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Is there a website or online chat that is frequented by real AB mommy's and daddy's or those who want to e mommy's or daddy's? I am not looking for a place to post that I want to be a baby, but rather a place where I can enter into real conversation. What I need is specific and can only be found with real honest conversation.
Fetlife. Lots of creeps but also lots of great people on there. You really kinda have to hang out and become established before you stumble into the good groups though.
Sounds like you're ready to start going on dates and trying to develop real relationships! Congrats, it's a big emotional step!

I didn't meet my Mommy through the "community". In fact, we met on a "vanilla" dating site. What you need to do is be able to be yourself, be genuine, and be able to describe what you want to from a relationship with another person.

By going out and looking for just a Mommy, that's all you'll have in common, and, even as important as being an ABDL is, that's not enough to sustain many years of happiness together. You should be compatible on other levels, as well, and have goals and dreams that are at least somewhat aligned, etc.

Get out there, take some risks.. You'll find someone who can love you enough to do what it takes to make you happy because you make them happy, too!

Above all, it's a give-and-take!
I find that my care needs are too much for most people, not even adding on how I want to be treated as a baby. One person could not handle everything I need help with everyday in adult mode or baby mode.

While yes I agree it's important to have more in common then ABDL, it also takes a special person to take on my needs. And that person will need a lot of support from other people.

I have two paid staff people right now, and I am looking for more help everywhere.
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