Just was wondering?

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I was just wondering does anyone that consider themselvers a Furry, also do puppy play? My little also enjoys being a puppy at times as well, so was just wondering if anyone else does both?
It varies from person to person. I know a few who are babyfurs and pup players at different times and know of others who are furs and pups. People mix and match as it suits them.
Yes, it varies from person to person.
Yes, I am a Furry.
Yesterday I wore my dog tail and pointed dog ears out in public.

I personally have "Toddler time" and then "Kitten time" and the two do cross over at points;

Toddler time I generally want cuddles and to play with building blocks and the such like; where as with kitten time I have a box with my own cat toys in (seperate from my actual cats toys XD so she doesn't get confused)

I will wear ears with tail and occasionally handpaws and sockpaws that are of my 'cat self' while playing, scratching and immitating the cat behaviours and vocallisations; x3
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