Just thinking of writing another story for adisc after been gone for so long

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I have only been able to finish one story called All Alone on here that i did so long ago, anyways i was thinking of making another story called All Alone 2, or do you guys think i should come up with something totally different. I do have an unfinished story on here i haven't worked on in years, but that was so along ago that i feel like i would need to start fresh with another story. This time around though instead of doing it by chapter at a time, i'm going to write the story all at once from beginning to end and then post. I just wanted to hear your thoughts and opinions on it before ultimately deciding. Oops didn't mean to put this under story. My apologies
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I've always written my stories to completion before posting them so I think that's the way to go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained so go for it.


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I have to agree, go for it. I will be more than happy to read your story!