn't enough, they had to see her hurt. Another smack landed, and the shock drew out more gas into her diaper, the two repeated sounds creating a ridiculous symphony only matched by the band behind her.

"I feel sorry for anyone marching behind her having to go through that!" Ryan shouted into a microphone. "I hope they hand out nose plugs!" More laughter.

He took time away from spanking her to walk up close. "Aww, legs getting tiered widdle girl?" Ryan said into a mic. "Don't worry, you'll be on stage soon!"

"Mph mph!" Anna shook her head. The stage part was always the worse. It wasn't enough they made a spectacle of her through the streets, they had to make sick games out of tormenting her.

Her legs were tired, though. Every muscle in her body, from her cramping, bent back, to her spanked bottom, to her over worked legs, were aching. However, her stomach was now aching just as bad, and though her pride demanded otherwise, she knew she would soon be messing in front of the audience. From the gas already leaking out of her, it might even be a relief, with massive push less embarrassing then the endless stream of farts being broadcast.

Ann squeezed her eyes shut, and in a routine that she had had far too many chanced to practice, she imagined herself somewhere else, in a private bathroom inside her old mansion, as she pushed.

The amplifiers blasted and echoed as she filled her diaper, and when they sound of her gas gave room the sound of the plastic stetching filled in the spaces. What she had hoped would be an almost instant relief quickly became a much longer, drawn out process as her bonded legs didn't leave much room to relax, and the laxatives in her stomach produced more and more material for her stained undergarments.

"And its happened! The one thing Anna is good at, and the one thing we all knew was going to happen! Like the silly baby she is, Anna has messed her diaper for you good people. Lets give her a hand!"

Mocking applause came, followed by another spank of the paddle, this time causing squelch along with the smack. If Anna's mouth wasn't filled with a pacifier, she would have gritted her teeth.

The parade turned a corner, and their destination came into view. Where normally she'd see the trees and fields of the city's largest park, instead she rows of tents and stands, all beneath a banner reading "Dumb Witch Anna Day!" Once again, in a twisted mockery of her demands, the "Genius Witch Anna Day" festival she had written about was just a string of humiliations.

The guards passed behind them, and guards lined up behind it to take payment. Anna looked behind her, a could see the long lines forming, all eager to take their shot at whatever they planned to do to her.

"And Anna neared the end of her book, but was too much of a brat to stop using it, and not smart enough to think of another solution. She made more silly demands, like changing stores..." In one open tent, labelled "The Story of Anna," a clown told her story to a crowed of enthralled and laughing children, punctuating parts with balloon animals and fart noises. In another tent, people bought books and toys shaped like her along with toy paddled and outfits. In a third, people stood on a stage until a woman dressed as a witch came through. Anna had seen the act before. The 'witch' waved a want waving a wand, and sheets descended from the ceiling and settling on the ground, leaving each one 'magically' changed into kink outfits- a catgirl, a puppy boy, another in a full leather body suit, and a woman in a t shirt and diaper. At the end, they all pointed at her, and the magician herself appeared into a combination of all of them- in diapers with a tail, and suspended by chains, tied tightly with leather. She began to struggled, and soon escaped from all her binds. The crowed cheered and she bowed, only to be spanked by each of her helpers, bringing laughter from the crowed. It was always a fan favorite at these festivals.

The stage she feared most, however, was the one at the back of the fair. It was the one reserved specifically for her, and the one guaranteed to be different at each festival. They passed into a wide open field, soon to be filled with laughing crowds, and later music and dancers. The stage came into view, and Anna's heart sank.

This time, along with the regular banner labeling her with her new name, there was a massive screen of clear plastic. Red rings ran from the outside to the center, where there was a round hole. Anna guessed the hole was intended for her in some form.

The parade reached the stage, and Morgan lead her up to the stage. She stood alone with Morgan and Ryan on each side of her as the field in front of her filled with people trailing the band.

"Wave to them Anna," Ryan said. She pouted and complained.

"Now we get to have some real fun," Morgan said. "Arms up!"

Anna complied again, not daring to fight back as the stripped her down to her collar, diaper, pacifier, and binds. She reached in front to cover her bare breasts, but Mordan scolded her and told her to keep her hands by her sides. In tears, she agreed.

Ryan walked to a microphone on the stage. "Hello everyone! Thank you for coming to the festival!"

The audience cheered.

"Now, while there are plenty of games for you to play, I'm sure I know what you all really are waiting for."

They cheered again. As they did, workers began pulling barrels in a line in front of the stage.

"Anna will soon be locked into this hole." So that much she had guessed correctly. "As promised, the winners of the last festival will be allowed behind the stage to give her the spanks they had earned."

More cheering, and people began separating and forming a line to the back. Anna tried to count them, but got anxious when she saw the length and began to feel sick.

"Now, for this festival's game. As explained earlier, each of these barrels is filled with Anna's used diapers, collected over the last few months of her punishments."

Anna gasped. She felt like she couldn't breath. Nothing that came after that could be good. She expected disgust from the audience, but they only nodded and cheered. Anna realized they all already knew the rules- this was being explained for her benefit.

"Everyone can pay for a pair of plastic gloves and a price per diaper. Give it your best shot, and if you can hit the target," he pointed to the hole where Anna would be tied, and she swallowed- "And you get five spanks next festival. Hit three in a row, and you get an extra half day with her as your sub."

This time the cheers were even louder this time, people hungry for their chance to punish her more.

"The stage under the target are all slanted so that the diapers will gather under the dumb witch's nose, where they will remain until tomorow morning and she is led to her next owner. Everyone clear? Lets begin!"

Both of her two former victims grabbed her. Anna panicked. Of all the punishments she had received, this was the worse. Logic would have told her there was no escape, but she was too frightened to think, and she began to struggle away. Ryan attached a leash to her and she pulled away. She felt the collar snap and tried to run.

FIrst she headed to the stairs she came up, but they were quickly blocked by audience members climbing. She bolted the other way, but more came up the other side, and began others blocked the front. She turned but and tried to run towards the woods behind the stage, but ran into the clear wall and couldn't find a way wound it. Hands grabbed at her, and despite her kicking and punching, she was soon lifted and carried to the hole. Morgan oepned a portion of the wall on a hinge, and the hands placed Anna in the plastic, then sealed it and locked it.

Anna was left with the plastic wrapped just beneath her rib cage, bare arms and shoulder on the side of the audience, diapered behind on the other, bent over at the waist. Anna tried to push at the plastic but it wouldn't budge, and she turned toward the audience, eyes wide.

"Aww look at the poor little baby. She doesn't seem to get the idea of of a clear plastic wall, does she? Must be tough for a dumb baby like her to understand. Don't worry, there is no way out without a key," Ryan held up the key, then stepped out of the way. Now, shall we begin.

"AAA"! Anna shouted into her pacifier as an unseen paddler hit her from behind. Another whack, and another scream. How many were there? How many did each get? Anna couldn't tell, but knowing these games it would go all night.

Worse still, the audience in front was moving toward the barrels, each manned by someone in either witch's or wizard's costume, each supposedly dressed as Anna in fake witches' costumes.

The first diaper struck to her right, causing Anna to jump higher then the spanks. As promised, it slid down and collected in a deep barrel in front of her.

They began flying toward her. The odd form of bondage left her with some room to move, and she did her best to dodge them, and kept her hands in front to block her face. Another hit closer to her right. It became harder and harder to block as the throws were accompanied by the regular spanks beside her, leaving far too much to concentrate on. Another hit on top of her. It bounced, fell and landed on her back. She cringed in disgust and the slimy feeling, and squirmed until it fell. However, the squirming left her to drop her arms, and one hit her square in the head.

It didn't hurt. It was far too soft, and the spanks provided enough pain as was. However, the humiliation and disgust was just as bad.

Anna looked to the sun in the sky. Normally, the 'games' continued until it went down and the bands started. From the looks of it, it was still a while away, with a lot of spanks coming, and a lot of diapers to be thrown.

"Oh, and one more thing," Ryan said. He took out a controller and hit a button. Something in the plastic wall beneath Anna began moving, and she felt it press against the front of her diaper. She wondered what it was for a moment, then it began vibrating.

Anna gasped. The mix of sensation- the pain, the disgust, the sudden pleasure- was more then she could take, and her mind became scattered, going from one thing to the next, unable to concentrate on one thing for more then a moment. She became overwhelmed by the vibration, only to have a projectile hit her in the face. She concentrated on dodging them, only to have a hard whack hit her from behind. It was all too much, and she began to cry.

"Awww, is the poor baby crying? I wonder how many people in this audience cried when she had power," Ryan said. He kept speaking, though with all the distractions she couldn't make out the words.

The feeling from the vibration was growing. It took over all else, making her forget the sting of the spanks, the disgust of the diapers and the humiliation of her position. Weeks of building in both worlds was coming to a climax, and she forgot where she was and moaned on stage.

Then she stopped. Just as suddenly as the vibration began, it was over.

"And as I was saying as our wantabe witch was having too much fun to hear, her color will monitor her vitals. As soon as she is about to finish, the vibration will stop, only to start again soon after. Since so much of what she did was chasing something, its only fair it is denied now, no?"

Anna wanted to scream. The 'game' went on as the spanks continued and the disgusting pile of diapers grew in front of her. She squirmed and struggled, but there was no escape from the pain, the bombardment, or the smell, each getting worse and worse.

Finally, mercifully, the sun set. The field cleared out, was cleaned, and refilled with a different, all adult sort. The crowed was dressed in a mixture of witch outfits and kink costumes. Adult babies, gimps, pet play and leather subs, and doms holding switches came in. A band took the stage, and they began dancing. It was the sort of party Anna would have loved to have been too before, but now could play no part in.

The band reached into the crowed and pulled up two people- both adult baby 'twins.' At first glance they looked the same- two slight women in adult diapers and pink onesies with short skirts clearly not intended to cover their diapers, long stockings, and blond hair tied into pigtails. Closer inspection showed, however, that one was a man. The both danced suggestively, bending over and showing off their pampered bottoms for the welcoming crowed. The singer of the band, himself dressed in leather and holding a switch as a dom, walked up to them. Both looked at each other, smiled, and bent over with hands on their knees. The singer gave them each a hard spank. They smiled at each other again, and the singer leaned forward and pointed at his cheeks. Hands pushed to their sides, they both bent at the waist and kissed him on his cheeks, making a perfectly symmetrical image of the dominent singer and two loving submissives. They went down, and the singer walked along the front of the stage before pointing into the crowed and reaching in. Two cat girls came up, dressed in black leather corsets and panties with tails and ears, and began dancing themselves, making good use of their swinging tails.

Anna groaned. Normally she'd love the scene, but her current punishments left her with the same problem as her 'awake' life. As before, she felt a different kind of wetness in her diaper, and as before, she had no way to ease it. It only grew worse as her loins ached and her soaked diapers rubbed against her, and the after effects of the torture with the vibrator only made it worse. More dancers came up, and her problem continued all night. She prayed that her next dom would make her cum.

Early in the morning, the band played its last song, and the audience quickly dissipated as workers came behind to clean up the mess.

Ryan and Morgan both came through the field and climbed up onto the stage.

"Enjoy that?" Ryan asked. "Sure seemed like your type of party. Too bad you can't join. Of course most aren't actually kinksters, but its a fun theme, given the things you did to earn your new position."

Anna glared at him, and he smiled and ruffled her hair. "I'm sure you had fun. This was all you asked for, after all. Just for other people, but, you know, "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you," you know?"

"That's the wrong system, Ryan," Morgan said. Ryan shrugged. Morgan reached to the plastic wall and pulled at it, and a lever came out out. As she cranked, the wall beneath Anna lifted on either side, straitening out and become a hard, plastic bed. Anna sighed in relief as she was finally no longer bent over, and her aching back relaxed. The bed left her still barely able to move, however, lying on her stomach with her face in a small padded hole directly above- she hated to see- the barrel of diapers.

"Now, this is where you are going to stay all night," Morgan said. "Tomorrow you'll be dragged on stage back through the city in the closing parade, then left with your new owners. From what I hear they plan to keep you in this same diaper, so have fun with that." She smacked Anna's bottom hard, and she groaned.

"So that is going to be it. You fall asleep, wake up to more spankings and parades, and right back to the next owners. You know why we are telling you this?"

Anna shook her head.

"Because I always found that one of the worse parts of what you did was the anticipation." She rested a hand on Anna's bottom, patting it to punctuate her words." It wasn't just experiencing them, but knowing they were coming in the future, and that there would always be more after that. So, now you can spend all night thinking about tomorrow and what is going to happen to you there."

Anna whined, tears falling into the diaper bucket.

"Anyway, have a good night, stinky baby," Morgan said, giving her one more spank before walking way.

Ryan stayed behind, watching her go. He knelt down beside her and looked her in the eye. He rested a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm not going to gloat here. I get that I deserved it more then Morgan, and I'm sorry for what I did. It seems I still pay for it slightly, even if not as badly as you. He turned his hips and patted them, showing off his clothes. "Really I don't mind any more, after all that before. That being said..."

"I'll see you in the 'other' world Anna," he winked. Anna looked up at him. If she wasn't gagged and too exhausted, she would have gasped.

"Yes, I know about it. It doesn't seem anyone else in this dream world does. That is what you get- live your life in that world, go to sleep, wake up here, and repeat. Aint no rest for the wicked, eh?"

He paused and patted her diaper, then covered her with a blanket. It hit Anna once again that she was going to spend the entire night like this, hovering over a bucket of her own messy diapers, live in the other world, and wake up to it again the smell.

"I'm not sure I understand it, but it seems your former victims get some kind of satisfaction from this even if they don't remember, the same way you'll wake up extra embarrassed even if you don't know why. I think I'm going to repay my Karma long before you so, so have fun. Goodnight baby girl, and remember, when your eyes close here, they open there."

He left. Anna tried to squirm and get comfortable, but it was pointless. She couldn't move, and even if it wasn't for the pain and itch in her underwear and the smell beneath her, the plastic was hard and unforgiving. Her gut turned from disgust, and from the knowledge that sleeping here only meant waking up to an entirely different kind of punishment. Much as she hated that, she decided it was, generally, better. She closed her eyes and prayed for sleep.