Just to update everyone really

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Yes OK this should be a Blog.

But no one seems to read them.

The book is now being added to by some other littles which is great as it will give more insight.

If you would like to put your thought down over either being a caregiver or as a fellow Little you can always PM me.

As most of you know I recently lost my job because I was outed at work and they got read of me because of post on social media.

So I have been looking for work and I might be taken on a cabby, driving a taxi which is a lot more than what I was earning before.

Yes the irony of it all from the Little that brought you “should littles drive?” could now earn his living from driving. :laugh: :laugh:

And NO we are not opening that one up again. well may be.

Any way that all for now folks

Siysiy the wonder kid.

Not open for further replies.